Z-Matrix Review- Is this Recovery formula worth the nice Price?

Z Matrix Buying Review:

As a supplement, Z-Matrix is supposed to be designed to help your body recover from your workout while you sleep and improve your overall gains. It might be a sleep aid, but does not seem to be a complete testosterone booster… We decided to put it to the test to see if it made the cut.

Analyzing user reviews and scientific studies we found out everything we could about this mixture to see if it delivered on its promise. Here are our results.

What is ZMatrix? Is the price the main draw? 

This supplement is made by the company Evlution, and it is designed and formulated to help your body recover better while you sleep. There are two main goals with Z-Matrix; the first is to aid with REM sleep so you can be more rested when you wake up, and the second is to enhance your muscle recovery so that you won’t be as sore in the morning.

To achieve these results, Z-Matrix uses a proprietary blend of Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc, L-Theanine, and Bioperine. Together they are supposed to help your mind and body relax while you sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

You can find Z-Matrix online through third-party sellers or Evlution’s website. Looking at the ingredients, some of them can help you out, but the price seems to be the best thing going for it overall, at less than $20 for a month’s supply. 


When analyzing Z-Matrix, we decided to break it down into the two primary functions that it’s supposed to serve. First, it’s designed as a sleep aid to help you get a better night’s sleep and make it easier to get REM sleep. Second, the ingredients are also supposed to help your muscles recover faster so that you aren’t as sore after your workouts.

As far as a sleep aid goes, Z-Matrix seems to have mixed results, with the scales tipping in favor of it working. However, some users describe feeling groggy after waking up. When looking at the muscle recovery, though, it doesn’t seem to do much. Part of the reason is that it doesn’t come with any protein, just folic acid.

Customer Reviews

Whenever we look at a new product, we don’t want you base your decision on what we say alone, so we provide reviews from people who are using it on a regular basis. In the spirit of objectivity, we present positive and negative viewpoints.

Taking these at night with Alpha Boost in the morning. I am seeing nice gains in strength increase and in definition. These do help in sleeping which is wonderful coming from a diagnosed insomniac!!Craig, Amazon.com (click to see buying options)

It does not meet my expectations, but It works good with me. When I wake up, I notice a little bit different in the second or third day. It helped me go to deeper sleep, and I did not really feel much different in recovery effects.” Yaser, Bodybuilding.com

Wasn’t that impressed with this product. I’ve taken ZMA before and had good result, but this product doesn’t measure up. I actually started to get less sleep and had to discontinue this product.John, Amazon.com


So, what does Z-Matrix do? Well, going over the ingredients list, it’s pretty obvious what Evlution thinks that it should do, and it seems that most people are reporting better sleep after taking it. Using minerals like Zinc and Magnesium should help most users feel healthier and better overall, especially if they work out a lot. Other ingredients like Folic Acid and Vitamin B6 can help with digestion and the formation of new proteins.

For the most part, it seems like it should be aiding more with recovery, but most of the reviews we’ve found that people notice better sleep more than any kind of muscle gains or reduced pain. It could be that people are taking it purely as a sleep aid, but only a handful seem to notice any real results as a recovery supplement.

Oddly enough, the only ingredient that actively helps with sleepiness is L-Theanine, and to a lesser extent Bioprene, but only because the latter makes it easier to absorb everything else. L-Theanine makes your body relax, but it’s not even a sedative. Overall, this is what should be making you sleep better, and it seems like it’s more or less doing its job. Perhaps that’s because there is 200 mg per serving (four capsules).

Side Effects

Because everything in Z-Matrix is all natural, we didn’t see anything regarding significant side effects. We have seen some users report that it disrupted their sleep patterns instead of helping them, but nothing else popped up.

Scams and Complaints

As far as we could tell, only a handful of users felt like they were cheated out of their money because the product didn’t work for them. This happens all the time with supplements because each person is different and not all supplements work the same for everyone. Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be any significant complaints regarding Z-Matrix.


So far, it seems like Z-Matrix is a relatively good buy, but don’t expect it to do much as far as a total recovery supplement. If you are having trouble sleeping, you might get some use out of it, but there are other test boosters that can have a more profound effect.

But for what it is – an improved version of a ZMA stack – it does a good job. You can find it at places like Amazon.com (likely best price) or bodybuilding.com, or through Evlution’s site.

As we mentioned, the price is rather cost effective, so you won’t break the bank by trying it for yourself. But if you want a more complete health and fitness solution, we recommend you try another quality supplement.

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