Wow Testoboost Review: Wow Sports, WTH?? Side effects+Ingredients Breakdown!

Wow Sports Testoboost Results Review:


The Good: Some “should-have-been” decent ingredients.

The Bad: Clinically Under dosed formula – too weak. No evidence of quality controls (standardization of extracts)

Overview: Wow Testo Boost keeps things natural and simple, opting for a mix of 7 main ingredients, with many of them unfamiliar to some. The simplicity is appealing, but the dosage amounts and actual ingredients could be better. Still, there are some effective aspects that make it worth trying, especially if you are having bad reaction to other supplements, or aren’t seeing results and want to shake things up a bit.

As a guy, when you hit puberty, your testosterone and libido is through the roof. You have never-ending energy, and can’t quit thinking about sex. And then you hit the 30 year old mark, and suddenly your train starts slowing down, at a rate where you may not even notice it at first. Mornings are becoming harder to deal with, you’re lethargic, cranky, don’t feel like working out as much, and opt for the couch and TV more often instead of bedroom conquests.

Yep, your testosterone is plummeting. Life goes on, but your body can’t seem to produce as much as it used to, and it shows in everything you do.

What to do about this? Grab a syringe and some black market steroids? Nope, you just need a supplement that can help you body get its testosterone level back to normal — naturally.

Enter Wow Testo Boost. Like most supplements, the promises are all there in full force: bigger gains in the gym, more energy, more sex. But does it have what your body needs?

The answer is a resounding “errrr sort of.”

What They Get Right

Wow Testoboost certainly has some interesting ingredients. Aside from the easy dosage and simple recipe, here are some of the better ingredients involved…


Decent Ingredients

  •  Tribulus Terrestris – A common testosterone supporting ingredient that you’ll find in many supplements. Tribulus terrestris is always a good thing in a testosterone supplement, but the 150 mg dosage amount needs to be closer to 300 mg to have a pronounced effect. More importantly, we need to see evidence of standardization for the natural steroid protodioscin, which is the active ingredient that boosts testosterone. Without which, and with a low quality producer, tribulus is likely to be a weak libido booster at best.
  • Mucuna PruriensThis magical bean has shown numerous uses, ranging from battling Parkinson’s (brain supplement) to supporting testosterone production. Just like Tribulus terrestris, you’ll see this one a lot. However its not enough to just put that you 50 mg of the extract – it needs to be standardized for potency and levadopa – the active ingredient. This is likely a low and weak dose- probably useless.
  • Tinospora Cordifolia – An old world herb that actually does have health benefits, mainly modest immune system support, which is good- but not for testosterone.
  • *Withania Somnifera” is actually ashwagandha: good for testosterone if high quality, good for stamina and immunity and libido. But again here: no evidence of quality control or standardization for potency. This is also usually used in doses of 200-500mg, so this dosage here is likely almost useless.

What They Got Wrong

Wow Testo Boost is marred by the inclusion of some ingredients that aren’t really known for actually doing anything.

  • Cordyceps Sinensis – The fascinating ingredient that literally comes from a fungus on a caterpillar. Although it has shown some promise, evidence as to whether it supports sex drive and increases athletic performance is not highly conclusive. Good to have as a supporting ingredient – but when we see no good foundations in the other dosages, this can’t save the day.
Interesting Testosterone Booster Ingredient
  • Shatavari ExtractAnother one of those less tested ancient herbal remedies. Again, the jury is out as to its actual effectiveness.

This also lacks foundational ingredients like Vitamin D and zinc.

Wow Testoboost Side Effects??

So this is a dubious plus point: its safe- because its too weak  ; p


Two capsules twice a day, preferably before meals. Easy, at least.

Where to buy Wow Testoboost

Wow Testo Boost has some decent ingredients, but really nothing to get overly excited about. The good ingredients are in low amounts, and the unproven ingredients are…unproven, so there’s that.

Basically, Wow Testo Boost may work for you, or it may not. Don’t get your hopes up. If you do order it, be prepared to convert your currency to rupees, which will end up costing you around $35-$40 U.S. And note that this can only be bought at the Indian charter of Amazon.


To keep it simple: do try something else that’s more effective.

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