The Quickest Way to Lose over 10 Pounds of Weight in 2 Weeks—Without Exercise…

How to burn 10 pounds of fat fast and safe- without working out!

The traditional way of losing weight is to go on a diet while you do a regular workout routine. Many experts try to caution you to lose weight slowly, as it’s easier to do. On the other hand, losing weight slowly isn’t quite as satisfying, and you run the risk of quitting because you think all your efforts are not getting you results.

For some, losing weight quickly is also a situational necessity. What if you’re an actress or a model and you need to lose weight for a gig? Even if you’re not a celeb, you may also want to lose weight faster if you want to prepare for a special occasion like a family or school reunion. Losing 10 quick pounds in 2 weeks can certainly help you look better and you’ll feel more confident too.

Some people may find this very difficult to achieve, as most proper diets do recommend working out as an important aspect of your weight loss regimen. With the right workout routine, losing weight becomes quicker and a lot safer to boot.

But for many folks, a adopting a heavy workout routine into an already busy work schedule is simply not doable. It’s just plain unrealistic. Fortunately, if you’re lucky you can find the right weight loss plan that lets you lose weight without the absolute need for a vigorous regular workout routine.

So how do you find the right weight loss program for you? There are quite a lot of popular options out there, though admittedly some are downright expensive while their effectiveness is debatable at best. Many of these programs peak as fads for a time, and then they disappear as they’re replaced by a new program.

However, a good program should include the following components:

The Scientific Evidence

Some experts seem to think that you don’t really have to know the real science behind their proposed weight loss program. They seem believe that they have all the answers because: a) they’re the nutritionist or fitness trainers of celebrities, or b) they underwent all that training and had all those years of experience in the fitness industry.

But a good weight loss program should be forthright in explaining how a particular system works, and it should show the scientific proof for their recommendations and assumptions. The explanation should be easy enough for an adult to understand, instead of being filled with jargon and technical words that don’t make a lot of sense to regular people.

A good explanation should therefore be easy enough to verify with other reputable online sources. It helps if you’re truly convinced that a weight loss program makes sense, as any doubt that tempt you to quit prematurely.

A Custom Diet

A weight loss program that treats people the same when it comes to their dietary needs isn’t really a good program at all. Obviously there are basic nutritional requirements for everyone, which includes proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. However, for more detailed dietary recommendations you need a custom plan. That’s why lots of people ask for help from properly trained nutritionists.

A great plan doesn’t just set you a meal plan based on a certain number of calories. Instead, it’s better if you’re given a description of the types of food items you should include on your diet. This won’t be the same for everyone, as it will depend upon a person’s body type, current weight, a d current level of fitness.

Of course, the diet plan should also mention certain food items that you’d have to avoid as well. That can be bad news for you if some of your favorite treats are part of this “do not eat” list. On the other hand, it would be nice if this diet plan also suggests more viable and healthier alternatives for these banned items.

Aside from all these, the food items should be affordable and widely available. Many of the complaints for some specialized weight loss diet plans are about how a plan requires customers to only buy their food items from their website. These sites tend to really jack up the prices, and that’s not quite right.

Activity Guide

We have mentioned before that for some plans, a rigorous workout routine isn’t always absolutely needed. A good plan accounts for the inability for some people to find the time to work out aggressively and regularly. Still, the weight loss experts should provide some simple exercises for you to do even if they’re not as intense as what you can do in the gym.

What you have to understand is that sitting in an office chair all day long, and then spending the rest of the day on your couch isn’t going to help you at all. The suggested exercises should be enough and they shouldn’t need special equipment. The weight loss may not be as quick and as dramatic when the diet is coupled with a particularly strenuous workout, but you will still lose weight.

Of course, if your diet doesn’t include a recommended workout, you can always do your own research. Try to focus on simple body weight exercises, like doing pushups and chin-ups. Learn how to do stretches as well. You can do all these right after you wake up in the morning, so you can really get rid of the brain fuzz quickly.

You may also want to consciously become more active. During the weekends, see if you can participate in some sport rather than spend the whole time bingeing on Netflix. Try hiking, or even play with your kids or your dogs in the park. Try hiking too.

Finding the Motivation

This is the one aspect that many advice columns on weight loss tend to gloss over or forget. What you have to understand and accept is that losing weight is going to be challenging. This is especially true if you’re determined to drop the pounds and shed the fat quickly.

It may seem that an accelerated diet plan would seem easier. It may be like ripping off a Band-Aid instead of slowing taking it off and prolonging the pain. But losing weight quickly can be mentally agonizing as it is physically challenging. So it would be nice if the diet plan has a detailed strategy on how you can remain motivated to stick with it.

But what if there isn’t any sort of advice on how to remain mentally strong and determined? If that’s the case, you may want these particular bits of advice:

  • Practice living with integrity in all the aspects of your life. It helps to stick to your diet if you make a solemn vow and you’re the sort of person who keeps their promises. So take stock of all your current responsibilities, and pay off any outstanding debts. When you make a promise, fulfill it. Do all your chores on schedule. When you make a habit of fulfilling promises, then you’re extra motivated to stick to your diet because of a promise to yourself.
  • Remind yourself why you want to lose weight. Write it down on your journal, and clearly envision the result you wish to get. Just make sure that your expectations are reasonable. Losing 10 pounds is one thing, but going from 200 pounds to a svelte 130 pounds will take more than a couple of weeks.
  • Stop obsessing with super-skinny fashion models. These images are actually demoralizing, because they make you feel that you’re not going to look that way. That’s an attitude that tempts to quit.
  • Go online and find kindred spirits. The Internet is wonderful that way. You can find people in the same situation as you’re in, and others have gone through what you’re currently experiencing. They can have effective tips on how to cope with the challenge. Even the knowledge that you’re not alone and that others are willing to help can be very beneficial.
  • Buy a reward outfit. This can be a cool shirt or a dress if you’re a woman. Just imagine what size you’ll need when you lose the 10 pounds, and buy the outfit in that size. That should help motivate you!
  • Imagine how you’ll feel if you fail. It’s probably important for you to lose weight if you’re determined to lose it so quickly. So what will happen when you remain at the same weight because you quit? Where will you be 5 or even 10 years from now? Don’t kid yourself—it’s not going to be as okay as you might think.


If you’re severely overweight, then perhaps a rapid approach isn’t your best bet for weight loss. Going from 240 to 230 pounds is difficult enough over 2 weeks, but you may not be able to sustain those efforts until you reach your optimal weight.

But this can work well for the slightly overweight, and only a few changes may be need to the plan to keep the pounds off. Some of these plans are highly regarded, such as the 2-Week Diet by Brian Flatt. Try it or something similar, and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the results.

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