Body Beast Women’s Meal Plan Review n Results- How does it work?

Women’s Review for Body Beast and Meals – equal opportunities!

The Body beast women’s meal plan is beneficial to women just as it is to men. It helps to strengthen and build the muscles, make one physically stronger and mentally stable.

The thought of a strong physique and a massive biceps can be scary especially to women – frankly this not likely unless you’re really gunning for guns/mass in a specialized way. This article looks at the benefits and results of Body beast for the ladies. (Learn more on Amazon)


First, it is important to appreciate the fact that women can engage in body beast (Click here to know more on Amazon) workouts! Body beast is designed to limit cardio and at the same time promote muscle growth. The program employs techniques that maximize your muscular pump and caloric burn so as to change the body composition.

Women Can Benefit Too

Women too can benefit from weight lifting. It helps to increase the bone density and makes women remain stronger even as they get old. Such women will find it easier to walk upstairs, carry groceries and lift babies with ease. In addition, such women will improve their balance, build muscles and protect the joints and reduce instances of injuries. Besides, weight lifting plays a role in controlling diseases and can improve glucose tolerance to diabetes.

It is important to remember that body beast women’s meal plan will not make a woman become bulky because women do not have the testosterone that can make them become as bulky as men. However, women that supplement their diet with testosterone enhancing hormone cocktail and those that are overeating may at times become bulky.

Body Beast Plans

Body beast plans are also structured to help one gain lean muscles. It may make them increase their muscle mass and speed up the rate of metabolism. One can also become huge if he eats sufficient food to support the new muscles.

The beast training schedules are of two types; the huge and the lean type. If you want to become huge, you need to follow the huge big schedule. This schedule focuses on building muscles by engaging in cardio and weight lifting. On the other hand, if you chose the lean beast one, you have to engage in more cardio and spend the extra time on shredding.

Using BB for weight loss program

It is true that BB is structured to help one gain lean muscles. In the process, it is inevitable that one will gain or lose weight. What matters is the diet plan and the exercises one takes. If you don’t eat enough food, you will only burn fat. Thus, if you want to get huge, you must eat more food.

If you do not want to gain mass while on body beast meal plan, you should use your caloric calculator and choose nutritional supplements that will only give you the desired results. If you are interested in gaining much mass, you must add something extra on your diet. Supplements such as fuel shot, hardcore base shake Super Suma and Creatine are recommended for women.

Body Beast Training

bbBody beast training programs increases the level of testosterone and strengthens the libido. It improves the muscle tone and helps one to feel ok. If a woman combines it with supplements, it can make him/her gain as much mass as desired.
The body beast women’s meal plan requires that one must eat a multiple of meals consisting of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables every day. Supplementing the meals with protein bars and protein shakes is essential in helping the muscles to grow.

Even though Body Beast plans were initially designed for men, women that are on the program get amazing results. The plans enhance their bodies and will make them stronger. The plan can be implemented in two phases:

The Bulky Phase

this phase includes a set of work outs that lay the foundation for mass gains and strength building. This phase will also help to build the strength gained in phase 1 and leads to enlarging of the muscle cells. This is what brings about muscle growth.

The Beast Phase

In this phase, cardio is introduced. The trainee must be taken through a combination of workouts meat to build the body and make one bulky. It is a three week long session that helps to burn fats via circuit training. The objective of the workout is to increase one’s capacity to lift heavy weight and make the muscles bulk out.

After going through the two phases, one is taken through a set of training that involves going through a reps meant to maximize the muscles. The reps are meant to exhaust the muscles so that more fiber can be developed. It is also designed to enhance the body’s ability to produce testosterone. This training is referred to as dynamic set training and helps the body to make its own testosterone and grow faster.

After the dynamic set training, one is taken to the next level referred to as progressive Set. This set involves moves that are meant to increase the weight and bring down the reps. For instance , a person used to doing three sets of 8 shoulder press with 25 lb, he may reduce the reps to 15 and 20 pounds. The next round may include 12 reps at 25 pounds, then 8 reps at 30 pounds before he takes a rest. The trainee should take a break and reverse the exercises.


10348380_10152408337515592_5090871891142002618_nIt is worth noting that body beast women’s meal plan (Click here to see buying options on Amazon) is anchored on the amount of food you eat. If you want to grow bigger, you must eat more calories. However, it is important that you don’t overeat because if you do, you may bulk excessively and it will be difficult to rectify the situation.

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