Well Roots Testosterone Review- Why does Organic mean quality?

Well Roots Testosterone Review:

Well Roots Testosterone Formula for Men touts its peak performance and testosterone-enhancing ingredients. Although some customers say this helps with workouts and circulation, the ingredients may prove wasteful. In an ocean full of testosterone supplements, there might be better boosters to buy, even if the $19 ++ price tag looks good…

What Is Well Roots Testosterone Formula for Men?

Well Roots Testosterone Formula for Men is a liquid softgel that combines two testosterone-boosting nutrients with a proprietary blend of botanicals and other ingredients. Is it worth the price? Maybe. You only take two pills per day, but one of the ingredients doesn’t do anything for building up testosterone ahead of your workout. However, the price is average or lower than many other testosterone products. There’s not a lot of research and reviews to back up this formula, which may explain the low price tag.

What Do Men Say About This Testosterone Booster?

Not many consumer websites have testimonials from people who use Well Roots Testosterone Formula for Men. Last we checked earlier this year, Amazon has dozens of reviews of this product with decent ratings…

Amazon user ET iPhone Home says, “I bought this as a workout supplement due to L-Arginine and it has been a great pre-workout supplement. Helps with vascularity during exercise. As for actual testosterone increase, hard to say without a lab test…Take this with food and plenty of fluid, sometimes it gives me a digestive discomfort for 10-15 minutes if I don’t.”

WhiteHouseSouthwest reports, “Works very well for me. I have used prescription testosterone medications that didn’t work as well. No adverse side effects either.”

Contrarily, Peter says this supplement disappoints, “Tried this for two weeks and it did absolutely nothing for me. I’m trying a different brand now.”

Joe Schroepfer relates, “Gentle and effective, no mood swings or anxiety.”

Overall, the reviews are generally positive; at the least we can say that you’re not likely to suffer major side effects.

What’s This About Tribulus Extract?

Tribulus extract comes from a fruit, and people thought this extract was, at one time, a fabulous testosterone booster. However, medical science debunked those claims in 2005. A Russian study claims there was no difference in testosterone levels among 21 men who either took tribulus extract or a placebo. The study lasted four weeks, and it measured testosterone levels in each of the men.

Unfortunately, Well Roots has tribulus extract in its proprietary blend so consumers don’t know how much of the product becomes a wasted ingredient. We don’t know if tribulus wastes half the product or less than 1 percent. Getting rid of that ingredient might lower the price.

What Are Some Validated Results That Men See?

Nick Collins on Amazon says, “I ran out of this product and about two weeks later I began to notice that my mood and attitude were getting bad again. Reordered and started taking my two a day again. Back to my normal self.”

C Castro writes, “I have been taking these for over 5 months and have seen my levels with my doctor increase. I refuse to take any medicine or treatments. Also increasing more hours of sleep seem to have helped a lot.”

N. Mendoza complains about nausea, “I would gladly give this 5 stars if they got rid of the Beta Sitosterols from the mix because it makes me terribly nauseous. After 30 minutes of laying down and trying not to vomit, the rest of the ingredients kick in and I end up with incredible workouts, ultimately losing fat while putting on muscle mass.”

M. Behning gives the product one star by saying, “Did not change my levels. Made no difference.”

As with many T-boosting supplements, men either hate this or love this.

What About the Ingredients Found in Well Roots?

Zinc is one of the main ingredients, and medical scientists are fully aware of the role zinc plays in boosting testosterone naturally. Zinc also helps your immune system function better. The supplement includes copper because zinc can cause a copper deficiency. Beta sitosterols help keep testosterone from depleting in the body, so that’s a second t-boosting ingredient.

L-arginine doesn’t boost testosterone, but it does increase blood flow. Increased blood flow is vital to delivering oxygen and other nutrients to muscles during a workout. L-citrulline has similar effects to L-arginine.

Tongkat ali and Asian ginseng (not American ginseng) usually boost libido in men rather than testosterone. CoQ10 may prevent erectile dysfunction in older men, but the effects of a t-booster are unproven for this type of supplement.

Final Verdict

The only true testosterone boosters here are zinc and beta sitosterols. Everything else supports increased blood flow and libido. While both of those effects can help a man’s workout, they aren’t exactly true testosterone boosters.

This product gets a so so rating from us, mostly because the ingredients really don’t do much. You get what you pay for in this lower-end product. Sure, it’s a liquid and your body absorbs it faster. However, you might feel nausea for a few minutes before the ingredients truly kick in and help. Still, there are probably better supplements on the market for men’s vitality and strength.

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