Vitaligenix T10 Review: Slickest booster on the market?

Vitaligenix T10 Reviewed:

The Good: Contains some proven testosterone boosters, as well as decent dosage amounts (if you take the double dosage option), lists all ingredients used.

The Bad:  Doubtful honor of being the most (ridiculously) costly product on the market. Some ingredients could be better. 

Overview: While Vitalgenix T10 does contain some helpful ingredients, it falls short against similar supplements, while charging a price that doesn’t reflect what it’s lacking.


Testosterone Booster Vitaligenix

Too Cool for Skool

It’s no secret by now: Men in their 30’s and 40’s, commonly experience issues that are directly related to the loss of testosterone, or being unable to produce it naturally in the body. This leads to all kinds of problems, most notably a lack of energy, strength, and perhaps even worse, no drive or sex drive at all!

There are several options when treating a lack of testosterone, some legal, and some not. Testosterone boosters such as Vitalgenix T10 offer a way to boost testosterone naturally, without the use of steroids, injections, and other options.

Natural testosterone boosters are all the rage now, as they all make bold claims about being able to turn you back into your 21-year old self with just a few capsules or spoonfuls of powder a day. Unfortunately, most of these claims fall well short of what they promise, even if they do have the right ingredients. Some supplements simply lack the right combination of ingredients, while others lack the proper amount.

Vitagenix T10 is somewhat better than that.

That Price though:

$299 for 10 days of the stronger dosage amount (the weaker amount is somewhat ineffective). That’s TEN TIMES or more that of other good boosters. 
Vitaligenix Price

Excellent marketing and promotion, all the right buzzword ingredients that you’re used to seeing with some of the most effective testosterone boosters — but we do wonder whether its worth the price, considering that many of the ingredients are not exactly premium (just the packaging)

Let’s go over the ingredients.

What They Get Right

Vitagenix T10 has some filler ingredients for sure, but let’s give them credit for the ones they got right.

  • Fenugreek – Vitalgenix T10 was wise to include fenugreek as a supporting ingredient, as it helps to boost low libido. Some supplements use a low level of standardization when they use fenugreek, but Vitalgenix T10’s has been standardized to 80%, making it fairly potent. The 300mg amount is more than you’ll find in other supplements as well. However its best not to include too much fenugreek – as BIG amounts may create estrogenic side effects even as it boost testosterone.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – Another common testosterone supporting ingredient that you’re used to seeing by now. While it’s good that Vitalgenix T10 included it in their blend, the 125 mg amount is about half what it needs to be to actually be effective. And also its not likely this is specially prepared for steroidal saponins (protodioscin), which makes this ineffective for testosterone.

Familiar Ingredient in Testosterone Boosters

  • Zinc – Long known to boost testosterone production in males, zinc should always be included. 7.5mg is low but better than nothing.
  • Boron Citrate – Boron is actually a great T booster– 5% of 100mg is 5 mg which is decent – and the double dose is even better.

Weird Dosages? Side effects and risks?

Vitalignix T10’s claim to fame is providing a massive testosterone boost in around 10 hours. This involves taking 2 servings of 3 capsules once the day. Want “general testosterone support?” Simply take 3 pills twice daily.

So do note that this means that in 1 day you are actually getting DOUBLE the listed dosage of what is listed on the right.

So we think this works great as a boner pill (big doses of fenugreek and tribulus) . 15 mg of zinc becomes pretty good. Boron works well for testosterone support at a high dosage as well (its relatively less well studied but we are betting on it).

Also note that huge doses of fenugreek can lead to hormonal problems in the long run, such as reduced strength, or even slightly feminized features (relatively minor but unpleasant). It might be a good thing that you actually go broke before that happens  😉

In addition to the instructions on the label, we recommend that if you use the stronger dosage, you cycle completely off this after 2 months use, for a period of at least 5 weeks, to allow your system to clear off side effects.

Where to buy Vitaligenix, Price, For sale offers? Can you buy on Amazon? 

You can get this T10 on GNC, ebay and others. Strangely not on Amazon. And like we said – that’s $299 for 10 days at the stronger dosage. You probably shouldnt bother with the weaker one unless you’re quite experimental.


Vitalgenix T10 may be okay if the price was lower, but Vitalgenix T10 is one of the more expensive supplements you’ll find right now. Even then, the stronger dose has many helpful benefits, but also potential side effects. 

On the whole, this is not worth the results or the crazy pricing. You really should think about getting something more healthy and sane.

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