Top 3 Kettlebell Abs Exercises: Functional Strength Training plus Washboard Abs

The kettlebell is gaining a lot of popularity these days, and now it’s a permanent fixture in many gyms. It been used a lot in Russia, and its most famous proponent has made it an integral part of the training regimen for the Spetsnaz (Soviet Special Forces) at the height of the Cold War. Today, it’s also being used by law enforcement officers and US marines.

The kettlebell is designed to provide you with functional strength, which is why it’s a favored piece of equipment by soldiers and cops. You need more strength as well, in your everyday life. There’s also a bonus when you use the kettlebell: it makes your body look a LOT better mainly because it gives you washboard abs.


And here’s the best part: you don’t need complicated maneuvers to get fantastic abs. Here are 3 of the best kettlebell abs exercises that will help you get over your shyness at the beach:

Two-hand kettlebell sit-up. This is actually easy to do, and yet it’s so effective for your abs.

Watch the video, and you can see that it should be easy for you too, even if you’re just a beginner. Just don’t secure your feet when you do this, and you don’t have to lock your elbows. Perform it while you activate your core. And keep an eye always on the kettlebell, so you can avoid injury if it accidentally drops.

One-hand kettlebell sit-up. This variation starts the same way and involves the same motion when you sit up. But now that you have to use only a single hand, you’ll need greater core strength to maintain your shoulders level to the floor. Just make sure you have a comfy and secure position on the back for your arm before you begin to press on the kettlebell with your hand. Your shoulders should be square to the floor during the rep, and keep the body twists to a minimum.

Kettlebell Ab Extension.  

 Again we have the video for you to watch, although you can always Google the exercise yourself to see other videos of the same maneuver if you want. This exercise isn’t just good for your abs. It also targets your back, legs, and shoulder as well. These are the muscles you need to use when you work to keep your rigid position when you do this exercise. Just make sure that at the top of the rep, you don’t let your feet or the kettlebell touch the floor.


If you’re already an experienced strength training aficionado, you can incorporate these exercises into your custom workout. You can start with a 15-pound kettlebell if you’re new to kettlebells. Set up a nice workout space (a 5 feet by 5 feet space is enough) with a yoga mat or a carpeted floor, go barefoot or wear shoes with thin soles, and practice the movements first before performing them for real.

If you’re new to lifting weights, that doesn’t mean you can’t use kettlebells. Just start with a 10-pound kettlebell and keep the workout to just 15 minutes, give or take. A single kettlebell will suffice for your needs.

Warm up before your workout with a few minutes of body weight squats. Afterwards, wind down with about 3 minutes of full body stretching. You can avoid injury, and at the same time the exercises here will help provide you with the washboard abs you want.

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