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Scientists have long known that the human body is incredibly adaptable. However, this adaptability isn’t always a good thing, especially if you’re trying to lose weight through standard means like diet and exercise. When you reduce your caloric intake and boost the intensity of your workout, your body annoyingly compensates by decreasing your metabolic rate (the rate by which you burn off calories). To counteract this reaction, you have Thermakor.

What is Thermakor?

As the name implies, Thermakor is a metabolism booster that increases how you burn off fat. What’s more, it’s also designed to slow down fat formation too. Supposedly, its formula has been based on the science of thermogenesis. But this isn’t its sole purpose.

Another of its functions is to cat as an appetite suppressant, so that you don’t eat too much during mealtime and you also don’t get cravings for snacks. Then it also provides you with more energy so you can really power up the intensity of your workout. What’s more, even your stamina improves so you can exercise for far longer.

You get all these benefits in capsule form, with ingredients that are natural and much safer. It’s even in a liquid blend so your body absorbs the active ingredients much faster.


Quite a lot of expert reviews online are impressed with Thermakor. In the review, the reviewing team admitted that they were impressed with the ingredients and the results. The reviewer had more energy, felt more alert, and didn’t have much of an appetite. Standing at 6’2”, he was able to cut his weight from 195 to 183 in just 4 weeks.

The same goes for the review on In its estimation, it’s without a doubt “one of the best fat burners on the market.” They’ve included it among their top 5 fat burners today. They believe that its formula is potent and that the ingredients are clinically proven.

However, that’s not the case with the review on It didn’t like the fact that there’s no dosage info for particular ingredients, and they’ve also noted that it has received scathing reviews from customers.


This supplement seems to be an utter failure for many, if we’re judging solely from reviews. Its average rating is horrifically low, at just 2.9 stars. In fact, only 23% gave it 5 stars while 31% of the reviews gave it the lowest 1-star rating.

Basically, the positives weren’t all that great, while the negatives were very obvious:

  • I absolutely saw no difference in taking this product! No boost in energy or fat loss. I even increased the dosage and still nothing. I do not recommend.” Social Fashionista,
  • I didn’t feel any boast of energy using this. My appetite was not curbed. No results from using this product. I don’t recommend it.” Mike L, verified purchase,
  • This thing is strong. Maybe its cuz I only way (“weigh”) 108 pounds, but seriously 1 a day was all I could do. But it works great.” Jessica,


This comes in a proprietary blend consisting of 3 specific blends. There’s the heat blend that includes green tea extract, a “muscle blend” with yohimbe extract, and an energy blend with caffeine anhydrous.

The amount per serving is only 695.92 mg, and it has a long list of ingredients. So it logically follows that the dosages for the ingredients are a bit low, even if we don’t know the exact amount. That means you may need to take more capsules and risk consuming more caffeine, or you receive rather mild benefits.

You have to take a serving of 2 capsules first thing in the morning. Then you need to also take 1 or 2 capsules in between meals. Since in some cases that means you’re taking 3 or more capsules a day, a bottle of 60 days isn’t really enough for a whole month. Alternating between 2 to 3 capsules a day makes a bottle only good for 3 weeks or so.

Where to Buy

You can buy Thermakor at its official site, where a single bottle of 60 capsules goes for $59. That’s not even counting the shipping cost yet. However, if you order 2 bottles at once the shipping is free and the total cost is just $98 instead of 118.

Your best bet is to get 3 bottles. You get free shipping plus the total cost is only $117. That’s just $39 a bottle. However, this may still be a bit on the expensive side if your bottle doesn’t last a month.

It is possible that you can buy this from or, though often it’s unavailable.


Based on the user reviews, this doesn’t really seem like a very good supplement. Sure, Thermakor does have a long list of ingredients. But since the dosages may not be enough, the results won’t be too great either. It seems you can probably do better than Thermakor.

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