Testro X Review: Does this “pure” formula really work?

Testro-X Review and Buying guide:

The Good:  High quality ingredients. Thoroughly researched, transparent formula.

The Bad:  Some complaints on Amazon. Possibly meant to be stacked.

4-2starMany men don’t realize that symptoms of weakness or sickness could be due to a different epidemic – but they think their low energy is due to “naturally” getting older, or even that “its all in the mind”.

Low testosterone is a common result of unhealthy lifestyles in the modern world – good thing that we can actually do something about it. The company TruthNutra has created Testro X, and claim it’s the best test booster in a very crowded market. So the question is; do they actually have a chance at this title?

What is Testro X? Does it really work for Long Term Results?

As a younger student in an elite university, Co-creator Chris Walker was diagnosed with a tumor in his pituitary gland from stress, over training and dietary imbalances; and suffered from great weakness and pain every day…

clark-to-supermanDoctors tried different synthetic hormone solutions, which made him feel even worse physically and mentally– “zombie-fied” and with devastated testosterone levels (11ng/dl). Chris decided to throw out most of this- and spent the next few years researching and organizing more natural solutions, which ultimately cured him of these imbalances.

The team aims to help other men handle vital health and hormone related issues in a similar way – Truth Nutraceuticals is the product line.

All supplements developed are manufactured under high quality and safety standards, in an FDA certified cGMP facility.

The X Factor: Is Testro X really different?

Testro-X is a highly promising supplement that claims to provide “complete endocrine support” naturally. In other words, it treats the root causes of low testosterone, and provides you with a long-term solution to your problem. It doesn’t just boost your T-Levels, it actually allows your body to function in such a way that optimal levels of testosterone are always found in the bloodstream.

At a first glance, we could tell that some of the ingredients check out well, with generous dosages of some of the most effective test boosting ingredients like zinc and boron. Also, ingredients and dosages are fully disclosed – no questionable “proprietary blends” here, where you don’t know what goes into your body.

What seemed a little odd was that many other common ingredients in test boosters seemed missing – no DAA or fenugreek for example. So we had to take a closer look at the formulation and the research:

Testro-X Ingredients 

*  Magnesium can benefit testosterone levels by reducing the levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG); freeing testosterone to work for you. Great effects for men ranging from the fit (study) to the elderly(study).

A great sign is that the company takes effort to include high quality versions of ingredients, which can be vital to their actual effectiveness:

For example, they have included 150mg of well absorbing magnesium citrate into the formula. They have also carefully planned all dosages: noting that “no higher amount since mega-dosing magnesium is associated with gastric upset, and 150mg on top of an average diet is well enough for benefits”.

*  Zinc plays a crucial role in the production of testosterone: it is one of the 24 essential micronutrients for human survival and regulates more than 100 bodily enzymes…

Higher all round T levels for both exercising men (study), and sedentary men (study)

Testro X deliberately uses a 15mg dose of zinc gluconate as it’s known to be the form of zinc containing the lowest amounts of cadmium (a testosterone lowering heavy-metal found in high amounts on low quality zinc supplements).

KSM-66 Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) is mainly known in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, but there is a range of benefits proven by clinical research:

Stress relief (study), boosting immunity (study), strength and recovery (study) fertility and testosterone to name a few.

Science can help us.

Science can help us.

According to the company, possibly the highest-quality ashwagandha on the market is a patented extract called KSM-66, of which they included a generous 400 mg dose (click here to see example of buying options for Ashawagandha alone on Amazon).


Although this ingredient is more famous for being popularized by Dr Oz for being a “fat loss miracle”, this actually has sound evidence for testosterone support:

(Study: ) (Study:)

*  Boron Citrate

Boron is an under-rated, less known trace mineral – but with impressive test boosting results:

(Study); (Study)

Testro X includes 10mgs of high quality boron citrate.

Luteinizing Hormone Surge Blend

This blend is interesting: the creators did not just include proven testosterone ingredients, they also included ingredients to stimulate other testosterone producing chain reactions in the body.

The team wanted to identify natural compounds to stimulate GnRH (a hormone released by the hypothalamus) and Lutenizing Hormone (from the pituitary gland) – which is a chain reaction that triggers the creation of testosterone (from the leydic cells):

Hence the inclusion of inositol, l theanine and glycine. Now this is a bit unconventional, but to us the science does check out.

That’s not all: the creators were careful not to include “fillers” ; which are often not easy to check for if you buy your own supplements individually. And every single version of every ingredient seems to have had the highest quality version specially chosen.

Weird and Innovative? The creators deliberately left out certain common ingredients in other test boosters, such as D aspartic acid (DAA), fenugreek and tribulus. Though we may not agree 100% with their stance, they may have many good points.

The creators of Testro X have (in their belief) deliberately excluded any ingredients they think may have any controversy. We respect their high quality control, though it may appear slightly perfectionistic.  Altogether: this is probably the most well researched and carefully formulated supplement we have seen so far.

Results – Does It work? 

Generally, we felt a smooth energy coming from this. We are already decent for testosterone health and overall fitness, so we did not expect much. But some extra stamina, plus better rest at night was pleasantly welcome.

Libido enhancing effects are less obvious than other boosters, as Testro X includes less of these (like Fenugreek or Tribulus) deliberately, looking for more complete testosterone health solutions instead.

Testro X effects are not super strong – though if you have low testosterone issues, results for energy and mood should be fairly quick, within a few days even. Synergy elements are good though, with zinc and magnesium working together well, and the lutenizing hormone blend to boost. The creators actually intended this formula to be combined with a multi vitamin ((Vitamins D, K, B etc) for best effects.

There are other boosters which may be stronger, but we think this works best in the longer term, even if this does not seem like a massive boner pill. This formula is more a case of skill over brute strength.

Testro-X Side Effects: Are there Savages in the Amazon?

The team states that consumers should be over 18, and check for pre existing medical conditions. Otherwise, we think this product is as safe as can be.

Ironically, despite the great care the team has taken, we’ve noticed a number of negative reviews on Amazon. Though there are more positive ones than not:

Example of a positive review on Amazon: October 18, 2016

“ All I can say is that it works. I have been struggling with libido issues and also with burning fat funny-hatersand building muscle – keep on mind I lift weights 6 days a week in the evening and do fasted cardio 5-7 days a week in the mornings and eat a very clean diet – so it wasn’t like I wasn’t working hard in the gym and kitchen. In the first month I was on testro-x my girlfriend took immediate note of my increased sex drive, night and day difference – and my bench press, squat, deadlift, overhead press, and rows all increased weight and reps. I love this product, especially because it is comprised of natural supplements.”

Example of a negative oneNovember 20, 2016

“Couldn’t tell a difference except gave me headaches and don’t take on a empty stomach waste of my money”

Ironically, even though the team has taken pains to create the safest test booster they can, some people may still whine about it. Even so, it is likely that Testro X is very low risk- and things most people eat like white bread or rice are likely much higher health risk (to give a contrast)

We saw one review that complained about an acidic taste (Jan 6 2017):

“I have used this for more than 1 month and I can tell that there is some what of an effect testosterone wise, what I notice most is that this is like eating pepper spray. within 10 minutes of swallowing these the back of my throat and stomach are on freakin fire! Not even joking a little bit. I cant keep eating these. I am positive it will end up eating through my esophagus. You people(Truth Neutracuticals) need to either get better quality control or get some good lawyers because bad things are gonna be coming your way. There has got to be a better way to get more testosterone.”

Actually most of the herbs and ingredients like ashwagandha, zinc and forskolin are alkaline in nature (non sour), and not likely to cause this. It could be a bit of sabotage…

We have friends who sell their own products on Amazon, and competition can be brutal, especially for the supplements’ niches. We suspect that some negative reviews have been sent by competitors, as cost for this is low, and the incentive to win is very high.

As a contrast- here is a review of an inferior test booster which is a bestseller on Amazon (click here); and we saw some signs that they got so many good reviews by giving free samples.

We also notice other review websites criticizing the product for being under-researched. We say this is rubbish: this is possibly the most carefully crafted product we’ve seen, though with an apparently simple and elegant formula.

Where to buy Testro X? Price and discounts?

You can buy Testro X on Amazon. You can also buy on TruthNutra.com, direct from the producers, for approx $50/bottle.

The TruthNutra site gives some discounts (roughly 10% off for bulk orders). Though we had some difficulty accessing the platform support online, so you may have to call or email them directly.

We have mainly tried using Amazon, so we recommend that for proven delivery options and return policies. There also seems to be a new discount on Amazon (you get 20% off).

Conclusion:  We’ll give Testro X a solid recommendation, but acknowledge that there may be some bad publicity.

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