How to Increase Testosterone Quickly & Naturally

Increase Testosterone Levels Quickly and Naturally- 10 Fast techniques, Plus Best Long Term Methods

For men, increasing testosterone is pretty much the answer to most of our problems. Why? Because testosterone drives all of our manly traits – like body fat, muscle, deep voices, confidence and sex drive –  to make us more successful as men.

Men with more testosterone are usually “alphas”- if we use a common term. These are the guys who other men look up to, who women want to be around and who are natural leaders in any group. Sometimes alphas can be obnoxious – too competitive or insulting ; )   But as we get older (and hopefully wiser), we tend to do “strong and silent” so as not to waste energy.

However; If you’re that guy who’s always “friend zoned” by the ladies, and who nobody takes seriously (and the majority of guys are not “alpha”, pardon us), then higher testosterone may be what you need.
Testosterone is also very important for our health – and low T levels are far too common today. Men with low testosterone have lower sex drive, but also lower motivation/depression, weight gain, brittle bones and a higher risk of various illnesses (diabetes, heart disease).

First, we’ll take a look at 10 Easy and FAST ways to increase natural testosterone. Whether you are older or younger, these tips will help to slow both T level declines with age- as well as counter some of the unnatural hormonal stresses of modern life.

The best ways usually involve changing lifestyle and diet habits. This is relatively straightforward and can actually have a big impact depending on what your lifestyle is currently like.

Here are some key changes you can make right away…

  1. Alpha Body Language – get 20% more testosterone in less than 2 minutes

That’s what this study (Harvard University) examined:

24 test subjects gave hormone baselines to the researchers and then were randomly assigned to groups where they would do either “high power-poses” or “low-power-poses”.body-language-power-posesJust 2 minutes of holding a “power-pose” was enough to increase testosterone levels by 20%, whereas the stress hormone (cortisol) also decreased by -25%!

In contrast; the “low-power” group saw a -10% reduction in testosterone levels and a 15% increase in cortisol.

This means that when you express power and leadership through body language, your brain and hormones will actually match up: and really make you more confident and relaxed.

However you may need to be selective when you practice: if there are leaders or alphas (or just assholes) in your workplace who don’t like you for some reason, throwing your weight around may provoke them in a bigger way. Unless that’s what you want  ; )

Smart Lion says: Pick your battles wisely.

  1. Vitamin D: The “wonder vitamin”

Most people use it because there’s tons of evidence that its heart healthy and good for the bones. But it can also increase testosterone levels and create optimal endocrine/hormone health in both, men and women – Fast.

Bodybuilder Relaxing in the Sun on a Rock

Vitamin D regulates more than a thousand body functions, including fertility, growth, and sexual function… and it can be supplemented. But the best way seems to be through sunlight exposure.

The results of a 1939 study (Dr Abraham Myerson) are possibly a bit excessive, but show the potential of Vitamin D supplementation:

Just five days of UV light exposure to men’s chest area, increased total testosterone levels by a whopping 120%. When the genitals were exposed to UV radiation for the same amount of time, the increase in testosterone skyrocketed to 200%.

Nudist colonies anyone? : )

On a more realistic note:  This study shows that when already healthy men take 3332 IU’s of vitamin D daily for a year, they end up having 25.2% more testosterone on average when compared to those who did not.

Note that most people today are deficient in Vitamin D – as well as a range of other essential vitamins and nutrients. So it is possible that effects of supplementation will be very quick, safe and strong.

3.  Dehydration -Drink Up!

Studies show that as many as 2/3 of people around don’t drink enough water; and yes this will affect your endocrine system and hormones.

Tthe best way to gauge this is probably by checking the colour of your urine… clear or pale yellow is good, dark brown- no.

Good tips:

  • Get yourself a plastic-free bottle :Because soft plastics leak xenoestrogens to the water.
  • Preferably also get some sort of tap-water filtration system to filter out chlorine and fluoride.

4.  Now this is Easy: Sleep More

One of the very best natural ways to increase testosterone is to sleep more. This is crucially important, because sleeping more will give you more time in an anabolic state. We produce the majority of our testosterone at 4am, when we should be in the deepest sleep. The same goes for growth hormone, which is also responsible for increasing muscle mass and burning fat.

BodyBuilder Sleeping with a Teddy Bear

But if you don’t get enough sleep, then this will be thrown askew and you won’t produce those high levels anymore. This makes it absolutely crucial that you get a full night’s sleep – and you should make this a priority and treat it as such.

5.  Eggs! Consume More Cholesterol

Reading the in-depth explanation as to how testosterone is made, you should have noted that the body creates testosterone from cholesterol. This is why it’s so important to provide your body with that cholesterol – it’s literally the building block of testosterone!

Different Foods High in Cholesterol

We’re not just talking any cholesterol here though but rather the good kind, known as HDL cholesterol (high density lipoprotein). Basically, that means naturally occurring saturated fat and not the kind of fat that you get on your McDonald’s chips.

To get this kind of fat, you need to start eating more eggs, more avocado, more cheese and more milk. These are the foods that increase testosterone and they’re very effective.

Feeling brave? Then you could always try the GOMAD technique. GOMAD stands for ‘Gallon Of Milk A Day’ and is a ‘do or die’ approach to boosting testosterone and muscle mass. You literally do what it says on the tin (or milk carton) and drink one gallon of milk every day.

By doing this, you provide your body with tons of cholesterol as well as lots of whey protein and a good helping of protein. This is fantastic for bulking and some guys have even gone as far as to say that it’s nearly as effect as using steroids for that purpose.

6.  Easy and Tasty: Eat your carbs

While we’re on the subject of foods that increase testosterone, it’s also important to make sure you’re getting plenty of carbohydrates. Carbs are actually very useful for increasing testosterone levels and many studies have shown that increasing carbs will increase testosterone!

Different High Carb Foods on a Table

Note: we do not encourage you to overeat til you get FAT: being obese is a sure way (and a too common one) to destroy testosterone. Just that you should not avoid carbs as if you are on a fad diet plan.

Why is this? Well for starters, you need carbs if you’re going to give yourself enough energy to create protein. At the same time though, carbohydrates also seem to lower levels of SHBG, which in turn increases the amount of free testosterone.

But the big reason for all this is to do with cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone and it’s released whenever the body is under physiological or psychological stress. This includes being hungry.

When you go low carb, you reduce the amount of glucose in your blood stream and your body will respond to this by presuming you’re starving or that you need to eat quick. The result is that it will produce cortisol to make you anxious and jittery – which is why we get ‘hangry’.

But this also stimulates the release of various other hormones that have a range of other effects on us. For example, it increases leptin, which makes us feel hungry, and it increases myostatin, which is a molecule that triggers the breakdown of muscle tissue (muscle is not energy efficient).

Worst of all though, cortisol lowers testosterone. The higher your T, the lower your cortisol and vice versa. This is because cortisol puts us in a catabolic state (where we’re burning tissue to create energy) and testosterone puts us in an anabolic state (where we’re rested and repairing tissue/building muscle).

The best carbs are from tubers and vegetables like potatoes, carrots, tapioca and the like. Some types of rice or grains can actually increase inflammation or reduce testosterone.

7.  Stress And Psychology

And with all this in mind, it follows that you can actually increase testosterone simply by avoiding stress. If you’re stressed at work all day, just know that this is actually sapping your testosterone and making you less masculine, less alpha and weaker.

You can therefore increase testosterone levels by avoiding stress but also by changing the way that you respond to it. Meditation and stress management technique can actually make you stronger, who would have thought? Or you can plan your day to avoid toxic situations and problematic people.

8.  Cold Showers

We’re starting to enter the territory of the ‘not every day’ approach to raising testosterone again but if you can battle through, then a cold shower will potentially help you to boost your levels of testosterone. The testes like the cold and if you’re taking very hot showers and baths, then you’ll actually be lowering your sperm count! A cold shower in the morning meanwhile will increase your testosterone levels, as well as norepinephrine.

9. Avoid Estrogenics

Not every way to increase testosterone is additive. That is to say that sometimes it’s more about what you don’t do than what you do.

We’ve already looked at numerous factors that can lower your testosterone levels for example and so it makes sense to avoid all those things to stay stronger. That means you should try to avoid very synthetic and artificial chemical products (switch to organic) and you should try to avoid drinking directly from the tap without a filter.

10.  Exercise (The Right Kind)

The right kind of exercise can also do a lot to boost your testosterone levels. Specifically, exercises that break down a lot of muscle tissue can have a huge benefit, which is why compound movements like squats and deadlifts are so effective.

Man Doing Squats

Often these are faster and more time-efficient as well – you do a smaller number of high quality-high results actions  : ) We love the kettlebell swing – which is a variation of the deadlift – but it is deceptively simple and takes time to learn the right technique. Though the best exercises are often very time efficient – you should view learning strength training as a technique or skill, and as a long term investment.

Steady-state cardio (like long distance marathon-ing) on the other hand will increase cortisol (by lowering blood sugar) – and decrease T Levels, even though improving your resting heartrate is beneficial for staying anabolic longer.

11. The “Secret to Fast Musclez”:  Supplements, Steroids And Hormone Injections??

Not getting the results you want fast enough? Then perhaps it’s time to consider hormone injections, supplements and maybe even steroids.Bodybuilder Drinking Protein Shake After Training

The term steroids really only refers to a certain molecular shape. Actually, even naturally occurring testosterone and estrogen in men and women are technically steroids! But synthetic steroids are the lab-created drugs that tend to boost hormones to greater levels, but also come with more side effects…

Synthetic or “anabolic” steroids work by binding to androgen receptors for the most part. These are synthetic compounds that mimic the effects of testosterone and can lead to massive muscle growth.

We’re not strictly against their use as they can be very strong and effective: But they usually also come with side effects and dependencies (and can cost $$ hundreds or thousands per month) – may not be easy to wean off safely, and it usually takes years of personal research and experimentation to use them properly and skillfully.

Which leaves most people with natural testosterone boosters: natural products that use ingredients like velvet bean (mucuna pruriens), boron or tongkat ali to raise testosterone naturally. Some, like ZMA, are even just based on regular minerals (in this case, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6). And Vitamin D3 is almost always great.

“Natural” Testosterone supplements may be among the best natural ways to increase testosterone – quickly, and in the long run. That’s because they provide the body with the building blocks it needs to enhance Testosterone production. Taking a high quality supplement is like consuming a super-nutritious food with a blend of the right nutrients for living well.