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Signs of High Testosterone In Men- Benefits of being a Sexy BEAST

Benefits and Signs of High Testosterone In Men

Testosterone could be worshiped… and you might find yourself worshiped by the ladies if you have high T levels.  While it’s a hormone with numerous benefits to your health and wellbeing, its enormous value doesn’t end there.

There are many other ways testosterone can make you more attractive in the long run. In fact, shallow as we are, most guys consider testosterone’s sex factor-appeal to be more important than the health benefits  ; )

Women are naturally attracted to real men. Strong, confident men project a raw sexual energy. They also seem to get laid as much as they want. AND: other men start to wonder what your secret is.

“Secret”? Higher levels of testosterone. Its the master hormone that tends to bring confidence, strength, attractiveness and success. If you want more cute women lusting after you – or if you want more respect –  you may need more testosterone.
Natural sex appeal has both obvious and not so obvious characteristics. Muscle power, physical presence and size speak loud and clear. That’s what everybody sees.

But an inner sense of certainty and quiet confidence works too. It’s an indirect way that men with higher levels of the hormone magically appeal to women.

Look closely at the world’s most popular male celebrities and you’ll find one common trait. All of them have higher levels of testosterone compared to the average male. What nobody seems to realize is this: the testosterone came first – long before any fortune and fame.

Higher levels of T helps you develop features and characteristics that that give a raw, animal magnetism. If you want to naturally attract more women and get as much action as you want, the solution is simple. Shoot for higher levels of testosterone.

If looks are your main concern, your best bet is to improve your testosterone levels naturally . Increasing testosterone in a natural way can enhance your looks and physical appeal to a greater degree than Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

For Real?

Having more testosterone in your body gives you a stronger, more dominant and masculine presence. Chicks love it. So it can only mean that more hot, sexy women will naturally tend to gravitate towards you. It’s a beautiful thing.

Here are some of the ways testosterone can work it’s chick-magnet magic for you:

  1. You Maintain Your Libido.

    Researchers have found out that aging isn’t actually directly related to the reduction of libido. It’s actually the decrease in testosterone levels that’s responsible for that problem. So if you can manage to maintain your T levels even when you get older, you won’t have any noticeable lack of sexual desire.

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    That’s always a good thing when you have lots of T, since you’re attracting women left and right.

  2. Beard – Women are often turned off by the presence of body hair. But they do find facial hair attractive and manly. That’s why men who’ve grown beards seem to suddenly begin attracting more women than before. If you haven’t put this theory to test – do so now. You can thank me later. But if you’re one of those guys who struggles to grow a full beard, testosterone could be answer.

There’s something about a beard that speaks to women on a deeper, subconscious level. Opposites do attract. It’s the same reason why men prefer women without facial hair.

It may be due at least in part to the fact that facial hair makes your face look bigger. And a little stubble can give you a sharper, more defined jaw-line. That’s why you’ll often seem male models with short, well-maintained beards. Proper grooming is important. It speaks volumes about you.

3.  Deep Voice – Testosterone helps increase the size of the vocal cords during puberty. You may recall hearing a powerful voice on television and noted its almost magical appeal. More than likely, that deep resonant sound came from a higher level of testosterone.

Regardless of your age, if you have a good amount of T in your blood, it tends to deepen your voice

4.  Increased Strength – How much fight have you got in you? In the animal kingdom, males are willing to fight one another to prove their dominant strength to a female. The male animal with the most power naturally claims the female as his prize. The loser gets nothing.

When it comes to human beings, every woman wants a man with whom she feels safe and protected at all times. A weakling doesn’t stand a chance. Hot, sexy women prefer strong, masculine men who can look out for them. Need more strength? Testosterone could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

People who go to the gym on a regular basis can feel the difference. Strength increases over time through exercise. In fact, with added strength, you’re able to do more reps. This, in turn, builds a more defined physique, making you fitter and more attractive in the long run.

5.  Better Immune Functions – A recent study involving a large group of men showed that those who had a stronger immune system were more appealing to women. Hot chicks want strong, virile, healthy men. They don’t want somebody who’s always getting sick. You can’t protect them when you’re down for the count.

Once again, what you need is more testosterone. The higher the levels of the “T” hormone in your body, the more potent your immune system. While immunity alone may not dramatically improve your attractiveness, within it are other features women find attractive. Like being ready to “go” when they want you. If you’re not feeling your best, it’s not going to end well.

6.  More Muscle– T helps build more muscle faster. All good trainers advise their students to perform compound workouts to increase muscle. Why? Because compound exercises help increase your T levels compared to isolated exercises. The more T in your blood, the more lean, mean “man muscle” you’ll develop.

Testosterone also removes excess fat stored in the body. This boosts recovery time too. It’s why most men in the bodybuilding industry opt for TRT (testosterone replacement therapy)- a product that helps develop more muscle in less time; though its usually more complicated and expensive.

7.  Increase Bone Density – Testosterone helps increase the density of your bones. People suffering from Osteoporosis are often diagnosed with a lower level of T. Testosterone is converted into estrogen to maintain good bone density. If you have a low level of T, conversion is minimal. Higher levels naturally lead to stronger, healthier bones.

8.  Sexy Odor – Men with higher T levels emit a natural scent that attracts women. Most women find this type of scent to be more masculine and therefore, appealing.  woman smelling mans neck

One recent study involving women in the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle found that women were more attracted to men with higher levels of T. It’s animal magnetism on a level most people aren’t even aware of.

With more testosterone in your body, you’ll never have to wear cologne again. Just sweat it out. Then get out there and you’ll automatically attract more hot women than ever before. How cool is that?

9.  Aggression – Many women prefer aggressive men and T makes you more aggressive in life. Not in a violent way, but in a way that gives you more in control of the things around you. the_dirty_highlander_by_janedjYou’re more alert and alive. Ready to roll at a moment’s notice and always in game shape.

Women love being around a man who is in control. Testosterone can give you an edge and help you become more aggressive in dealing with life’s situations.

10.  Chiseled Face – Muscle development is one of the primary tasks of T. T will make the more than 30 muscles of the face stronger, giving you a more manly look instead of a baby face. It removes facial fat so your naturally attractive features are highlighted. Ever wonder how models get those chiseled faces? Diet, exercise and higher levels of testosterone – that’s how.

11.  Skin Glow – People who underwent testosterone replacement therapy noticed a visible glow in their skin afterward. It’s a glow chicks love and the kind of thing that gets more women to approach you.

But you don’t have to undergo TRT to get that kind of glow. An intense running session will get you there. But you should also know that a long, slow run will do the opposite. So it’s best to keep your exercises as short and intense as possible at all times.

12.  Weight Loss – When you reach the age of 35-40, the levels of T in you body starts to decrease. But the degree of decrease varies from person to person. With a diminishing supply of testosterone, fat deposits tend to increase. The reason is simple. Less testosterone means an increase in the ratio of estrogen: testosterone. If you don’t do anything about it – you’ll probably get fat. Just like most men as they age.

Whenever estrogen levels increase, the body begins storing fat. Unfortunately for many men, this happens mostly in the belly area. Again, more testosterone is the answer. A higher level of T in your system naturally helps burn fat faster.

13.  Self-Confidence – Want more power and self-confidence? Boost your testosterone levels. In today’s competitive world, self-confidence is one of the most important attributes of a successful man. Hence, the higher levels of T you have, the more successful you’re likely to become. Just another reason why it’s so important to boost the testosterone levels in your body using natural methods.

14.  Improves Quality Sleep – A recent study involving men over 65 years of age revealed that low T levels are linked to a reduction in sleep duration. With low levels of testosterone, you’ll likely experience a lower quality sleep, with more disturbances and frequent wake-ups. Nobody wants that. A restful sleep is vital to maintaining optimal health for life.

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Longer periods of sleep actually provide your body with more testosterone. Men who sleep less than 5 hours a night have 10% less T in their bodies. Don’t deprive yourself. Get a good sleep every night and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

15.  “Anti Aging”:  Basically, You Can Live Longer.

Take note of how many health benefits you get from higher testosterone levels. Your heart becomes stronger, every part of your body improves because of the more efficient circulation, and you’re less likely to suffer a stroke or heart disease. All these things will improve your longevity. You’re also less likely to suffer from depression, and that makes you a less likely candidate for suicide.

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And not only do you live longer, but you also live a life in which lots of women are attracted to you. And you’re attracted to them (assuming you’re hetero, of course) because you maintain your libido. You’re more cheerful too.

These are just some of the many ways higher testosterone levels help you to enjoy a more inspiring life (and get noticeably more attractive). If you’re not getting all the strength and action you want, you might want to boost your testosterone fast!