Alpha Fuel XT Reviews- Weak Ingredients and Sales tactics?

Alpha Fuel XT Review and Ingredients Breakdown:

The Good:  So-so test booster, some good ingredients for libido and energy.

The Bad:  Could have included more basic testosterone ingredients like vitamin D or Zinc. Some Poor sales practices.

What You Need To Know:   Energy and drive affect your confidence as a guy- any many of us will never admit to this in public. There are many testosterone supplements in the market that have been touted as best for your sex drive, energy or muscle growth. Alpha Fuel XT looks like its trending fast …

But just because a product is highly sought after does not mean it’s the best supplement for you. You have to know if there are side effects, so you need to ask questions like – is Alpha Fuel XT safe? Where can I buy a genuine high quality testosterone booster?

“Does Alpha Fuel Work?”

Studies have shown that men begin to lose majority of their testosterone as soon as they reach their mid 20’s and this is precisely the reason why a lot of us start to feel weak, tired and unhappy frequently.There are many testosterone supplements in the market that have been touted as best for your sex drive, energy or muscle growth.

Alpha Fuel Reviews on Amazon…

Reviews will always be mixed, but there seems to be very little middle ground in the reviews for Alpha Fuel XT. People either love it or hate it like poison…

This is not totally uncommon with supplements; people like what works for them and dislike what doesn’t. However, the reviews on Alpha Fuel XT took this to a new level. Over 80 percent of the reviews on Amazon are either 5-star or 1-star, and there are very few in between. Most of the people who like it gave general praise of the product and how it worked for them.

Helps to increase my stamina,” says Francisco M.

An excellent and reliable boost,” said Brook H.

On the other hand, there were many unhappy customers who were more than happy to voice to their opinions:

This product is a joke,” says Vincent G. “Not healthy or helpful in any way. Didn’t effect my normal workouts, didn’t increase stamina, didn’t add to energy level, sex drive, etc… Just spent money, needlessly.”

“Does not work for me,” says Andrew C. “Still feel tired all day long. No change at all in my energy level.”

The most interesting review on Amazon was by Simon Reign, and he says, “100% pure crap, flushed it down the toilet with the rest of the… I gave it an honest try and it failed.”

Unfortunately, even the positive reviews go into very little detail about how the supplement benefited the customer. The vast majority of the positive reviews say “Great stuff” or “It really works,” but few give any specifics.

“Good product,” says one Amazon customer. “Helped increase me energy level.”

Others, not so much.  “No effect at all,” says another recent review.

Ingredients in Alpha Fuel XT
The Ingredients in Alpha Fuel look like they could be the start of a decent test booster – and we actually felt some good health effects. However there are a number of factors that make us go “mehh… hang on a second…”

Frankly, other boosters work stronger and faster (we’ll talk more about this later). And a dubious point is this “proprietary formula”, which is sometimes an excuse to save costs on bigger doses of the better ingredients. We don’t like to see proprietary formulas on labels- its not difficult for a company to just state ingredients in a forthright way.

But let’s start with the list:

alpha fuel ingredients

Oat Straw (or Avena Sativa)

This is typically used as un-ripened oat straw and has been tested for benefits such as cognition (thinking, alertness, memory) – and there is small evidence for testosterone boosting, though this may still need to be confirmed in more experiments.

Long Jack Root – The Malayan name for this is Tongkat ali (and Eurycoma Longifolia Jack in latin and medical terms). This plant is supposed to boost testosterone, and sex drive.

Longjack is a tad overrated, though it works ok in a stack with other ingredients.

Mucuna Pruriens –  This “magic bean” hails from tropical regions such as India, Bahamas, and southern Florida. Now this herb is less well known but we are pleased to say that it too has a number of nice health effects:  low testosterone, stress, libido and alertness.

However the effects come from a concentrate of levadopa in the beans (producing positive mood and health effects), and it is impossible to tell this from a proprietary blend.

Nettle Root – This one is interesting; nettle root seems to offer a number of useful health benefits but does not work directly on testosterone. It’s has some small benefit for inflammation, various immune effects for colds etc, and prostate health. But again it helps to know dosages – and we noticed no effect unfortunately.

Diindolymethane – usually called DIM, this substance is hyped for antioxidant abilities, but this is probably overrated. Inflammation and cancer prevention? Sorry- probably only in bigger high quality doses, and usually from raw vegetables like broccoli, rather than DIM.

Tribulus Terrestris – In Eastern cultures like China and india, this is a semi- legendary herb for male virility and vitality. Some research shows good effects on heart health, urogenital health and sex drive – it also seems to work as an adaptogen, meaning that it is versatile for all kinds of things involving health, strength and stamina- though in reality, effects tend to be mild rather than miraculous. Also, you actually need to standardize this for protodioscin (a substance in the herb) to work. We don’t think Alpha Fuel has this correct dosage; as mentioned, effects were mild.

Ashwagandha –  Normally we like this herb, even though its name literally stinks (meaning “smell of horse!” in Ayurvedic Indian); it’s a weed that works for anxiety, insomnia, depression, stress, physical performance ( in both athletes and unft people).

However you usually need a strong (and disclosed) dosage or concentration for this to work consistently. Again, we noticed a tiny improvement in energy, but can’t help thinking this could do better.

Piper Nigrum – This stuff is actually the extract of black pepper. It doesn’t boost T levels in itself but its meant to be synergistic- it improves absorption of other nutrients in the body. Basically this helps ensure that the other ingredients in this supplement are properly used in the body’s chemical reactions.

Magnesium and Zinc:   These are classic testosterone supplements for Low T, so this here is decent.

Alpha Fuel’s formula could be a bit stronger and a lot more reliable:  Despite its promises that you may notice results in as little as 3 weeks, for many users such results are unlikely. In fact, you’re going to need at least 3 months to see the effects.

And out of the entire list, most of the ingredients are a bit unpredictable in results:  only 2-3 are what we consider more reliable or better, like zinc and mucuna. And even then they do not reveal the concentration or quality. Now you know why we dislike “proprietary blends”? You really want supplements with transparent dosages.

Is Alpha Fuel safe? Any side effects?  

The short answer is yes its safe; we have not experienced problems with this, and have not heard of severe reactions from others.  If you are taking some other medication or if you have underlying health problems, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor about testosterone supplements. This ensures there are no bad interactions with other drugs you’re taking.

Scams and Hype?

Also: there used to be a number of realistic looking ads online that imitated Men’s Health magazine – suggesting like celebs like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson take Alpha Fuel, in order to get so huge. As of 2017, most of these seem to have been removed, but just to let you know, you might still see things like this (click here for ad/fake “news”):

One of our guy’s mother’s saw the ad and thought it was real- so you’ve been warned!

Also there are some simple or carelessly done small pages and sites online promoting Alpha Fuel XT. Many feature what we think are strange marketing methods.

Here is an example of a video we found (click here)

The speaker is Dr. James Vanderloop, a chiropractor practicing in Houston, Texas. At first glance this video seems credible (though sound quality is bad). However, we realized there were some things too smooth with words:

In the first minute of the video, Dr Vanderloop seems to position himself as a “physician to the stars”, like a celebrity doctor; when actually what he says is “some people I got to meet from my office AS WELL AS MY LIFE” ; which include stars like Harrison Ford or NFL players, astronauts, etc. He could have bumped into them on the street! The image is that he’s a private consultant to celebs.

Some people look down upon chiropractors and claim they are not as good as “real doctors”. We think a chiropractor has spent years in detailed health related study (and may also have nutrition specialties), and probably knows more about supplements in his field than a random person. What we find questionable is things left unsaid…

In the last part of the video (round the 4th minute), Dr Vanderloop compares taking Alpha Fuel (pills), with taking testosterone directly as a gel. He says that testosterone gels could be too strong, and “so Alpha Fuel could also be too strong” –  quickly jumping between 2 different products. Without actually talking about Alpha Fuel itself.

You can’t say he’s lying, but this is a smooth way of suggesting celebrity status, and saying something works without actually talking about the product itself.Funny_Doctor_Quotes

We agree there’s nothing wrong with Alpha Fuel either – there’s just nothing awesome about it, and its probably not strong enough. Which leads us to another problem …

Where To Buy Alpha Fuel XT – Free Trial? For sale offers online? Price and costs…

You can buy Alpha Fuel XT on Amazon – with good return policies and delivery systems. Pricing and packages on Amazon seem different than on the main manufacturer’s site, and we suggest you buy on Amazon if you absolutely have to get this.

It is likely that individual sellers got permission from the parent company to sell this on Amazon, at better rates (as mentioned below, the buying terms from the main company are pretty bad). As far as we know, this product is not sold on GNC or Walmart or other online US/UK stores.

The main company looks more problematic: Round the start of 2016, Alpha fuel had a massive marketing blitz. The web is filled with small sites promoting links to it.

There do not seem to be convenient links to buy Alpha Fuel XT online from the parent company. : Usually those skimpy sites lead you to this main company sales page here:

You need to search pretty hard through the fine print on their “Terms” page:

if you do not cancel your subscription within 18 days from the day you place the initial order, at the end of the 18 day period the card you provided will be charged $89.99 (which includes shipping and handling) plus applicable taxes for the bottle you received and for the access to the health and weight loss portal. Approximately 45 days from your original purchase date and every 30 days thereafter you will be sent another bottle of your purchased product and your credit card or debit card on file will be billed for $89.99 (which includes shipping and handling) plus applicable taxes.

The actual trial period itself is only 10 days (+ 4 days shipping). So you are actually not given much time at all to test – 10 days is way too short. You are given 18 days to cancel, or you are automatically subscribed for $89 per month! There are options for you to try to call them to extend this period, but from experience it is not likely you will find any of this convenient for you.

By the time you try to call and cancel, or ship bottles to return term back and forth, it will be very difficult for you to get returns done in time- not to mention extra shipping costs on top of all this, which you are obliged to pay for. Ouch. 

Alpha Fuel and Alpha Cut?

Alpha Cut is considered by some as an alternative to Alpha Fuel, as it also comes with certain ingredients that are designed to aid in muscle building. However, it’s more accurate to say that it’s a complementary product to Fuel, which is why Fuel and Cut are often sold together.

Alpha Cut helps you carve lean muscle through weight management. It’s essentially a fat burner as well as a hormone balancer. So you can try to use Fuel to boost muscle development, and then Cut helps you shed the fat you inevitably gain when you put on muscle.

Verdict and Results – Does it work?

A couple of our team mates tried this, and actually its better than we originally feared. The libido boost was nice, but other strength and energy effects seemed slow, and less obvious than other boosters we like. We’d use this if we had nothing better, but our 2 reasons for rejecting this are:

  1. We think they’ve been a bit weak with ingredients and proprietary formula
  2. There’s a number of strange marketing tactics around this that are problematic.

Simply put- Alpha Fuel is actually not that bad… but its not that good either. On the flip side, we see many complaints about this, but don’t think there’s anything seriously wrong with Alpha Fuel. If someone gives you free samples that can last for 3 months, then you should thank them!

But you should probably think about trying something that has better quality and sale offers.

3 thoughts on “Alpha Fuel XT Reviews- Weak Ingredients and Sales tactics?”

  1. I ordered some Alpha Fuel and when I found out they would automatically charge my account every month I called and tried to cancel. The guy tried giving me an extension. I said no. He then said he could just sell me the one bottle for $49.99. I said no. Then he said he could sell me the one bottle for $19.99. I thought this was an ok deal so I bought it. Haven’t tried it yet, but for $20 I figured why not.

  2. Don’t buy from this company if you really want to try this product buy from Amazon or a safe site that won’t steal your money. I tried calling the company they just hung up on me. Very big scam!!!

  3. Let me start by saying that I never comment on products or service… This is the most dishonest company I have every done business with. I have been self employed and worked for very large companies in the past and would have never treated my customers the way this place treats customers. Everyone there works off a sales scripts and repeats the very same thing for the 8hr shift. There is no management for this company as I have been told this by several phone jockeys. The product was shipped that I did order and then I received another package with 2 different products. Someone called me to confirm my order and then placed another order for a different product. I asked several question and was told the answer I wanted to hear from someone who spoke broken English. I was then billed approximately $180 for products that I never ordered and approx $90 for the product that was ordered. When I tried to return an unopened bottle of there product I was told that the have policy and procedures to follow and they were unable to refund me my money….. AGAIN DO NOT BUY OR TRY THIS PRODUCT THEY WILL BILL YOU. BY the way when you call to cancel they will offer you products at half price. So do not ever pay regular price…….

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