Best Testosterone Booster Reviews- For Muscle, Libido and More

Best Natural Testosterone Booster Reviews:

Does this describe you?

It’s not easy to build serious strength and fitness:  you have to work your ass off, and stick to a tough and boring workout routine, day after day, week after week … watch enviously as your buddies eat the greasy, sweet and tasty stuff you can’t …

Or you may be feeling older and tired of the daily grind, sitting on your couch, thinking of all the reasons working out doesn’t work for you…

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You could be pushing hard – or finally getting off your ass – and at the end of the month you still don’t hit the goals you aim for? And you don’t look or feel as good as you want?

Arrgh! It’s enough to make anyone want to quit. Or maybe you did quit – but you want to get back in the game.

You may need that extra push to hit competition or training goals… or you want to look better with your shirt off.  Or you’re just worried you’re older and over the hill …

Ultimately:  It doesn’t matter if you were born with “bad genes” – or if you have a problem sticking to your diets and workouts. There are natural (and legal) things that work, which may help you overcome issues so you don’t need to waste so much time over-training, or eating tasteless food…

Overall, long term gains for strength and muscle are connected to more things than just cutting weight or piling on the reps and the loads. Testosterone is probably the most important factor for strength and muscle. And there are dozens of scientific tests to show this (see below).

This is a nasty and little known fact: your gains for muscle and strength cannot reach close to their potential if you have lower testosterone than you should. Then it does not matter how hard you work:  if your testosterone levels are too low, then you’re just going to be progressing at a slower pace – some people actually make zero gains even though they train in all the right ways! Ouch.

If you aren’t seeing the best results you could- perhaps its not your fault. 

But can you really gain strength and muscle faster by using a good natural testosterone booster? 

We sincerely believe: this can make a BIG world of difference if you have don’t have naturally high testosterone. Especially if you have low T – and even guys with average levels of testosterone can get a boost.

Basically you will:

  • Tend to build more muscle and strength, and faster.
  • Recover more quickly after workouts, and have more stamina.
  • Increase overall strength, speed and power
  • Perk up your energy and alertness and sex drive (libido usually increases fast)
  • Lose unwanted body fat

Sounds like a Christmas shopping list; and not all results will come huge and fast – but we think the range of complete benefits for fitness and health is obvious.

How to choose a quality testosterone booster? 

The market is huge for testosterone boosters! And it would be almost impossible for one person on their own to compare every single bottle for ingredients and different blends.

That’s why we have had our research team always checking and looking into different boosters. Wanting to always deliver the best product, making sure to comb over ingredients and find the best option out there.

The boosters we have listed below all test out at the top of our list, encouraging natural ingredients, and staying away from proprietary blends.

Many people don’t think testosterone boosters work. It is true the market for testosterone boosters is flooded with garbage! So many supplements claiming to be boosters but not performing well because of more “filler” than active ingredients.

Remember: A true testosterone booster will list its ingredients and how much of each ingredient is included. You can then check with us to see which ingredients are active and beneficial and which ones fall short.

But what’s the catch? What are the side effects? 

As long as you follow the instructions on the bottle, a GOOD testosterone booster won’t have any negative side effects. Negative side effects come from companies that do NOT push a quality product. There may be ingredients in there that are not listed even! Please stay away from these brands, and only go with tried and true testosterone boosters.

What ingredients should I be looking for? 

D-Aspartic Acid. This is a form of amino acid and boosts testosterone stimulating the brain to release growth hormone, which is proven in athletes to raise testosterone levels.

Zinc. One of the most well known testosterone boosters out there, there are numerous studies that show zinc is proven to boost testosterone.

B Complex Vitamins. This is what will provide you with increased energy and give you the ability to get those extra reps in, and helps improve protein and fat metabolism.

Magnesium. This is another essential ingredient in converting food into energy. Low magnesium levels mean food turns to fat before it turns to energy.

Ginseng. Although the effects of ginseng as far as a testosterone booster have been disputed by some, it is still an important ingredient that helps with increasing energy and alertness. One of the symptoms of low testosterone is low energy, and ginseng will help combat this.

Fenugreek. This is an aphrodisiac and libido booster. One of the hardest parts about low testosterone is the low sex drive some will experience. This can be embarrassing; many men will just not talk about it or try and fix it. A testosterone booster with fenugreek can really help here.

Vitamin D3. This is a vitamin that many men will relate to mood swings and folks talk about lacking when they speak of “seasonal depression”. But D3 is much more than mood swings. It regulates more than 1000 functions in the body, from hormone secretion, muscle growth, sex drive and fertility.

And Now… the Top Rated Testosterone Supplements for 2018:

In 1st Place: Prime Male- Best Test Booster For Quality and Results

As 2016 comes to a close, Prime Male is probably the unofficial market leader. We were initially reluctant to join the army of promoters for this, as it already had a roster of celebrities cheering for it! But we can’t deny that it has a host of quality ingredients and controls. And we are betting that it creates quick and effective results for most men- for energy, health, testosterone and confidence.

  • Strong, clinically accurate Dosages: DAA-CC (best form), Vitamin D, Zinc Gluconate
  • Premium quality control: Branding aimed at men over 30, but testosterone support works for anyone
  • Ingredients Synergy- ZMA stack, Ginseng, Mucuna, Bioperine (enhanced absorption)
  • Unmatched, believable specific testimonials; from celebrities as well as normal men

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In 2nd place:  Testofuel – Classic Results for Muscle and Strength

Testofuel was one of the first market leaders. Released in 2012, it took the testosterone niche by storm- with the company Roar Ambition having updated its ingredients formula.It is endorsed by a number of athletes and pro bodybuilders. We think it is effective for testosterone support and believe it deserves its reputation for quality.

  • Original market leader: time-tested reputation
  • Numerous detailed testimonials from professional bodybuilders and athletes
  • Solid workhorse formula with strong Vitamin D, ZMA stack, D-aspartic acid
  • Some good bulk buying options

Click here for our detailed Testofuel review

In 3rd place is Testogen – Best Budget Offers

testogen_single-bottleTestogen is safe with accurate dosages, strong and fast acting, and has good price and buying options. It’s affordable, which is surprising considering that it contains good dosages for its various ingredients. So it really does offer a lot of value for money.

  • Strong dosages of Ginseng, DAA, Vitamin B, Selenium, Fenugreek
  • Accredited team of researches, quality ingredients and balanced formula
  • Large discounts when buying multiple bottles

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are testosterone supplements safe? Yes, as long as they are used correctly and the directions on the container are followed.

Who should take testosterone supplements? Really anyone over the age of 18 can use testosterone boosters. It can be something for everyday men, who feel a loss in their sex drive (its alright, it does happen after all), or for those men who want to go more intensively into their fitness and look better, to those who seriously train for boxing, mma, or any other sport. 

What’s the difference between a “Test Booster for Muscle Building” vs a Low Testosterone Booster?

Not much difference. Its mainly how the company wants to market itself or the product. For example; if we compare the most popular test boosters on the market:  people think Prime Male is a “low testosterone” booster marketed for older men – but it actually includes almost all the same ingredients as Testofuel (DAA, Zinc, Vitamin D, Ginseng, and more) – though Testofuel is marketed as a “test booster for muscle building”

Testosterone support can help for almost all men, though there is more urgency for older men. Otherwise there’s not much difference between “boosters for muscle” and others- just packaging, and overall quality.

“What’s the Best Testosterone Booster for Muscle Building or Mass?”

The better natural test boosters generally help you gain lean muscle, muscle size, strength and power. However you should ignore more colorful hype for “legal steroid” replacements. So we try to assess for overall testosterone support, rather than muscle boosting specifics. 

A synthetic steroid cycle will probably boost your testosterone by 300+ % easily (as well as change most of your other hormone cycles to something artificial). At super-normal levels (1200 ++ ng/dl), that’s when big, fast muscle gains come … as well as complications or side effects.

In contrast; a good result from natural testosterone supplements would be “only” a 40-50% increase in testosterone. But for many people this would already feel like a miracle – as well as experiencing a noticeable boost to overall fitness and energy.

As an example; in this study (click here), healthy young men received different dosages of synthetic testosterone enanthate. In at least one of the test groups (group 3 for example, taking a relatively low dosage), with testosterone remaining in normal human range (550 ng/dl), gained 7.5 pounds of fat free muscle mass in 5 months, without doing any weightlifting, and with very low protein intake by the standards of most bodybuilders.

Although a synthetic testosterone regime is usually much more expensive (easily several hundred dollars a month), needs careful planning – it’s not easy to find even a “specialist” with good knowledge, and may also be illegal or restricted for purchase – and also disrupts your body’s natural cycles, this is to give you a basic idea of how increasing testosterone affects muscle. The above study concluded that “an increase in circulating testosterone concentrations results in dose-dependent increases in fat-free mass, muscle size, strength, and power.” Which is also why we first recommend natural solutions.

And for “hard-gainers”, or some people who have problems putting on muscle mass or even gaining raw strength… This could be due to hormonal issues. For you, natural test boosters may be the key to removing these barriers and unleashing new muscle growth fast.

“Best Booster for Post Cycle Therapy?”

Note: we are not imposing moral judgments, or encouraging steroid use, but acknowledging that many athletes may be using “gear”

Usually, natural testosterone production is badly suppressed after a cycle of synthetic steroids, and you need stronger drugs to recover, such as HCG or Clomid. Though natural testosterone boosters can also help further…

You should use supplements that encourage your own intrinsic release of hormones, and prevent conversion to estrogen (aromatase inhibitors) – and the better natural test boosters already tend to stack ingredients that are aromatase inhibitors anyway, like zinc.

How do I know if I have low testosterone? There are a few things you are going to notice that can indicate you have low testosterone. Blood work is a sure fire way, but you may want to get checked out if you experience a low sex drive, low energy (cant get your reps in), cant build muscle like you used to, depression, general poor athletic performance. 

How will a testosterone booster help me? There are tons of ways testosterone boosters can help, from helping you shed those unwanted pounds and getting the body of your 20’s back to really going for a sport or training into your 30’s and beyond. When you take a testosterone booster you will see improved sex drive (who doesnt want that?), lower body fat, feel great, less stress, and all around be in a better mood. People at the office will notice, people at the gym will notice, and your lady will for SURE notice  : ) 

How long before I see results? A testosterone booster can improve your health and body in as quickly as 2 weeks! Seriously, this stuff works, and gives you an edge as you start to lose testosterone. If you combine testosterone with protein intake and athletic activity,  you will see drastic improvement within 6 weeks.

“What’s The Best Test Booster for Weight loss?”

Generally, higher testosterone usually means that you maintain ideal fat or weight ratios more easily – though test boosters are not exactly “fat burners”. They can help you get back in shape more easily (better metabolism or hormonal balance), and have better recovery and endurance for workouts. However you should know…

To lose weight, you mostly need to burn more calories/energy than you consume. If you are piling on excess calories from food (whichever kind)- overeating “healthy” food will still make you fat!

But higher Testosterone can still help you lose fat faster because:

So how much of a difference can higher testosterone make for weight loss? 

To give you an idea of some test results (click here); a decrease in T levels from 600 ng/dl to 300 ng/dl caused a big increase of 36% extra fat, in healthy human subjects.

Basically: if you are still over-eating , you will likely put on weight (though your metabolism may increase with Testosterone supplements). But higher testosterone tends to prevent weight gain, and normally encourage you to maintain lean muscle better…

With higher testosterone, If you have a caloric surplus (eating more), you will tend to gain more lean muscle and less fat. If you are on a caloric deficit, you will increase fat loss, while preserving lean muscle  : )

“What’s the Best Test Booster for Libido?”

Good natural testosterone boosters tend to be libido or erectile boosters as well – but many libido boosters are not automatically testosterone boosters, which tend to work for more complete fitness and health.

So we don’t encourage a focus on libido alone- but overall product quality. Libido is, however, one of the quickest improvements most people notice.

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