Prime Male Review & Results- Best Test Booster On the Market?

Prime Male Review- Buying Guide for the US, UK and Worldwide

The Good: Quick and Strong results for testosterone and overall health. Quality Ingredients and testing. Many believable testimonials.

The Bad:  Strict refund policy: 90 day guarantee applies only if you actually use for 3 months.

Intro:  A good test booster aimed at men over 30; this is sold as a quality, premium product. However the price is worth the results.

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Even Before the age of 30, testosterone drops at a rate of about 1%/year. Losing strength and confidence is something that most of us hate, and the market is glutted with testosterone “booster” supplements.

So what is less common is to find quality products that really work. The main benefits of T support are supposed to be improved vitality, strength and sex drive. But Prime Male also does more: mood and mental alertness, heart and prostate health.

This attractively packaged product is aimed at the higher priced end of the market (list price is $69 – but see below for sale offers)- the question is whether this is worth it.

A bit of Backstory: test boosters started to get big in the market round 3 years back. When we first saw Prime Male, we hated it. Thought it was too slick. Some of the ingredients had cheaper substitutes, like inferior Siberian ginseng rather than “True” asian ginseng. They called themselves King-Maker. We preferred “Queen Pussy” : )

But they have not been too arrogant to change their formula, which now sports too many good ingredients and combinations for us to ignore. So what the heck, we’ll give them credit where its due…

What is Prime Male, and who makes it?

Prime male is created by time tested pharmaceutical corporation Propura, and is now probably now THE market leader for testosterone booster supplements. Its cheered on by dozens of sales people and fitness companies… and now we’re one of them. gah!

We have a tendency to support the underdog… But in this case the market leader does check out well with quality and safety controls:  “All Propura products are manufactured in an FDA registered facility in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for nutritional supplements. Raw materials, processing, and quality control procedures in our plant are all GMP- compliant.”

How Does Prime Male Work- Ingredients 

Some other test boosters may include a whole bunch of different ingredients which seem impressive. But more may not be necessarily better. Or ingredients may be in a “proprietary formula” that conceals dosage amounts or inefficiency.

It helps greatly to have: 1. the right dosages – if its insufficient there’s no point. 2. it helps to have them balanced in an efficient way (some work better together, some cause problems when mixed). And 3. it helps to have quality versions of ingredients that are absorbed well. High quality ingredients are absorbed better, not all versions are the same. Prime Male scores in all 3 respects. 
prime male ingredients
Vitamin D3

Its been said there’s a low Vitamin D epidemic today. Low vitamin D3 levels have been correlated with low testosterone levels in several major studies

We’re glad Prime Male features this in strong amounts, but we did wonder if 5000 IUs might be too strong. This may cause excess calcium in the blood. But many respected researchers also note the effective upper limit may be much higher for Vitamin D. More than 10,000 IUs or even 50,000 IUs

After days of debating about the ingredients (yeah we’re nerds that way), we figure that it’s better to have a higher dosage rather than too low. Also, the Vitamin K in Prime Male likely reduces problems as well (see below). Altogether, this is likely effective and low risk, and helps low testosterone issues fast.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic acid, or D-AA, is an essential amino acid as well as an important neurotransmitter. What it does to male hormones is a beneficial release of luteinizing hormone, which is the hormone that triggers the production and release of testosterone.

Studies show that D-AA can increase testosterone levels of 30 to 60%, for big potential gains in energy, strength, and lean muscle mass. And a good libido booster too.

What’s great: Prime Male uses the best version of DAA- calcium chelate. This is better known as an insider tip by experienced bodybuilders, and greatly better for absorption and safety . This means more of the ingredient is usable- and also tends not to cause digestion problems.

Its important to know that not all supplements are equal in quality- hence effectiveness- and Prime Male tends to use stuff that’s the highest quality.


This helps your pituitary gland create luteinizing hormone, which increases the production of testosterone.

As the body does not store zinc, it should be taken as a supplement on a daily basis. Simply taking a zinc supplement can lead to up to 1/3 more testosterone in as little as two months. At 30mg, Prime Male has a very good dose of zinc.


Magnesium is essential for converting food into energy. A mild magnesium deficiency can be why you feel extra tired. It also inhibits the production of androgen hormone binding globulin. This indirectly raises the concentration of free testosterone, which is the kind that the body uses in muscle production. And it combines well with Zinc.


This is actually the extract of black pepper to increase absorption of supplements and nutrients in the digestive tract. A great backup ingredient for synergy.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 synergizes and helps D3 to work more efficiently in the body- it helps maintain plasma and testosterone levels, and can also reduce effects of calcification from Vitamin D. Prime Male has a number of good synergies/combinations.

 Vitamin B6

Another good supporting ingredient; vitamin B6 binds to androgen receptors, which tells your body to amp up testosterone production. It increases the absorption and bioavailability of magnesium, zinc, and other trace elements that are crucial to building lean muscle mass. The latest formula of Prime Male increased this dosage greatly.

Korean Red Ginseng

Ginseng has long been used to increase health, energy and libido in traditional Asian medicine. We really like this one.

Korean red ginseng (a type of asian or panax ginseng) has been found in research trials to be the most effective form of this vital root- vs the less effective Siberian ginseng. This is another improvement to the latest Prime Male formula. 120 mg of Ginseng is effective.


Too much estrogen is obviously not good for men. Much of the decrease in testosterone associated with aging is caused by testosterone being converted to estrogen.

Some testosterone supplements may actually increase estrogen production as their testosterone levels increase. Luteolin combats this effect. So this is actually a nice synergy for Prime Male

Mucuna Pruriens

This is actually extract of velvet bean; it can help to balance male hormones, especially increasing the concentration of free testosterone in the bloodstream. Also, it can be a natural source of L-Dopa/levadopa, which will balance your moods, and likely helps to strengthen muscle and bone tissue.

We think Mucuna is potentially quite amazing; it is likely the richest source of levadopa- which converts to dopamine in the brain, plus involves high levels of anti oxidant activity. This means increased masculine/androgenic qualities , reduced stress, improve sperm and fertility, and even boost natural growth hormones for strength and testosterone.

This extract needs to be standardized for L-dopa, the active ingredient. Prime Male includes a fairly concentrated 15% of 300 mg – which is fairly strong, and safe especially spread through the day.  

Nettle Root

Nettle root, taken from the stinging nettles plant, binds with androgen hormone binding globulins to increase your free testosterone, as well as reducing estrogen. This frees testosterone but strangely does not seem to have strong boosting effects itself, so is good as a combination agent. It also seems to help with recovery and other synergies by reducing inflammation.


Boron is an essential mineral that is less well researched and under-rated, but we believe contributes to a healthy hormonal balance as well as bone strength, reduction of inflammation.

It may reduce the levels of androgen hormone binding globulin, which reduces levels of free testosterone by binding the hormone before it can be used.

In this trial, just 7 days of boron supplementation increased free testosterone by 28%, as well as reducing other signs of inflammation 

Like a boss.

Boron can make a surprising difference: we’ve personally tried supplements with similar dosages of DAA, Vitamin D and Zinc- as well as different dosages, and also in isolation. Interestingly, just adding extra boron to the mix helped us feel even more refreshed after a night’s sleep, with smooth energy the next day.

Altogether; Its ridiculous. Prime Male is packed full of stuff (in a good way). We were literally puzzled as to how they managed to fit all the ingredients in there. Like a power packed munchkin (Insider scoop- supplements companies often find it challenging to package ingredients’ dosages in the little pills).

Dosages are strong yet safe- for energy, testosterone, sex drive and health. The formula is powerful and premium quality.

Does Prime Male Really Work- Testimonials and Reviews:

We have to say; these made us go wow (click here for testimonials page). The page leads with celebrity testimonials- Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables movies, Rambo etc), great athletes like Andre Reed and Scott Zolan … but yup they sound like real people with real results. There’s a whole bunch of non celebrity videos and testimonials there as well.

Some thoughts:

* So Mr Badass-Dolph Lundgren has brains + brawn. As a former chemical engineer, he too appreciates transparent ingredients formulas where we know what goes into our body.

* The Andre Reed (Pro Football Hall of Fame 2014) one made us get blurry eyed:

As athletes who are growing older, we know what its like to keep that warrior mindset- to keep moving on even though the body ain’t what it used to be. To use experience to make up for not using sheer power, and look for solutions that give hope.

* Nice details with Scott Zolak (Broadcaster and retired NFL quarterback): talks about how as a father and husband, you know it’s so damn hard to squeeze in time to squeeze in a workout! When you’re juggling a dozen things a day. We really get that.

And of course, how he’s better able to keep the missus happy  : )

So; yeah the celebs were probably paid something to endorse this, but we don’t think they are making everything up. Not likely they would risk their reputations on a scammy product either.

* Maxx’s review: wow, if he’s acting, dude deserves an Oscar. We chuckled when he said he used to watch other people giving testimonials. But he looks sincere.

* Charles’ review: again, great detail. He had his T levels clinically tested, and Prime Male worked better for him than injections (from 200ng/dl, to 476ng/dl- more than double!).

Yeah we’d really rather have natural solutions (much less expensive and complicated). We’ve also seen another testimonial where someone’s diabetes testing results were improved; “A1C 6.2 at a solid 170”. So its good to have specific results.

And there’s a bunch more videos and testimonials actually. but we’ll leave it at that. And keep in mind that you should be taking this for 3+ months for the best results- its not a miracle fix.

Our Prime Male Results- Strength, Stamina, “Anti Aging”?

We normally don’t expect big fast gains from natural test boosters, nothing like synthetic steroids, despite some brands’ marketing. However Prime Male did surprise us.

We tested this on 3 team mates, with some fitness experience as trainers and physiotherapists, all of whom are 30-40 years old. Most of us take quite a number of other supplements as well- though we tried to clear our systems of similar test booster ingredients for about a week before our little tests.

We were more thorough about cross checking notes for the first 4 weeks, and carried on with discussions for about 3 months, But Note: Admittedly for a thorough clinical trial, you should have dozens of subjects, as well as stringent control factors. But sorry guys, we’re not billionaire funded, so this is the best our small team can do  : )

Week 1:  Slight difference in workouts, maybe 5-10% more strength and endurance. However, this might be a mental thing, because of freshness or alertness (see below)

A couple of us were slightly tired and over worked. But in about 2 days, we noticed better relaxation, sleep and energy patterns – even compared to other test boosters with similar ingredients. Its like waking up with a better sleep pattern, or not waking up with morning cobwebs.

This is quite surprising for us, as we were actually used to trying out dozens of supplements. And that’s already in contrast with certain formulas like ZMA which are known to help sleep and recovery.

Libido boost is nice as well; in 2-3 days this helps general feelings of horniness, as well as recovery after sex. Also note that some of us are used to trying out other boner pills. But note: Prime Male is not meant to be a boner pill strictly, but to help with overall men’s health. Which is actually a lot healthier than loading up with boner ingredients.

Week 2:   Slightly better mood, better alertness in general. Generally better energy throughout the day, and for focus at work. But we notice this is not exactly like a triple expresso shot: if we are really tired or sleep deprived, this ain’t gonna keep you from crashing.

Generally more energy and stamina for workouts, good but nothing huge. Less fatigue (we tend not to do long workouts, but find that concentration lasts longer especially toward the end).

Good All Round.

Week 3:  Good overall vibes, gradual gains in all areas, nothing big, but slight boosts for energy, stamina, mood, mental alertness, sleep. For sex – we recover noticeably quicker, feel like shagging 3-4 times a week to put it crudely  : ) Not bad for a 39 year old.

Most of us do not currently have a problem with weight – we’re not “Iron Men” but are fairly fit for our age- so we can’t testify for weight loss. This could help if you’re overweight, but is more likely to come as a side effect of better endurance and a good workout program.

Weeks 4 and beyond: We tend to take for granted the simple things as time goes by- and Prime Male is not a massively obvious “booster”. But some of us can’t imagine how we did without it. Its like a continuous feeling of smooth energy.

For effective purposes we seem to be going around 20% + better or stronger for most physical and mental activities, which is really good considering our managers are not newbies to strength and endurance exercise (muay thai, crossfit), as well as other mental and research based activities.

Its easy to hype this up as a fountain of youth; but this is probably the best single “anti aging” supplement for men we’ve used so far, at least as a single stack/combination.

How to Use Prime Male- Instructions:

Space this out and take it 4 times per day. This might help space out some of the stronger doses, or prevent allergic reactions.  But for most people, even once per day should be alright, rather than forgetting to take. Even a combined 4 pill dosage is not what we would consider excessive.

As a good rule of thumb; you can try increasing the pills per dose, but test gradually.

Is Prime Male Safe? Complaints? 

Prime Male is quite safe and non-toxic; it acts like a super vitamin – and has clinically accurate doses. You are pretty safe – even when we tried to overdose on this slightly for a couple of weeks, there were no side effects (apart from an increased libido boost!) Though we do not recommend overdosing for long periods, or beginners.

Side Effects and Certifications:

Note that nothing is 100% safe and some people have rare allergies; it may be good to check with your doc if you suspect this.

Prime Male is a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified product- certified safe by international and US organizations as safe for everyday consumption. This is thanks to quality testing by Propura- an international company with a long track record. Prime Male is produced in certified facilities in the US and UK; which maintain strict standards of safety and hygiene.

Where to buy Prime Male; Can you buy on Amazon and GNC?

Nope, you can’t get this on Amazon, Walmart, and similar stores online like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe. But this may also be a good thing as it allows the company to quality control, limiting resellers to only the best.

Returns and Refunds policy: Now this is the part about Prime Male which some people find strict:  the Returns policy is fine; if you have an issue with delivery or a defective product. Its the refund policy which is stringent: if you are trying to claim that Prime Male did not work for your testosterone and health, note that their 90 day guarantee only applies if you buy 3 bottles- which is meant to let you test the product for a trial period for a proper or effective amount of time.

Some may find this policy unacceptable.

Also, you have to keep a rough log of your activities (you have to give them a description of your diet and exercise habits) for them to approve. Note that most testosterone supplements are actually meant to be tested for 3+ months, and are not quick fixes like “pre workout formulas”. And many testosterone supplements offer no guarantees at all.

We’ve tried to sell stuff before- and there can be a lot of freeloaders once you add a liberal returns policy. Being strict can also help a company maintain an exclusive image, and control quality. In the end we don’t think Propura is a scam company, and we decided to base our review on results and quality.

Price, costs, discounts?

We note that Prime Male is priced at the higher end of the market: It’s $69 for a month’s supply of Prime Male. but you can effectively get “1 month’s free supply” – or to look at it another way, you get a significant bulk buying discount (if you buy 3 you get 4 bottles, which comes to about $52/bottle).

Some other test boosters are cheaper- and even if you can afford it, its human nature to search for a better bargain. But: you know the saying “you get what you pay for”; and there are also hundreds of boosters that don’t do the job. And these may not be very low cost either.

If you want to get the discounted sale offer, make sure you choose the 3 month supply option through this link (click) – and you will get an extra months supply of Prime Male for lower cost.

And if you have actually tried this stuff, you can claim the money back guarantee within 90 days.  Just try to keep a simple log about your lifestyle habits- and remember that if you are over-eating, boozing/drinking your liver off, or over-training like an addict, no supplement will save your silly ass ; )

Buying, Shipping and Delivery: In The USA, UK and Worldwide

Shipping is quick and efficient- they deliver to most countries in the world (see below for those they don’t deliver to). United States orders normally take about 2-3 days: you can choose regular or expedited mail, either from UPS or from the U.S. Postal Service.  Packages are sent with tracking methods, so customers can keep track of orders.

It takes roughly 2 days in the UK and 3-6 days for the rest of Europe. People in Canada, Australia, and the rest of the globe get their product sent by Royal Mail, though delivery time ranges between five and 15 days depending on the country.

But do note that they cannot guarantee quirks that happen at local customs, so there might be delays depending on where you live in the world. Note that they do NOT ship to the following countries:  Afghanistan, Algeria, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, North Korea, Norway, Palestinian Territories, Russia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Turkey.

Prime Male offers safe and secure checkout, with encrypted code to keep your personal buying information safe. All major credit cards (and Paypal) are accepted as payment.

Prime Male Review- Our Verdict:lion-crown-heraldryThis is a potentially excellent product, though pitched at a more premium angle. It has strong and accurate dosages, and quality ingredients with manufacturing controls. You should very well consider this.

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