Animal Stak vs Animal Test- Which makes you Bigger, Badder, Best??

Universal Nutrition Animal Stak vs. Animal Test:

Summary – What’s the Difference between Animal Test and Stak? 

Animal Test was probably meant as a “legal steroid replacement” – it seems to be mainly aimed at muscle growth. In contrast, Animal Stak more closely resembles other “natural testosterone boosters” – meant for overall, complete fitness and health.

The Good: Both have some good ingredients, and generally better testimonials than not.

The Bad:  Both are slightly unreliable, and may have a number of side effects, with the risk of Animal Test being higher than Stak. Test also contains Yohimbine which may be banned or restricted in many countries including the USA. Both have complicated proprietary formulas which make it very tough to track dosages.

Animal Test: 

3 star out of 5

Animal Stak:3 star out of 5


Natural testosterone boosters have gained huge popularity over the past decade. These supplements are promoted as a safer, healthier alternative to anabolic steroids. They claim to increase free testosterone levels in the body, leading to muscle and strength gains.  Nowadays, there are hundreds of natural test boosters on the market, but only a few really work.

What is Animal Test? Vs Stak? 

Testosterone is the master male hormone, and has a big impact on strength, energy and recovery.

Both Animal Test and Stak seem to fall into the category of natural test boosters. But we notice that Animal Test has more unusual ingredients even compared to other Test boosters. Both formulas are also more complicated than other supplements on the market: and to be honest we dislike proprietary formulas, as there is no way to track any problems for the results you get, or legal hassles with the company!

What is inside Animal Test? How does it work? 

According to manufacturers Universal Nutrition; Animal Test may be most powerful product in the Animal Line.  Main ingredients in Test are the Sterones/flavones (naturally occurring, usually plant based steroids) and the aromatase(estrogen) inhibitors in the Pro Androgen complex …

Animal Test Ingredients

As well as the Arachidonic acid, which is actually supposed to encourage a specialized method of inflammation that increases your rate of muscle growth- as your recovery process reacts to this inflammation.

The sterones/flavones in Test are meant to be “natural steroids” – the aromatase inhibitors are more similar to typical test boosters – the arachidonic acid is odd at first glance; but all of these can work in theory.  However Test may have some problems with reliability and dosages.

In contrast:  Animal Stak tends to have a massive number of more classic natural testosterone supplements. These are meant to be “hormone modulators” – which is the jargon that Universal comes up with: but what this means is that natural test boosters should ideally help for more complete/overall hormone fitness and health.

Animal Test Ingredients Breakdown (with comparisons to Stak)

animaltestAnimal Test and Animal Stak have a few similar ingredients – but the overall combination works out to something quite different. Both supplements are made with complicated proprietary formulas containing a mix of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts .

Often these are under-dosed, or difficult for you to actually stack with other products because you have no idea whats in the mix exactly (though here we make some guesses for you)

Let’s take a look at Animal Test:

Arachidonic acid – one of the main ingredients in Test- one of the most potent ingredients in Animal Test, is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid that promotes muscle growth. It’s also used as a natural remedy for depression.

ARA is the primary fatty acid responsible for muscular inflammation, which can strategically signal the body’s natural “repairing response” for more immediate & intense muscle gains during exercise.  This is supposed to be more effective than using anti inflammatory pills like ibuprofen – but may be a less well studied and riskier muscle building strategy (though it can work well).

Arachidonic acid is recommended in doses of 1500mg ++ : if we had to guess the proprietay formula for this is slightly under-dosed: it comes to 1500mg inclusive of other ingredients inside the “hypertrophic complex”.

Urtica Dioica, which is commonly known as stinging nettle, binds to globulin (SHBG), potentially leading to higher testosterone levels. However, it has a negligible impact on DHT levels (for strength). This herb is also a potential aromatase inhibitor that keeps your estrogen low.

However this is actually better as a backup ingredient as effects on testosterone are not great.

Ketosterone or Cissus Quadrangularis speeds up muscle repair and increases collagen levels. This compound will help you recover faster from training and keep your bones strong. The dosage here is not likely very strong.

Trans Resveratrol, another key ingredient in Test, is supposed to be a very good natural aromatase inhibitor. At high doses, it has been shown to block estrogen production, elevate testosterone, and activate androgen receptors. However, we have no idea how much or what quality is in the blend.

Studies also indicate that resveratrol has an extremely low absorb-ability: most oral supplements don’t work well. You need specialised processes for your body to absorb benefits: not likely to happen here.

Yohimbine bark extract is meant to raise the levels of norepinephrine and adrenaline in the body, which improves your ability to handle stress. Yohimbine may also help with fat loss (though you tend to need to fast with yohimbine as well!) and sexual performance, and it does not seem to work for testosterone.

Also: it is known to cause anxiety and panic attacks in the more sensitive, as well as raise stress/cortisol and blood pressure. This is NOT one of our favourite supplements. Still, we don;t think the dosage in Test is dangerously high- but there’s no way to be sure. Also, legally, a proprietary formula means the company can change the dosage at any time- and they are not accountable  ; p

Vs Animal Stak: Animal Stak does not contain arachidonic acid, but has many other ingredients that are not found in Test. These include l-carnitine, arginine, tribulus terrestris and fenugreek. Stak shares ingredients like stinging nettle and Resveratrol with Test – which are meant to inhibit estrogen, which in turn raises testosterone.

These are meant for a broader range of health benefits, and work on testosterone increase by influencing the hormone interactions around it. Animal Stak is somewhat better for the libido! Test more directly affects muscle hypertrophy, inflammation and recovery.

How to use Animal Test in a stack? How to use Test with Animal Stak?  

Universal Nutrition recommends you use them pre workout, and that you can stack them freely. However we urge caution, as Animal Test has been known to be stimulatory and mixing with other pre workouts can cause side effects.

Stak does not seem to have much stimulants, but you should be cautious as they have an undisclosed amount of DHT blockers and Aromatase inhibitors – which are meant to control testosterone and hormone balances in certain ways… see below for some of our results.

Both formulas are too complicated for our liking. And if you combine them you will literally be using dozens of substances in unknown doses and unknown ways. So you have to do your own checking (and you have to guess because these are proprietary formulas)- or you have to place a lot of trust in Universal Nutrition’s recommendations.

Generally we recommend you use either/both of them in an experimental way (see our “verdict “below) – and only if you are quite experienced with supplements and weightlifting – say 5+ years of focused training – so you have better intuition to how your body responds.

Results: Does Animal Test really work? How good is it? 

Manufacturers suggest that Test is stronger than Stak. Strangely, we found Test to be just slightly stimulatory – in contrast, Stak gave us slight stomach aches.

For muscle gain – We found Animal Test effects to be weaker or less reliable than other workout formulas – we found the big pills uncomfortable to take, and we already had slight indigestion from the other Animal products.

And most of all, the proprietary blends made it a chore to keep guessing how to use this, as we use other supplements as well. Also, we prefer other test boosters rather than using Animal Stak.

Are there Side Effects and risks from using Animal Test?

Some of the ingredients in Animal Test like Yohimbine have been known to be severe, especially for some who seem to have allergies. Again there’s a problem when you don’t know how much of a substance is included. This may worsen asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis pain, and inflammatory disorders. Thankfully this is relatively rare.

We heard of a number of cases where this worked well, but note that mostly veterans seem to use this better. Also note that many countries do not allow the purchase of yohimbine “over the counter”.

Generally side effects from Stak are supposed to be more mild – but note that it may also cause hormonal side effects if not cycled off carefully.

How to Take Animal Test?

This supplement comes in pill form. Each box contains 21 packs with several capsules. Take a single pack daily for 21 days.

Where to Buy Animal Test?

At about $50+, the prices are pretty much the same in most stores, for Animal Test. You can check out buying options on Amazon. 


For something marketed like a “steroid replacement” , Animal Test was less strong than we expected. If you are a veteran lifter, you may want to use this as an experiment to break through a sticking point…  But for most people:

Whether you are focused more on building muscle, or for overall fitness (stamina, energy, libido) – we recommend you try something that’s more proven for results, as well as more transparent.