Animal Stak vs M Stak Review- Which Is Best for Muscle or Testosterone? How to use Together?

Animal Stak vs Animal M Stak Review – Muscle Building BFFs?

Summary:  M Stak was originally meant for advanced lifters who need a bit more boost breaking through a sticking point in gains. Some also say that M Stak is good for “hardgainers” – users who tend to not gain muscle no matter what.

Animal Stak tends to act more as a ‘Natural test booster” – it modulates hormones for long term health, energy and “complete” gains. M Stak shares a high stimulant dosage and methods which are similar to pre workouts, but also shares some characteristics with test boosters. stak-vs-m-stak-2

Both formulas are problematic for us: they have complicated proprietary (concealed) formulas. M Stak also has an unusually high caffeine and stimulant content. Both formulas tend to be better for a minority of “advanced” users.

M Stakstar

Animal Stak:



Stak Ingredients

Feeling weak and sluggish after your daily routines? Or maybe you’re having a hard time building muscle? These signs may indicate low testosterone levels. Or “hardgainer” problems.

Developed by Universal Nutrition, Animal Stak and M-Stak are popular supplements on the market. Both products potentially support muscle growth and recovery, and balance hormone production.

Animal Stak appeals to those looking to gain mass, shed fat, and have more energy. It’s meant for men over 35 who want to keep their T levels high and perhaps stay lean.

Animal M Stak is designed for bodybuilders and powerlifters, offering an interesting mix of amino acids, anabolic compounds, and estrogen inhibitors.

A natural testosterone booster like Animal Stak can restore your energy and can help you indirectly lose weight or build mass, through better hormonal balancing. In general, these products contain herbal extracts that suppress estrogen production and boost anabolic hormones, such as tribulus terrestris, fenugreek, and maca extract.

In contrast: M Stak is supposed to help your body process nutrients better, so you gain mass more easily. It generally uses more specialized or less researched ingredients like Ecdysterones (naturally occuring “steroids”) + some adaptogens and insulin regulators that actually also feature as natural testosterone supplements (muira purama, safed musli, fenugreek).

But M Stak was initially meant as a specialized mass gainer – whereas you can see the original goal of Stak as being a “hormone modulator” for complete health support, especially for men over 30.

The company claims that unlike synthetic steroids, it doesn’t mess up your hormones or suppress your free testosterone production. We say that this is very low risk compared to anabolic/synthetic steroids – BUT may come with minor side effects that are very difficult to track.

Animal M-Stak Ingredients:

Natural Flavone Complex

The main component of M Stak is the “Sterone complex” – which is supposed to stimulate protein synthesis and increase nitrogen retention (efficient muscle growth).

It contains Turkesterone, Beta-Ecdysterone, B-Sitosterol, and other natural compounds that support muscle building. These are basically plant based “natural” steroids – supposed to stimulate your body’s natural testosterone production.

Evidence can be mixed (these sterones are less well studied compared to other classic strength builders) but we believe there is promise that these have muscle building (anabolic) properties: As well as other benefits for immunity and health. However very few studies from human trials exist – so for the moment this is unreliable.

Vs Animal Stak ? Animal Stak does not contain any flavones or sterones. Instead it contains a range of classic and herbal “natural test boosters” – like zinc, magnesium, Vitamin B, Longjack and Mucuna (just to name a few)

Note: one reason why we remain wary of both formulas is that they are both proprietary blends. So its difficult or impossible to figure what works exactly, to quality control (the company could be doing anything to the mix, at any time), or to stack with other supplements freely.

And both formulas involve a lot of ingredients in a complex blend.

 M Stak: Anti-Catabolic Amino Complex

Packed with leucine, valine, taurine, and isoleucine, the main purpose of these are to prevent muscle loss and speeds up recovery. Each serving delivers 3,000mg of BCAAs that can perhaps support muscle growth and energy metabolism  -though these are usually “backup” ingredients in workout formulas.

These nutrients, especially leucine, assist with protein synthesis and can influence key metabolic pathways that support anabolism.

Vs Animal Stak – Even though Stak has no BCAAs, it contains arginine, carnitine, and herbal extracts that help reduce catabolism and improve recovery. However the “recovery” dosages in Stak are likely weak or underdosed.

M Stak’s dosage for these is better. But usually each of these doses need several grams worth (eg 2g per day for Taurine alone); so 3000 mg would not be especially strong combined.

Hard to say who wears the pants

Muira puama bark and safed musli, two key ingredients in M-Stack, have been shown to improve exercise endurance and overall strength while reducing the catabolic stress response. However, their benefits and research is less  well studied or documented.

Animal Stak also includes a number of adaptogens like Longjack in the blend, but this is not their main emphasis.

Generally- we notice some good benefits from M Stak – but this feels like a “throw in the kitchen sink” of many exotic ingredients.

M Factor Complex – M Stak

This complex would be better seen as “backup”. The M Factor Complex uses ginger root extract, bioperine, and 6, 7-Dihydroxybergamottin.

Ginger reduces inflammation, supports healthy digestion, and relieves nausea. Bioperine increases the nutritional value of other ingredients. 6, 7-Dihydroxybergamottin, a natural compound derived from grapefruit juice, maximizes the effectiveness of other oral supplements and extends their half-life.

As a comparison Animal Stak ‘s “natural testosterone” and “growth hormone” blends tend to amplify or synergize hormone influencing ingredients: Stak seems less of a less of a “recovery” formula than M Stak.

The Insulin Potentiating Complex in M stak – notably with fenugreek and alpha Lipoic acid (ALA), actually creates certain similar testosterone effects with Animal Stak.

ALA creates interactions between blood glucose and indirectly makes conditions good for Test and Growth. We are alright with low doses of fenugreek: but high doses of fenugreek however, may cause fluctuations between Testosterone and DHT (dihydrotestosterone – another powerful male hormone) in the long run, resulting in possible increased estrogenic and feminizing (man boob) side effects. Its impossible to keep track of everything in a complex blend.

Energy Complex

The red pill contains a powerful energy complex made with caffeine, theophylline, theobrimine, and evodiamine. Caffeine will keep you energized in the gym and improve mental focus. Theophylline is extracted from tea and acts as a muscle relaxant, CNS stimulant, and diuretic agent.

But the stimulant complex is very strong: probably equivalent to 4-5 cups of coffee! Beginner athletes especially, may find this hard to tolerate, getting jitters or headaches, as well as needing to keep track of other things they eat throughout the day to avoid over stimulation or insomnia.

You may also have a tough choice choosing between M Stak and other pre workout supplements due to trying to balance dosages.

Vs Animal Stak – Animal Stak is free of stimulants, which makes it safer for those who are sensitive to caffeine and its derivates.

What are side effects or dangers of using Stak and M stak?

With its cutting-edge formula, M-Stak will fuel your muscles into growth and boost your T levels naturally. The downside is that you’ll have to use it along with other supplements to fully reap its benefits.

You should probably be using other classic muscle ingredients first- and you’ll be hard pressed to track strong dosages and side effects if you use other workout formulas.

Because of its high caffeine content, it may cause jitters, poor sleep, and headaches.

In contrast: Animal Stak is generally safe, but may cause allergic reactions in a small minority. But our concern is that the liberal use of aromatase inhibitors and DHT blockers can cause long term side effects, and it is impossible to track dosages.

If you combine the two: you will literally be consuming SCORES of herbs at the same time, in unknown amounts  : )

Our trainers tend to have iron guts from years of taking supplements: but in the short term, 2 out of 3 of us experienced stomach upsets (for a couple of days) when we mixed both. To be fair, we were also taking extra creatine and pre workout formulas. Also; effects were not severe, just inconvenient.

Like we said, this is complex, and impossible to control thoroughly. We think you should be especially careful if you are using these long term.

How to Take M Stak

The recommended dosage is one pack every day for 21 consecutive days. Just watch out for the red pill, which contains high caffeine. If you take M Stak in the evening, you probably should skip that pill.

Where can I buy M Stak? How much does it cost?

This supplement has a lower price tag than Animal Stak, offering better value for money. It costs $50+ on GNC, $30+ on Amazon. It’s also available on the manufacturer’s website ( for $60+, which is quite expensive compared to other online stores.

Interesting but complicated

Our Verdict

M Stak seems a bit experimental – and is probably best for veterans (5+ years focused training) who have hit a plateau or sticking point. The caffeine and stimulant dosage is high even for veterans.

If you are a hardgainer – you should probably be checking that various basic lifestyle and hormonal factors are okay first. Or taking higher quality versions of basic muscle builders and workout supplements. If you suspect you really do need testosterone supplementation, we would recommend one of the other, less complex, better boosters on the market.

Animal Stak is likely to have less side effects in the short term (less stimulatory), but possibly more side effects long term due to untraceable complex mixes of aromatase inhibitors and DHT blockers. Stak more resembles a normal test booster, but again if you are looking for hormone “modulation” for overall fitness and health, we would recommend one of the better boosters on the market instead.

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