TestoMax200 Review- Does this Simple Supplement Really Work?

Testomax 200 Review: 

3 star out of 5

The Goodtestomax200

It’s safe to take, and its ingredients can help some people. The directions for use are also simple enough.

The Bad

Could have better ingredients, and use a transparent disclosed formula. Some (but not all) sellers have problematic buying practices as well.

Testomax200 contains 600mg of tongkat ali, which is often known as a sexual enhancer. And then it also contains a proprietary blend of ginkgo biloba and ginger root, so its hard to tell what you’re getting, exactly .

Most of the top testosterone boosters use a number of different ingredients, to make sure that users will benefit with diversification. If one ingredient doesn’t quite work because of individual issues, then perhaps another may. Also its best to avoid “proprietary blends” of ingredients that don’t specify the amount you get per serving for each ingredient in the blend – its likely to be under dosed.

The Ingredients

Testomax200 uses tongkat ali, which has long been used in folk medicine as a sexual enhancer. It does work as a testosterone booster for some people, but not as well as DAA.

In a study of 63 people, it was shown that the use of tongkat ali helped with reducing tension, and it also eased feelings of anger and confusion. These are all factors that can have a detrimental effect on your libido and sexual performance. Modern life is all about stress, and the effects of chronic stress can be far-reaching. It’s not surprising if you’re stressed out, and that’s affecting your bedroom performance. But tongkat ali can also help the body produce more testosterone, and the study proved that.

There are fewer studies involving Tongkat Ali, and some results are not consistent- but we are betting that it helps in a number of hormonal interactions related to Testosterone. It is also mildly efficient as a libido booster and energy booster.

Aside from that, it also contains ginkgo biloba and ginger. However, ginkgo biloba is more a blood tonic which helps with erections. And ginger can help, although the studies are limited.

Unfortunately that’s it. Most of the best testosterone supplements offer a blend of stronger ingredients and usually transparent dosages. We’re guessing that the Tongkat Ali dosage and quality is strong in this one, but notice that they could have done better all round.

With few ingredients, you’re basically taking a long shot that it will work for you.

Consumption and Side Effects

Here at least you’re won’t have any trouble using it, although you will need to cycle its use. You have to take 2 pills a day for 10 days. After that, you have to refrain from it for 5 days before you start another cycle.

It’s imperative that you don’t disregard these directions, as it seems there may be side effects if you use too much of it. But if you follow the directions, then you shouldn’t have any problems.


You would think that with such a very short list of ingredients plus the fact that so many reviews have offered negative feedback (“it doesn’t work” is a common complaint), the price would be low. But it is somewhat expensive even when you buy on Amazon, as you need to pay about $70 + for one month’s supply. That’s rather exorbitant, and it doesn’t offer good value for your money.

Note that there is more than one seller for Testomax200 on Amazon. This is the best price you get – but there are other sellers on Amazon who seem less credible. Looks like they may have started different pages in the hopes of better reviews; we’re honestly not sure.

We’ve also seen other sites online where you can buy direct, but we don’t recommend this. there is a Free Trial option, but it may be a scam.  Complaints have filed in about unauthorized credit card charges, and you’ll have a lot of trouble getting this matter settled.

So if you are set and certain about buying Testomax200, we suggest you try Amazon, and this is the lowest price we’ve seen . While not 100% perfect, Amazon has good customer protection and returns policies which should work for most.


We like Longjack/Tongkat, and think the dosage for this is likely strong enough, but you should probably consider other products before you buy.

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