Testojack300 by Now Foods: It’s just Tongkat Ali and Nothing Else!

Testojack300 (Now Foods) Review:


Lots of testosterone boosters these days contain tongkat ali. It goes by many names, including longjack and Malaysian ginseng, though its scientific name is Eurycoma longifolia. It’s long been used in Asia as an aphrodisiac, and many scientific studies have found evidence to support that claim. In fact, these studies have found that it actually does work as a natural testosterone booster because it frees up testosterone for work outs and muscle-building.

However, there are lots of manufacturers that offer supplements containing Tongkat Ali. If you just want this ingredient and nothing else, then you may want to consider Testojack300 by Now Foods.

What’s Testojack300 by Now Foods?

Testojack300 is a dietary supplement made by Now Foods, which makes all kinds of supplements for better health and nutrition. The name is quite revealing, isn’t it? You get to understand that it boosts testosterone, it contains longjack extract, and you get 300 mg per serving.

Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules. This means that those of the vegetarian or vegan persuasion can take this without feeling any guilt. It doesn’t contain any sort of animal product. There’s no yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or even tree nut ingredients. It’s even made in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility.

These features show that not all longjack supplements are the same. Some companies are actually more conscientious about the quality of their supplements. Now Foods has actually been part of the industry since 1968 and they’ve survived and thrived, thanks in part to their commitment to proper quality manufacturing.


For Tongkat Ali (longjack) itself, you don’t really need to read reviews. Instead, you can read actual scientific studies indicating that this can really help you with your testosterone issues.

But what about the Testojack300 in particular? Now, this has received a lot of feedback, and more than half say that it actually works for them. On Amazon.com, the most recent reviews have been extremely complimentary.

  • Awesome…working well in every way if you know what I mean for this almost 50 years old.” SoundSnob, verified purchase.
  • Great product at a great price!” Dan, verified purchase
  • WOW—well it works for me. Appetite is up, juice is flowing, wife is happy.” Mr. Positive, verified purchase

On other sites, the consensus does offer a positive outlook:

  • Since the first week of using it, my husband’s energy level, and stamina have improved! He isn’t tired all the time like he was…” – Gomommygo, com.
  • Good value for a good libido and energy booster.” – daftpunk, com
  • Tongkat Ali is a commonly used male sexual health ingredient…affordable… Now Foods is an established brand.” – com

Still, not everyone says it works for them.

  • I have not noticed any difference” – Shawn Kenney, Amazon.com
  • Found better.” iHerb.com customer
  • I didn’t feel any different after a full month of taking this product. It’s pretty much useless for me.” – CDR229, bodybuilding.com


So either this will work for you or it won’t. But doesn’t that apply to all of these supplements? Sure it does. However, other products have numerous ingredients, and part of the reason for that is to cover all the bases. So if they have 20 ingredients, even if 10 of them don’t work for you at least you’ll benefit from the other 10 that does work in some way.

That’s actually one of the “bad points” in the Menshealthwire.com review. It lists this as one of its cons: “It relies on one active ingredient.”

For some, it’s also about just gaining energy or for a bit more friskiness in the bedroom department. It may not really work for you as a way to boost your muscle-building efforts. The good thing about Now Foods is that they don’t make any outrageous claims about how good this supplement is. They just say that it’s a “Men’s Support Formula” and leave it at that.

At least you can be assured that there’s something to the use of Tongkat Ali in general. Also, you can be assured that this Testojack300 is a high-quality product. It does contain Tongkat Ali and not some placebo, and it does offer a dosage of 300 mg. Many other supplements offer a lot smaller dose than what you get here.

By the way, since this is a common ingredient for other T-boosters, you can just try to stack this with other supplements (which don’t contain much Tongkat Ali). A lot of people use it that way, and it seems to work for them. Of course, in a stack, you’re not exactly sure which supplement is providing you with your extra energy!

Side Effects

This is generally safe, though you should limit your dosage to just 1 capsule a day. It’s not meant for people younger than 18 years old, pregnant or nursing, or who are taking prescription medications. If you’re a healthy adult, then side effects shouldn’t be a problem at all,


There’s just one ingredient here, and it’s 300mg of Tongkat Ali. It’s that simple, and this particular ingredient does have a lot of scientific proof to back up its claim as a libido and testosterone booster. It’s why so many supplements contain this ingredient. Before that, it’s been used for centuries in folk medicine.

Where to Buy

Actually, this is available in a lot of online retail stores. You may even find a local retailer, as you can visit the official site and look. However, you can just go to the Now-2-U.com page, as this is the “official online retailer of Now products”. Here you’ll find that a bottle of 60 vegetarian capsules goes for $39.99 (so virtually $40, in other words).

You do have cheaper options, as you can get the same thing on other websites. On Vitacost.com, it’s only $23.99. On iherb.com it’s even more affordable at $22.93 plus you get more discounts if you buy in bulk. You shave 5% off the price if you get at least 4 bottles, and if you get at least 12 bottles it becomes a 10% discount.

On Amazon.com, the price is pretty low though you may still need to pay for shipping.


It does seem like it’s good to find out if it works for you, right? However, just remember that it’s a hit or miss proposition. It only contains a single ingredient. Other supplements use a shotgun approach and use many more ingredients, so that at least some of them may work with you.

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