Testogen Review- Best Testosterone Booster On a Budget?

Testogen Review and Buying Guide:

The Good:  Good dosages. Great buying options in bulk.

The Bad: If perfectionistic, Some results and ingredients could be slightly better. 

Intro:  Testosterone is pretty much THE male hormone – it makes your voice deep, your muscles and bones strong. To have normal or high testosterone brings you closer to your best male self- alert and powerful.

For men in your 30s, 40s and up:  When older, your body just produces less testosterone. There are days when you just feel faded, less competitive – or (horror), not interested in sex. There can be a vicious cycle when feeling low leads you to lose, or falter … which leads you to feel even worse!For younger men : there seems to be an epidemic of low testosterone in developed countries, which may even affect teenagers! Levels for all men seem to be declining…

The supplements market has literally thousands of different brands and products, all of which seem miraculous. In contrast, Testogen may not have the most slick marketing, but it is effective and affordable.

Testogen was created with the help of a specially selected board of medical advisors, many of them are well respected- including Dr. Erling Thom, a 45-year veteran of pharmaceutical and natural products, Dr. Alfred Hasselbacher, professor and chairman of medicine, Dr. Satya, a specialist in internal medicine and lifestyle changes in regard to help, and Dr. Ikram Abidi, a pharmaceutical expert with a focus on fitness and weight loss.

Ingredients – How Testogen Works                  testogen ingredients

For testosterone, DAA works. Testogen features this in modest amounts (2000 mg of this good stuff). It stimulates the production of free testosterone in the body, which is more “useful” testosterone; as opposed to bound testosterone, or total testosterone, which is less indicative of strength and health.

Research shows that DAA can boost free testosterone by close to an extra 45% – a BIG boost – in less than 2 weeks. That’s a potentially big increase in sex drive, strength and stamina. Bodybuilders sometimes take big doses of 5000 mg plus (which may have mild side effects if not cycled) – 2000 mg is easier to use on a daily basis, but would be considered lighter or modest.

Tribulus Terrestris

From olden days in India and China, this is a legendary herb for male vitality. Now this is a common ingredient in testosterone supplements, and Testogen features a fairly high dose (300 mg). This is an adaptogen – a versatile herb to help with various health effects. There is decent research on its effects on blood pressure, cholesterol, heart health and circulation – and it acts as a good libido booster.

But there can be conflicting results over the free testosterone it actually boosts, as it needs to be prepared in a very specialized way for natural steroids in tribulus to be activated. So we see this as good to have, but more as a supporting ingredient rather than foundations.

Panax Ginseng



Panax Ginseng is “true ginseng” – and is considered more valuable, and better for health than Siberian ginseng. At 250 mg, The dose of True Ginseng in Testogen is generous- this is one of the best qualities of Testogen.

Its roots have been in use for both medical and cosmetic purposes for over 2000 years. In the case of boosting testosterone levels, Panax Ginseng is relevant with its highly valuable boost for physical stamina, mental acuity, energy, endurance, as well as improved levels of nitric acid in the body.

The role of nitric acid is to shorten the recovery time needed after a rigorous workout session, and helps to minimize fatigue with high-rep exercises, boosting the breakdown of glucose and in turn the availability of energy. The extract also stimulates libido in men and helps maintain strong erections. Overall, it’s an excellent ingredient for sharpening you both mentally and physically.


Fenugreek works reliably for sex drive (when using this, one of our editors reported inconvenient erectile problems at times – thanks Evan  ; )  Fenugreek seems to have an anti-estrogenic effect in men. Testosterone naturally reduces with age, which can result in increased estrogen levels, causing problems in the balance of hormones in the body- this herb tends to help T producing processes.

200 mg of fenugreek is good, but again we prefer fenugreek as backup: high dosages may cause estrogen imbalances. Again this is okay – good for some libido and T boosting, but still safe enough.


Zinc is highly effective in promoting the production of testosterone in the male body. It actually has a host of many other health benefits, and it is widely referred to as an aphrodisiac. It also helps to keep sperm healthy.

Moreover, zinc inhibits the actions of the aromatase enzyme that essentially converts testosterone into estrogen. For this reason, zinc plays an important role in preserving your testosterone.

Since zinc promotes the production of dopamine, it is an important ingredient in promoting the growth of muscles and improved overall health. Dopamine is essential when you are working out a rigorous regimen. If you don’t think these reasons are enough, remember that zinc also keeps your brain healthy, sharp, and focused.

Some critics say that Testogen’s 72mg zinc dosage is too high. Testogen actually uses Zinc Gluconate (a high quality zinc compound) – so this actually comes up to about 10 mg of elemental zinc, which is decent. That’s actually 14.3% pure zinc out of the listed 72 mg. Some critics should get their facts right!Man Enough. Vitamins B2, B5, and B6

The B vitamins are a group of amino acids that work together to support levels of testosterone and increase the energy levels in your body. This is done through helping other types of testosterone synthesis while still offering you other health benefits. B6 is considered the most essential and useful B vitamin, which Testogen features in a very strong dosage.

Vitamin D

This is another essential ingredient known for its efficiency in increasing the production of testosterone. Although it’s commonly referred to as a vitamin, it’s actually a hormone that serves to stimulate the various systems that produce other hormones.

Many cases of low testosterone as well as a host of health issues are linked to vitamin D deficiency. 10 mcg of Vitamin D is actually 400IU, which is the recommended daily dosage. But there is is increasing evidence that people do better with 1000 + IUs of Vitamin D., and we actually recommend taking 2000-5000 IUs per day. Still, 400 IUs is definitely better than nothing, as most people are quite deficient.


Selenium helps with certain key bodily functions. It acts as an anti oxidant, and is potentially anti carcinogenic; helping with concentration and alertness, avoiding muscle fatigue and weakness, and overall health. Though less well known than Vitamin D, this is also likely good for testosterone and fertility. This is normally found in unexpected plants like Brazil nuts, so this is a surprisingly good choice.

Overall; Testogen has a good solid formula; though we would have liked to see that some foundational dosages of Vitamin D or Zinc were slightly higher. Still, these are minor issues in an overall good product.

How to use Testogen: Side effects, Instructions

This is fairly easy to use- you won’t need to change eating habits too much. Take 1–2 capsules (maximum of 4 capsules) daily, to be taken after each meal, with the fourth capsule to be taken in the late evening or before bed. Another option: take two capsules twice a day, with breakfast and with dinner.

Results: Best booster for libido? 

Effects are not miraculous or super fast, though for sexual or erectile issues this does work pretty fast. Also, if you are feeling drained or suffer from low testosterone, you may very well feel effects within a week or two.

Here are some results you might expect (from testing with Tony and Evan on our team – neither of whom are specialized body builders, both older than 35):

Week 1:  Not much difference to workouts. Slight change in mood; slightly better mood and alertness, nothing big. Sex drive is the fastest change: erections and general horniness noticeable increased within 2-4 days.

Week 2:   Slightly faster recovery after workouts. Less fatigue (we tend not to do long workouts, but find that concentration lasts longer especially toward the end). Estimated 10% increase in effective strength -we didn’t think this was actual max strength increased, but more a result of feeling fresher in general, and lasting for an extra rep or two.

Week 3:  Noticeable increase in strength and stamina – not huge, but a nice modest boost. Especially Evan who was likely having nutrient deficiencies (junk food) for weeks before our trial. To be honest we were often on the go and found it hard to count every workout and rep. But we noticed general improvements for workouts and alertness; a few reps here and there and longer workouts getting easier.

super rabbit

Nuff said.

Week 4 and beyond:  This stuff is slightly addictive, in a good way. It does not give a buzz like caffeine or pre workout booster, gives a more subtle background mental clarity, and energy.

Some days our guys reported wanting to “shag like rabbits” : )  And libido recovers more quickly after sex.

Admittedly we could have been more controlled/precise in lab testing exactly how much this boosts maximum strength, but for effective purposes we seem to be going around 10-20 % longer and stronger, and in a relatively short time.

Which is pretty good considering our managers are not newbies to both strength and endurance exercise (muay thai, crossfit) – or other types of supplements.

Testogen vs Testogen XR ?

Ronnie Coleman’s Testogen XR is quite a different product, and not as good. It does not have as complete a range of testosterone supplements as Testogen (though it does have a good dosage of Vitamin D and DAA). It is meant to act as a nitric oxide booster for energy, but we believe you should usually use a stronger or more dedicated testosterone booster for its own purpose.

Who should use Testogen … And who should NOT:

Testogen is easy to use. Unlike some “legal steroid” stacks, you don’t need to be an experienced bodybuilder to use this conveniently. If you are under 25, you should try basic muscle builders like creatine if that is your goal, and you have not tried yet.

Where to Buy Testogen online – Price, discounts and more

Now this is very good: you have 2 options for this, you can either buy from Bauer Nutrition (click here), or from Testogen.com (click here)

Both are actually by the same company. Both have periodic sales offers (eg Black Friday 2016 had a 20% extra discount!) so you may want to take a look at both; they may not be exactly the same all the time. Prices are slightly cheaper on Bauer. Best of all, Bauer has a buy 3 get 3 free deal – that works out to about only $25 per bottle.

US customers can change currency options from the top right corner menu of the websites. Both of them have 60+ days money back guarantees, as well as pretty good online sales support and live chats (depending on your time zone).


Basically this is a good, strong formula that may not be perfect, but comes with very good buying options…

Click here to view Testogen On Bauer with Discounts 

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