Testofuel vs Testogen- Reasons why you should keep it Simple

Testogen vs Testofuel- which works best for Test?

The ingredients and dosages for popular classic T booster Testofuel seem to be imitated  by the newer Testogen (produced by Bauer Nutrition) – so we decided to take a closer look.

Captain Testogen

Some critics call Testogen the “young pretender” and Testofuel the “old master”; but is it possible that the young upstart might actually do a better job? Are the ingredients exactly the same? Let’s find out!

Ingredients Compared: testogen_3 bottles

D-Aspartic Acid:   Testofuel 2300 mg  VS TestoGen 2000 mg

Tribulus Terrestris:   TestoGen 300 mg VS Testofuel 0 mg

Panax Ginseng:   Testofuel 100mg VS TestoGen 250 mg

Fenugreek :  Testofuel 100mg  VS TestoGen 200mg

Zinc :  Testofuel 10mg VS TestoGen 10 mg (14% of from 72 mg Zinc Gluconate)

Vitamin B6 :  Testofuel 5 mg VS  TestoGen 56 mg

Oyster Extract:  Testofuel 100mg – which actually means an extra dose of zinc, DAA, selenium, and amino acids!

Vitamin D3:   Testofuel 5000 IU  VS TestoGen ( 10 mcg = 400 IUs )

Vitamin K2:  Testofuel 45 mcg VS  Testogen 0 mg

testofuelMagnesium : Testofuel 100 mg  VS Testogen 0 mg

Riboflavin (B2) TestoGen 20 mg  VS Testofuel 0 mg

Calcium Pantothenate (vitamin B5):   TestoGen 12 mg  VS Testofuel 0 mg

Fantastic Testofuel

Selenium :  TestoGen 45.2 mcg  VS Testofuel 0 mcg

Round 1:  Ingredients Formulas

As you can see from the side by side comparison, both formulas have

* D aspartic acid: Testofuel seems to have slightly higher dosage (2300 mg vs 2000 mg) which is not a big deal. But due to oyster extracts, we estimate the dosage of DAA is closer to 3000mg.

DAA is popular amongst bodybuilders, potentially good for testosterone enhancement and recovery- especially if you may have low T.

* Both formulas seem to have some version of a ZMA stack/combination:  ZMA is a popular
bodybuilding/health stack which potentially improves recovery and sleep. It is usually a combination of Zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin B6.

We note that Testogen does not have Magnesium, but has a higher dosage of Vitamin B6 and other B vitamins.

*  Panax (true) Ginseng and Fenugreek: both formulas have this, with Testogen having noticeably higher doses.

*  Testogen has the addition of Selenium and Tribulus Terrestris, whereas Testofuel has a big dose of Vitamin D (Testogen does not)

Testofuel Ingredients

So how do we measure all this up?

Apart from the ZMA stack, both formulas have relatively uncomplicated ingredients. The rest of the ingredients are pretty much add ons, or can stand alone for benefits.

BUT:  Vitamin D and magnesium are actually very good for testosterone – so the fact that Testofuel has this is a big plus. Vitamin K increases the synergy with Vitamin D even more.

Ginseng and Fenugreek and Selenium are all also potentially good: so that’s a plus for Testogen. Ginseng is also good for energy and alertness, fenugreek is a strong libido and fertility booster.

Tribulus is better for the libido and health support rather than actual testosterone (despite what some bodybuilders say, so that’s a small plus to Testogen for Testosterone, but a big plus for libido.

Increased Vitamin B dosages are relatively minor for testosterone,. But potentially good for health and nice to have.

So at a first glance at just the ingredients and combinations alone, it seems a tie- up for actual testosterone boosting. However Oyster is also high in zinc concentrations- we estimate the dosage of zinc in Testofuel is actually closer to 30mg.

Testofuel- Thing gives a big right cross- punch with that Vitamin D and zinc. The Vitamin K is a nice touch too, which further enhances the benefits of Vitamin D.

Testogen Ingredients

But Testogen seems to have an edge for supporting benefits, as well as not being shabby in the Testosterone boosting either. Zinc gluconate is high quality, selenium is an unexpected thoughtful choice.

Testogen has selenium, tribulus, and generous doses of ginseng + fenugreek. but there should be an edge give to Testofuel due to higher zinc, DAA, and Oyster that includes traces of selenium, glutamine, taurine , and other vitamins for immunity and stamina. s well as better Vitamin D and K and magnesium.

So the Captain aims some some swift martial moves- right hook, left uppercut. Thing’s hide is tough though, Cap ends up bruised.

The score is hard to tell for now: but in Round 1 for Ingredient formulas and quality, we’ll score this as a small win for Testofuel. 

Round 2:  Dosages

Both formulas have generous and transparent dosages. Most are effective and either at or above the recommended daily doses, while still being safe.

Testofuel has an impressively high amount of Vitamin D. This is 10+ times greater than official recommended allowances, but there is an increasing amount of evidence that High Vitamin D doses are actually desirable, and this is still safe. Testofuel synergizes with Vitamin K to increase absorption and safety.

But for some things, Testogen doses are more generous: for ginseng, fenugreek, and vitamin B, and for tribulus.

Testofuel might seem to have the edge for testosterone as DAA Vitamin D and Magnesium are notable for this -and good as foundational, reliable ingredients. Testofuel has an impressive Vitamin D, K, B and zinc stack.

Some people notice a quick libido boost from Testogen, due to bigger fenugreek and tribulus and ginseng doses. But Testofuel is not slouch for libido either, and has big doses of zinc, DAA and more key testosterone ingredients.

For Round 2: we give another small win to Testofuel. 

Round 3: Pricing

Here there is no contest. Testofuel is pricey, at $65/bottle, or a 30 day supply. There is a buy 3 get 1 free offer, which makes the price come down to about $49/bottle.cap 2

A single bottle for Testogen is about $50. The bulk discounts for Testogen are big:  The buy 3 offer is to get 2 bottles free – which works out to about $30/bottle – and even less with the periodic sales discounts. For example the New Year offer for 2017 was a 20% discount on top of all that.

Also, for Testofuel, if you want a refund because you’re claiming the product is ineffective, you have to prove that you have been taking it consistently for 90 days, and send a description of your lifestyle habits. Testogen in contrast, has a 67 day refund policy with no questions asked.

In the area of value for money there is no contest: Testogen wins in a big way.

“Stars and Stripes!” The Captain launches an unexpected massive uppercut with that shield, to a soft spot on the Thing’s chin… “POW!”

Round 4 Quality Controls and Track record  

Testofuel is definitely more famous, with dozens of testimonials on record, as well as at least one celebrity testimonial in the form of a bodybuilding legend Robby Robinson. It has also been around for about 3 years longer, and with no serious complaints we know of.

Testofuel is manufactured in FDA registered and cGMP certified facilities; but Testogen also features the same (note that Testogen.com and Bauer Nutrition are from the same company).

And for those who claim that Testogen is an inferior product, we say rubbish. Testogen production is advised by a number of experienced doctors in a medical team with decades of experience between them, as well as public records of their certifications and academic work.

Both of them have good online support channels. Some critics have a problem with some support staff for Testogen being based in Asia, but frankly if you have a problem with this outsourcing, you won’t be using services from any big company, including Google or Apple!

So Testogen is no loser for quality, but Testofuel wins the fame game, and has a long, long track record… “KRAK!” a swift backhand swipe that knocks the Captain backwards! Overall for Round 4 we will score this as a big win for Testofuel.





If you’re on a tight budget there’s no question: you should get Testogen. But overall, we prefer Testofuel for proven results.

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