Prime Male vs Testofuel- so which is the better choice for you?

Prime Male vs Testofuel – Who is Boss? 

There are hundreds of supplements flooding the market that claim to be the “best” booster or the answer to all your health and fitness problems…

We were able to narrow down our two 3 testosterone boosters on the market today, but we decided, what the heck, let’s go a little further with this and really see what kind of research we can come up with.

So we did just that. We had two of the younger body builders (John and William, age 24 and 27) on our team give each of these a chance. John took Testofuel and William took Prime Male. We really wanted that side-by-side, who is the true champion kind of test. And it was close, but we did come to a winner, because just like life, there are winners and losers.

What is Prime Male? 

Prime Male advertises itself as a “vitality complex” and appears to be directed toward men who are already deficient in testosterone, which would be men over their 30’s.

They do mention they are an all natural product, which tells me it won’t trigger a drug test, which is always welcome and nice to see. And it certainly seems to be a trend for us to move toward all natural ingredients these days vs the chemicals of the past.

Let me be real here, testosterone loss is very real into your 30’s. This is something that is proven. And testosterone is how we get ripped. Bodybuilders NEED high testosterone levels. It’s just how it is. One of those “facts of life”.

In reading about Prime Male and seeing what they are selling, this really seems to be targeted toward a older crowd who is just trying to bring their testosterone back up, not bodybuilders who are trying to push their testosterone through the roof for maximum muscle gain.

Prime Male has the ingredients, D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium, and BioPerine though, so we are eager to give this sort of “sleeper” supplement a shot.

What is TestoFuel? 

TestoFuel just from its looks and packaging really draws us in. The “avenger” style font really says to me this will make me a superhero. It shows more athletic or younger people on its packaging and on its website, and that’s what we are measuring here, testosterone boosting within athletes and bodybuilders.

TestoFuel mentions itself not so much as bringing your testosterone levels back up, but increasing them when they are already at peak. It mentions many more things from the bodybuilding world, such as being a steroid replacement, bringing your testosterone levels up in a more natural way.

TestoFuel claims to increase muscle growth, increase strength, reduce body fat, and improve mood and self esteem. Something very similar to what Prime Male claims it does as well.

Just taking a quick glance at the ingredient list tells us that TestoFuel really has the same kind of ingredients as Prime Male, D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc… but with one other ingredient that has been slowly creeping into testosterone boosters recently that we will go into a bit more later.

Honestly there is a lot of garbage out here. As guys who take our training seriously, we want to take advantage of the best technology in supplements to get there. Usually they come to us and give us all this garbage I don’t even want to put in my body. So it’s nice to have some decent supplements to test out and do a side by side. And we all love a good contest challenging two of our team against each other.

TestoFuel vs Prime Male- Ingredient Breakdown 

We mention D-Aspartic Acid earlier as one of the most important ingredients in a testosterone booster.

TestoFuel contains a higher dose of D-Aspartic Acid (2300mg) than Prime Male. This is because TestoFuel really concentrates on boosting the testosterone of young guys who really want that bodybuilding edge, not getting your testosterone up to average. Which is awesome! Seriously, having an all natural edge in bodybuilding is what we are always looking for, and the fact that it’s finally here is great.

Higher D-Aspartic Acid is going to boost testosterone levels higher, which in turn is going to get you more ripped and jacked. However:  Prime male uses D-aspartic acid calcium chelate (DAA CC) – which pro bodybuilders like as it offers superior absorption. So 1600 DAACC may be worth as much or more than DAA.

Prime Male also includes big doses of other ingredients like Mucuna, Pruriens, Nettle Root Extract & BioPerine. Some younger guys who still have newer bodies and don’t experience older men’s low levels and aches and pains- may not feel as quick and effect from taking Prime Male – but it should still benefit most guys.

Mucuna Pruriens reduce Prolactin levels, which rise in age and bring down testosterone levels, and Mucuna is actually a t booster all on its own, so nothing to worry about there.

Nettle Root Extract helps to bind with SHBG to free up more testosterone in the system.

BioPerine is a bio availability enhancer, and helps boost the absorption of the T boosting nutrients.

Nutrition absorption does decrease with age, and that’s where Prime Male appeals to those who don’t absorb testosterone like they used to.

These are both great products, but there is an advantage to Prime Male when it comes to just looking at testosterone building. The ingredients in Prime Male are powereful , and not just luxuries for older men.

Zinc:  Zinc citrate vs TestoFuel’s  Oyster Extract?

Prime Male has a big and safe 30mg high quality dose of zinc – vs Testofuel at only 10mg.

But Oyster Extract is not actually a supplement, it is still classified as a food actually. But it is one of the best sources of zinc out there, and zinc is one of, if not THE most important supplement out there for boosting testosterone.

Zinc deficiency can actually cause a increase in estrogen, which is the opposite of testosterone. Lack of zinc not only doesn’t work for you, but it actively works against you.

Taking just zinc alone can lead to imbalances of trace minerals. By using oyster extract you are getting 59 other trace elements needed to balance the body. Important vitamins, amino acids, omega 3 & 6, along with copper and manganese. Oyster also enhances the effect of DAA:  so you’re actually getting even more zinc (approx 30mg) and DAA (about 3000mg) with Testofuel.

Oyster Extract is testosterone boosting and a multi-vitamin/mineral, all in one supplement. You will certainly see the appearance of this in more supplements as the benefits are more well known.

So Testofuel is no slouch compared to Prime Male’s apparently bigger doses – but we will still give a slight advantage to Prime Male.

John (younger) vs Will (older): Which supplement performed better? 

John on TestoFuel 

After taking Testofuel for a few months, I can honestly say it isn’t bad. I am really just trying to build my muscle and get higher into the bodybuilding game, and I am in no way disappointed with Testofuel.

I could tell I was gaining strength while also being able to get those additional reps in, which is always nice. It gave me a extra push, but hey I’m 24 and can still handle more than just a push. I was really looking for more like a shove. I need something that will bring me more to my limits, and I have to be honest, I was a little bit jealous of Will and the boost he was getting.

I would certainly consider experimenting with Testofuel if I had more time to tests different routines, but right now I am just boosting testosterone and need to the highest levels I can get.

Will on Prime Male 

Whoa! So I was the more skeptical one going into things. I have tried a quite a few different supplements in my short bodybuilding career and I have to say, Prime Male really blew me away.

After just one month I could tell I was gaining more strength and endurance (click here for more detailed Prime Male results with our team), and my reps were getting stronger while my time in the gym was getting longer. I was just able to do more! Like all around, my lifting was increased, my recovery went better, and I was even occasionally beating John’s ass, which always feels good for a guy who’s no spring chicken ; )

I mean I’m in bodybuilding to win after all, so to have had the edge on him for a few months was nice.  I am going to stick with Prime Male. Honestly, it gave me the bump I really needed. I am both seeing and feeling the results, both in definition of muscles and in endurance to get those reps in. It helped me get further and grind out in ways that I have been working at for months.

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TestoFuel Pros & Cons: 


  • Contains reliable blend of specific testosterone boosting ingredients
  • Gives you extra boost to build muscle faster
  • Contains oyster extract


  • Can only buy from website
  • Solid but may not be the best

Prime Male Pros & Cons:

  • Quick strong results
  • Many extra ingredients for those who are over 30 – as well as foundational key ones
  • Helps bring testosterone to baseline
  • All natural


  • Higher price
  • Though it helps for strength, marketing is less flashy or muscle oriented




After in-depth ingredient analysis and side by side comparison, we can safely say that both testosterone boosters are high quality- but Prime Male seems to give you the extra edge.  It has more ingredients that boost testosterone, and these are not wasted “luxuries”, and potentially useful for both older and younger men.

Click Here To View The Detailed Prime Male Review

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