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Test x180 Ignite Review- Are results really worth the price??

Force Factor Test X180 Review:

3 star out of 5

Pros:  Mostly Safe

Cons: Safe because its under dosed and likely too weak! Also some ingredients may have slight side effects (see below)

Test X180- Introduction:  The supplement industry is doing very well these days. And there’s also a very healthy market for testosterone boosters, and that’s because, if you’re a guy, it affects many aspects of your life. Increase your testosterone levels (which generally decreases the older you get), and you also improve your overall health, libido, and workout performance.

Which brings us to Test X180. It’s just one brand among many in the ever-growing testosterone booster niche. Should you try it? Let’s take a closer look to get the real answers to these questions.

Effectiveness of Test x180- And side effects?

How Do We Check?

For many consumers, the most important question is: Is it effective? And the answer, unfortunately, is always: It depends. And perhaps the main factors that determine the effectiveness of the test booster are the ingredients and their doses.Dosage is Confusing

Studies and anecdotal reports have identified many of the most effective test booster ingredients. So we just have to check that the testosterone booster has as many of these ingredients as possible, and that they come in effective doses. If an ingredient needs 500 mg to work, and a T-booster only has 10 mg of that ingredient, then that ingredient is virtually useless.

We will also check how easy it is to take (no weird instructions), monitor for side effects, and we shall look at the manufacturer’s reputation for ethical dealings. The problem with the supplement industry is that no government agency is really taking a very close look, so some companies have taken to rather shady tactics. Advertisement claims are exaggerated, and even sales tactics have become coercive.
Bunch of Pills
Test X180 

The original Force Factor Test x180 was popular at first, but there was a problem about that popularity. Not that it was the worst testosterone booster ever, though. It actually helped some people. The problem was that the company’s sales tactics weren’t exactly pleasing for a lot of customers. Some “customers” didn’t even want to be customers in the first place!

The Ingredients

Why do we say that Test X180 isn’t all bad? Well, that’s because it does have some fairly well-known ingredients that have a good reputation for low-T consumers. To help the testosterone levels, you have panax ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, Siberian ginseng, fenugreek (as the premium quality Testofen), and cordyceps, which is a fungus that can help with athletic performance. These ingredients can also improve the libido and enhance your vitality. To round things off, you also get vitamins D3, B6, and B12.

  • Panax ginseng
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Cordyceps
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • Vitamins D3, B6, and B12.

So what about the main ingredients? The good news is that Force Factor at least put in some effort in including the potent forms of the ingredients. The Testofen version of fenugreek is excellent, and the other extracts come in standardized form.

The main drawback is that they’re part of a proprietary blend. You have all these ingredients combined, but you’re not told just how much of each ingredient is put in. Supposedly, this is done so that the competition won’t be able to copy their secret formula. But in reality, this allows them to put in a dosage that’s much lower than needed.

Consumption And Side Effects

Test X180 comes in capsule form, so you don’t need any complicated way to get into your system. It’s not in powder form (like protein supplements) and you don’t need to inject it (like T-boosters from doctor).x180 Can Cause Acne Outbreak

However, despite the natural ingredients there have been a rather worrisome number of reports regarding side effects. These include anxiety, sleep problems, and even acne outbreaks.

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Problems
  • Acne Outbreaks

It’s quite expensive at about $70 for a month’s supply, but that’s just the start of the bad news. The real problem starts when you try to skirt this cost by taking advantage of the “free trial”. You may find that it’s you who are being taken advantage of. Numerous reports have come up regarding how customers suddenly find themselves automatically billed for succeeding shipments—and they have a devil of a time getting out of this “service”.

Comparisons to Other Test Boosters

It doesn’t really compare all that well with other T-boosters, and for many reasons it’s not really good. It doesn’t have the most highly regarded ingredients (like the vaunted DAA), unlike the best ones.

It’s for that reason Force Factor came out with new test boosters, which we will also take a look at. Presumably, those versions are better than this one.

Test X180 Ignite


This is the other replacement for the original, but it has a somewhat different focus. While the Alpha concentrated on boosting the testosterone levels and sexual performance, the Ignite tackles weight loss and muscle development, as well as sexual enhancement.

The Ingredients

This time, you don’t get any vitamins and minerals. There’s the “Manliness Ignition Matrix”, which contains extracts of fenugreek (Testofen) green tea, avena sativa, and horny goat weed. Then you have the “Fat Incineration Complex”, which again contains green tea, caffeine, green coffee, and white tea.

Ignite Version of Test x180

The Testofen is perhaps the most notable test booster here, although it’s more known as a libido enhancer. In fact, that’s the gist of the Manliness Ignition Matrix. With the Fat Incineration Complex, you get extra energy that helps you improve your workouts so you can lose weight and develop muscles.

So are they going to be effective? We have really no way of telling beforehand, because this proprietary blend nonsense is still in effect. We don’t know how much of these ingredients are part of the supplement. You also only get 400 mg for each blend, so dividing that amount among the many ingredients leaves you with not a lot for for each ingredient.

Consumption And Side Effects


On workout days, you just need to take 2 capsules with breakfast and then another 2 capsules 30 minutes before lunch. On rest days, you again take 2 with breakfast and 2 with lunch.

With this one, you shouldn’t have any serious side effects either. However, the amount of caffeine here may keep you from drinking too much coffee and soda, or else you may end up jittery and anxious from too much caffeine. Also, you’re warned that you shouldn’t drink alcohol, drive, or operate heavy equipment when you’re taking this, so drowsiness may also be possible.

Since this is mostly a fat burner, it can be used in conjunction with Alpha. This makes it a bit more complicated to use, but not by much.

This can cost you $80 for a month’s supply. That’s already on the expensive side, although some sites may offer discounts. But when used in conjunction with Alpha, the price really escalates.

Comparisons to Other T-Boosters

On its own it’s not really much of a testosterone booster. It doesn’t have the T-booster ingredients that you can find in other boosters, such the Alpha. But at least it’s better than the original in so many ways.

Taken with the Alpha, it may become a more effective combination. But we really think you should shop around.

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