TEST X180 IGNITE and ALPHA Review- Will This Really Work for Muscle?

TEST X180 IGNITE and Test X180 ALPHA Review:

As you get older, you may notice a dip in your sexual performance. Maybe you find it harder to achieve an erection, or it’s not easy to maintain your erection when you do achieve it. You may also have trouble achieving orgasm.

The most common cause of these problems is that you’re going through a natural reduction of your testosterone levels, which is common among older men. That’s just one of the problems with low testosterone. You may just experience more difficulty in muddling bigger muscles, or you just don’t feel as energetic as usual. All these reasons are why you may need supplements to boost your testosterone levels. For some men, these supplements include Test X180 Ignite and Test X180 Alpha.

TEST X180 IGNITE and Test X180 ALPHA

These Force Factor Test X180 supplements promise better improvements than more established products in the market today. But how good are these promises? How safe are they? And will they really work?

What is Test X180 Alpha and Ignite?

Test X180 Alpha is a testosterone booster. Its ingredients are designed to help your body produce more testosterone naturally. It’s meant to help make your workouts more effective so that you build your muscles more efficiently. Also, it includes ingredients specifically blended to help improve your sexual performance.

Ignite is also a testosterone booster. But this time its ingredients include a fat burner for lean muscle gains and to help get rid of excess fat more quickly and effectively.


It’s important that you check out the ingredients of every supplement you take, so that you can do your own research regarding the effectiveness of each ingredient. Also, if you have any allergies then you can avoid the supplements that contain ingredients you’re allergic to.

Alpha has 3 categories of ingredients:

  • The main ingredient is the Sexual Performance Blend at 860 mg. It’s a combination of L-Citrulline plus the extracts of catuaba bark, maca root, damiana leaf, and muira puama root.
  • Them it also contains 350 mg of its Free Testosterone Boosting Matrix. This contain its special “Testofen” fenugreek seed extract, white mushroom, stinging nettle root extract, chrysin, and DIM.
  • Finally it contains various B vitamins as well small amounts of various minerals, including manganese, copper, selenium, and zinc.

Ignite has 2 main bended ingredients, at 400mg portions for each.

  • The Manliness Ignition Matrix contains extracts of fenugreek seed, green tea leaf, avena sativa, and horny goat weed.
  • The Fat Incineration Complex blends green tea leaf extract, caffeine, green coffee extract (robusta), and white tea extract.


So does Test X180 work? For some people, these two products do seem to work. Of course, not all the supposed customer reviews can be trusted. One review pointed out that they noticed the same wording for different 50star reviews for the Ignite. And they seem to come up once a week!

But the truth of the matter is that it can work for some. But like everything in the supplement industry, it’s a gamble. Not even the best supplements will work for everyone. It’s just that when you try out Test X180 for bodybuilding, you’ll be spending a lot of money because it is very expensive. And if you take the time to read the reviews, it seems that it doesn’t work for quite a few customers.


What about side effects? Is Test X180 safe? The answer is that yes, it’s safe. There have been no reports on any side effects at all. But that’s common among the good testosterone boosters. As long as you follow the directions for use to the letter, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all.

But you should check the ingredients just to make sure you’re not allergic to any one of them. And you may want to hold off of you’re taking any sort of medication. Taking these supplements in conjunction with medicines (especially prescription medication) can cause unwanted results. The supplement may not work, or the medicine may not to its job. Side effects can crop up, or your preexisting medical condition may get worse.

Where to Buy Test X180

You can’t really find these types of supplements in your local pharmacy or convenience store. Your best bet is to either find their authentic website or to head on out to reputable online stores like Amazon. At least with Amazon, you may get discounts, the delivery is reliable, and you can also read and write reviews for the product.

Comparison Chart

  • Force Factor Test X180 Alpha (3 stars)
    • Boosts testosterone levels and improves the libido.
    • Contains known test boosters like fenugreek along with vitamins and minerals
  • Force Factor Test X180 Ignite (3 stars)
    • Improves testosterone production and helps burn excess fat
    • Contains natural and safe ingredients
  • Testogen (5 stars)
    • Boosts testosterone levels
    • Highly effective
    • Contains DAA, which is among the most highly effective test boosters
    • Very safe


The Test X180 can work for some people, but it is very expensive. And you’re not even sure just how much of the ingredients you really get. So you’re still better off with tested testosterone boosters like Testogen, which clearly states how much it contains of each ingredient.

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