Test Boost Elite Review- Do Chinese ingredients really work?

Zhou Nutrition Test Boost Elite Review

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What is Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite?

Have you taken a quick look at the Amazon webpage of Test Boost Elite? It shows that it’s a bestseller – It was launched in early 2016, and just a year later on Amazon.com it has garnered more than 1,400 reviews. They’re mostly good reviews too – but unfortunately we disagree (read on below…)

For serious testosterone deficiency, you need a doctor and prescription shot of testosterone. But if you’re just in need of a testosterone booster to help you maintain your current T levels, then you may want to try the Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite T-booster. The question is—is it the right T Booster for you?

Why use natural Test Boosters? 

It’s no secret that men need testosterone. It’s what keeps them lively and energetic, and it also helps with muscle growth. Unfortunately, when men enter their 30s their testosterone levels slowly decrease. Soon enough, they’re more lethargic and their muscles are smaller, while their libido all but disappears.

Supposedly the Boost Elite formula was designed to boost testosterone, counteract lethargy, fight against muscle loss, and increase stamina. With this you may find yourself with more energy for workouts, and your recovery time is shorter. It can even give your libido a boost, so that you have one more good reason to enjoy life.


The vast majority of reviews on Amazon.com(click to see buying options and reviews) say that the Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite works, however. The 5-star and 4-star reviews make up 83% of the reviews.

  • After taking three per day for about three weeks, my drive has improved which is a big relief.” Terri, verified purchase, Amazon.com.
  • Definitely noticed a difference in energy. My joints felt better also.” Derek & Andrea, verified purchase, Amazon.com.
  • This stuff works great. I take it as directed a half hour before working out and I have more energy and stamina.” Ryan M., verified purchase, Amazon.com.

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Online reviews on various sites have very different opinions as to the effectiveness of Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite. On muxcle.com, the conclusion is that it’s a poor option. It doesn’t approve of the infrequent servings, and it contends that some of the ingredients don’t really work. In fact, it also alleges that some of these ingredients can cause side effects.

The review on populardietpills.com has even a worse review for it. It likes that the ingredients are natural, and it does admit that there are positive reports on Amazon. However, it doesn’t like that the Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite doesn’t offer enough info. It takes the reports of inefficiency and side effects seriously, but it also alleges that most of the positive reviews on its site are likely fake.

The same conclusions are found on the testosteronejunkie.com website. On the other hand, the supplementzone.site review says this is the “real deal”.


The Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite supplement contains plenty of the more well-known ingredients in the T-booster and health supplement industry. What’s good is that this can be taken even by vegetarians. It not just made from all-natural ingredients. It also only uses extracts from plant sources and not animal products, plus zinc.

Here the ingredients include such famous ingredients like Tribulus, fenugreek, horny goat weed, panax ginseng, tongkat ali, yohimbe, and maca root powder. The amount per serving is included for each ingredient, and you don’t have that nonsense about proprietary blends here. problem is:  a lot of these ingredients are not very reliable…

How this works

If you think that the dosage is too low for you, the directions allow you to take a second serving later in the day after about 5 to 8 hours. The ideal schedule is one serving with breakfast and then if you want, another serving for lunch (after at least 5 hours). It’s also recommended that you take it for 30 days straight, and of course you also need to have a healthy diet and regular exercise.

You can even take this every day, as there’s no need to cycle it. The whole point of Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite is to give you nutrients to aid your body to produce more testosterone naturally. You’re not getting stimulants such as caffeine that your body will develop a tolerance for.

Where to Buy

There’s only one place to buy Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite: Amazon.com(click here to see buying options on Amazon). Even on the official Zhou Nutrition website, the buy link leads you straight to the Amazon selling page.

The price used to be $49.99 but on the official website it’s listed at $32.99. A quick look at the Amazon web page shows that you can cut this price down even further… Each bottle has 90 capsules, so with 3 caps per serving once or twice a day, that gives you a supply for 15 to 30 days.


Regardless of what other expert reviews may say about Zhou Nutrition, what’s undeniable is that the Zhou Nutrition Boost Elite has received a lot of rave reviews on Amazon. The majority of users have remarked that it has helped them, so according to the law of averages it should help you too. However, it doesn’t help everyone, and you need to be prepared for that possibility as well.

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