Test 3X SX-7 Black Onyx Review- does this slick formula work?

Test 3X SX-7 Black Onyx Review:

The Good: Effective formula with quality ingredients and no big imbalances

The Bad: A bit over hyped. Some problems with marketing and pricing


Muscletech is one of the BIG sports/ supplements companies out there – and we have lost track of how many test boosters they have created in the last few years. 5 or 6 at last count. They have a star packed roster of elite athletes , who are willing to attach their reputations to it

Most of their test boosters are not very good- but we think Black Onyx might actually be different. In fact it’s pretty darn good.test-3x-black-onyx

According to Muscletech themselves, Test 3x SX 7 Black Onyx is part of a series of the “most advanced super formulas”. Ironically the page is slow to load even with our high speed internet!

We read from somewhere else that their names sound like “a mixture between a Class A narcotic and Vin Diesel’s car.” (Greg Vincent of Gym-Talk.com) Okay enough of taking the piss…

Test 3X Ingredients

At first glance:

  •  Includes many potentially good, solid testosterone ingredients: DAA, Boron, Zinc, ashwagandha, and some less known herbs and others.
  •  Transparent, fully disclosed formula. We are very glad this one does not hide behind a tech-y sounding proprietary blend. Dosages and ingredients are disclosed for safe usage and value checking.

test3x-balck-onyx-ingredientsZinc. This mineral is what we consider almost a necessity – 95% of the best boosters on the market have this, in generous Testosterone enhancing amounts (close to 10mg, or more)

In the case of Black Onyx, we get a nice big dose that’s still safe, 30 mg of zinc gluconate. And Gluconate is one of the higher quality, easily absorbable versions as well. Nice.

Vitamin B6 is also good; we see this as a supporting ingredient, as part of a zinc –magnesium –B6 stack, which is a classic bodybuilding stack for better recovery and long term strength gains. Test 3X lacks magnesium which is a slight faf.

We cringe at some of the names- like the “Test Extreme Matrix”–  but thankfully this is presented in a transparent formula where we can see all the dosages, and it’s not hidden by scientific jargon…

D-aspartic acid:  A classic testosterone ingredient that works in our book, and Here is a study that suggests that T might be boosted by a big 42% in less than 2 weeks.

Boron: A mineral that is sometimes overlooked by supplements creators, we really like to see this one. This increases testosterone by inhibiting aromatase which potentially converts T to estrogen.

Ashwagandha. An adaptogen helpful for all kinds of stamina and immunity, this also works for Testosetrone support as well as the libido. Impressively, Sensoril is an especially high quality version of Ashwagandha known to be especially effective and strong.

Tribulus Terrestris This herb is something we have mixed feelings about – its good for health support (cholesterol, blood pressure) and the libido, but is proven to not work for testosterone. Better as a supporting ingredient though.

Olive Leaf  This is very good. A modest dosage, but Oleuropin and olive oil is definitely very good for testosterone. (Study here) (Study here)

Not much evidence for Chlorophytum (Safed Musli, an adaptogenic Indian herb) or Yacon (a tuber which might help intestinal health), but might be decent as supporting ingredients.

Weirdly SexyTech

Ingredients Analysis?

Basically, this is good stuff, easily better than 90% of the other boosters on the market, with classic and good doses of DAA, zinc and boron. Though there are slight oddities in the blend (a few odd slightly ineffective herbs). Also the “hardcore awesome-ness” of the marketing does make us wonder if it’s problematic to market this as a legal steroid!

One thing we note is that many ingredients work separately rather than in a synergy. We would have liked to see magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin K working with that great amount of zinc, for even better results. Many Black Onyx ingredients are dosed well enough, though better planning could have helped, but its a slight faf.


Despite being a “musclehead” test booster, its more likely that lifters will maintain muscle mass and body composition with this more easily, rather than packing on slabs of meat. Most improvements will be for energy, mood and libido. And yes “normal ” un-muscle men will also see good overall health benefits from this.

And yes to “juicers” – you can use this for post cycle therapy. But note that you can use most other of the best formulas as well, as they stimulate your endocrine system to produce its own test. Also, it is not as strong as stuff like clomid (though it helps some), so you will still need to use stronger PCT drugs.

Black Onyx Side Effects- Risks?

We consider this very low risk. No side effects have been reported to our knowledge, and generally reviews on Amazon are noticeably good. In general it’s a good idea to cycle off supplements from time- something like 1 month on, 2 weeks off – but this is not set in stone.

Also- you should probably try a natural test booster for at least 3 months or so to allow effects to build – unless otherwise instructed, or you suspect over-dosing, which  is not likely with Test 3x. Though if you are having fatigue or testosterone problems, some results might happen fast, in a few days even.

Where to Buy Black Onyx-  Price? Discounts?

Now what would be a very good product is marred by some weirdness in this area. Pricing seems to be strangely expensive and variable in many places: close to $90 a bottle on GNC and Muscletech itself.

Also, despite their high tech image, we had problems navigating and loading the Muscletech online site platform, even though we have high speed internet ourselves  ; p

The best price seems to be on Amazon, though the page is messy and has a number of spelling errors (last check 6 Jan 2017) – though it does seem to check out as a legit extension of Muscletech’s own sales team.


Test 3x SX 7 Black Onyx has a good formula that’s better than a lot of others, but does have some slight oddness as well. The main problem will be the buying options, which are a shame – it makes us want to try something else. Still, its not the science- it’s the marketing, so perhaps they will improve this in 2017.

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