Suntheanine L Theanine Buying Guide: Thinking Better with Stress Relief

Suntheanine L Theanine Buying Guide: 

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Having trouble concentrating or perhaps you’re worried about an upcoming test or work task? A large part of your mental difficulties may be because you’re just stressed out. Stress doesn’t just mess with your blood pressure. It also screws up your cognitive functions. Even your sleep patterns become screwed up, and the lack of quality sleep during the night can turn you into a mindless zombie during the day.

That’s why you need to calm down to be able to think clearly. To help with that, there’s Suntheanine L-theanine.

What’s Suntheanine L-theanine?

Suntheanine is just a patented pure form of L-theanine that’s found in green tea. It’s very effective in promoting an alert state of relaxation without drowsiness. That means it helps you to be calm, cool, and composed, without feeling like you’d like a siesta anytime soon.

It’s also been found through other various studies that this can help with improving your sleep. It also boosts cognitive functions, or in other words you can think more clearly, you’re able to concentrate better, and you can learn faster. It’s been even found to counter the negative side effects of caffeine so you can drink coffee without the jitters. For women it helps reduce the severity of PMS (although come to think of it, plenty of guys will welcome this benefit too).


Just about everyone is convinced about the effectiveness of Suntheanine. The issue is about whether that effectiveness is worth the extra cost. Here there’s some debate going on.

According to one post featured in the forum, in many ways Suntheanine is the better alternative. Some people can get headaches from regular L-theanine, but that doesn’t happen with Suntheanine.

It’s also been found by Iowa State University researchers that Suntheanine is the only commercially available L-theanine that qualifies as “pure”. It’s made of 99.95% L-theanine. On the other hand, as much as 50% of some L-theanine brands are actually D-theanine, which is much different.

Another study showed that in a comparison between Suntheanine and a D-theanine mixture, the Suntheanine performs much better. The body absorbs the Suntheanine more effectively, and it shows as a greater concentration in the blood. The D-theanine isn’t as readily absorbed, and there’s a greater tendency to excrete the D-theanine through urination.

Of course, there are dissenting opinions, but these reviewers do admit that you need a trusted source of L-theanine to compete with Suntheanine.


In numerous customer reviews on to see buying options and reviews) for the Suntheanine 200mg, the average rating is 4.3 stars. Most people say that it really does work:

  • Life changing!” Emmanuel Dawkins, verified purchase,
  • It’s been about 3 months now. I’ve been in a good mood virtually the whole time.” Kindle Customer, verified purchase,
  • This may seem like an extreme claim, but things do seem less fogged by insecurity and overthinking after taking this once a day with a cup of coffee. I am more alert and dialed in. I’ve also been sleeping much better and am not driven to the point of fatigue that I typically would be at the end of a stressful work day.” Amazon Customer, verified purchase.


Suntheanine is a very popular supplement in itself, though many other products contain it as one of the ingredients. It’s not just effective, but it’s also very safe. It doesn’t cause drowsiness, and its proven track record is excellent because it’s been part of the ingredients in various supplements, food items, and drinks since 1994.

It’s so safe that even though the FDA doesn’t really interfere too much with supplements, Suntheanine has been confirmed as a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredient.

Ever since it was released, it’s been garnering awards left and right. At the 1998 Food Ingredients Europe, it received the “Food Ingredient Research Award”. It was also recognized as the “Best New Product of 2000” at Nutracon.

With Suntheanine, you know form a fact that you’re getting a pure form of L-theanine. That’s not always the case when you use L-theanine from green tea extracts.

Where to Buy

You can find the various products that contain Suntheanine at the site. Then you can find the product you want and follow the links for more info about the product and how to buy it. Many of these products are sold by official manufacturer websites, as well as in GNC and here to see buying options on Amazon).

You can also just buy Suntheanine® L-Theanine 200mg (Double-Strength) in Cold-Pressed Organic Coconut Oil. On Amazon, it costs $17.95 for a bottle of 60 capsules. Since you only need 1 capsule a day because of the double strength, this container is good for 2 months. It’s not just high dosage, it’s affordable too.


It is true that on the whole, products that contain Suntheanine L-theanine are more expensive than regular L-theanine. It’s just up to you to determine if the additional cost is worth the benefits you get. Some say that the regular L-theanine is just as good if you buy from a reputable manufacturer. Or if you want complete mental health and alertness, you may want to consider the best solutions on the market.

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