Pro Testosterone Review – One-trick Wonder or Blunder?

Pro Testosterone Review:


The Good:  Stimulates libido reliably.

The Bad:  Only includes 1 ingredient. Does not directly boost testosterone, and in larger doses, may be problematic. Problematic buying terms.

Overview With a number of classic testosterone ingredients to choose from, we find it very strange that this product uses just 1, and not one of the best, besides. Slightly scammy.

When it comes to boosting testosterone, the most effective method is probably to include a number of proven ingredients that work together well, or at least do not create side effects. There’s no such thing as an ingredient that can offer equally successful results for everyone. But with a number of proven ingredients, results increase substantially and reliably.

What is Pro Testosterone?

Pro Testosterone is unusual: It contains just one ingredient, and that is the herb Fenugreek. This is well known in ancient India and Arabia as a “masculine enhancer” or libido booster.

Pro Testosterone is manufactured by the Global Naturals company, and you can only buy from the official online site. Impressive marketing suggests this reduces fat, builds muscle fast and increases testosterone. Mmm… we say that fenugreek has been well studied, and boosts certain manly matters. But not superhuman fitness!

Now, a common effect of low testosterone is a decrease in libido and more frequent sexual issues (like erectile dysfunction). It’s why a lot of T boosters also contain ingredients that have long been regarded as aphrodisiacs.

However, they’re not exactly the same thing: in fact many aphrodisiacs do nothing to improve testosterone.

Does Fenugreek Work for testosterone?  

More than one study noted that with a daily dosage of 600 mg of fenugreek over 6 weeks, those who took fenugreek had their libido improved. It had a positive effect on their sexual arousal and their orgasms.

However, fenugreek is best known in medical studies for being used to help regulate blood sugar and similar metabolic problems, which helps for issues like diabetes.

There is evidence that fenugreek increases testosterone levels positively;  and we also see evidence for the libido effects. But large amounts of fenugreek over longer time periods may actually cause other hormonal imbalances such as weight gain or even “man boobs”.

High testosterone often leads to high DHT (dihydrotestosterone – another important male hormone) naturally  – but fenugreek may inhibit DHT, possibly in amounts of over 500mg (though evidence is not highly conclusive)

Supplementing with large amounts of fenugreek is not easy unless you’re a veteran bodybuilder with specific knowledge of chemicals. Though a small amount of fenugreek is helpful, we would prefer testosterone support with a more balanced mix. Most good test boosters use a combination of ingredients that interact in a more effective way, and also increase chances of success.

This formula is silly: you may as well sell this as an entirely fenugreek extract from a herbal shop!

Where to buy Pro testosterone online – price, discounts, scams?

Now This is where it gets quite painful to use Pro testosterone.

Buying online automatically subscribes you into an rebilling or membership plan. Meaning- you will automatically be charged for another order every month. And its not like they will tell you directly – you have to read the fine print:

“If I do not call to cancel the membership or auto ship during the trial period advertised, I am agreeing to pay the retail amount advertised for the trial product received, at the end of the advertised trial period.

If the card on file does NOT successfully authorize for that agreed upon retail amount and you have not called to cancel, the company shall be entitled to seek collection of the unpaid funds using either internal or third party collection efforts plus all costs of collection including reasonable interest, reasonable attorney’s fees (if suit is filed) and reasonable collection agency fees.”

You don’t have to try so hard

If you forget to cancel they may sue your ass off, plus get you to pay for stamps  ; )

Their bulk buying options actually look pretty good in terms of cost savings.  For example, buying 3 pieces means you get 2 free, and they waive shipping costs. And this works out to about $30/bottle, which means you pay $90 – and that’s effective only $18 /bottle ($90 divided 5 ways).

However:  their money back guarantee is quite screwed up. It reads in a confusing way:

“If you purchased your merchandise through a ‘Buy Three, Get Two Free’ or similar offer, all items must be returned in order to receive a refund. If you return a partial amount of merchandise, you will forfeit the free product and receive a refund on the discount price per item based on the total purchase… 

Also:  “Shipping and Handling Fees are Non Refundable.

  • There is a $10.00 restocking fee for returns per item.
  • You must obtain an RMA# by contacting customer support at”

So we interpret this to mean:  If you open 1 piece out of 5, you get a refund based on the $18 value, and you do not get a refund for 2 pieces. Which can mean you get back a refund for 2 pieces at $18 each, or $36. Which : minus $10 for “re-stocking”, minus around another $5- 10 for shipping back to them, means you are not likely to get much money back at all (maybe less than $20 out of your $90) . And they’re probably not going to be very helpful with support.

Good luck with that!

Testoboost Pro vs Pro Testosterone?

This is actually another product entirely – though some people have mistaken it for Pro Testosterone. Testoboost Pro is also not very good, but you can check it out in more detail here


Needless to say, this does not look good. Pro Testosterone is simply too limited in its scope. And burdened with problematic buying terms. You really could do better.

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Dwayne Nash says

I need to contact you all I’ve been taking money out my account without my permission have 3 bottles of pro testosterone I never ask for please contact me at 337 370 2502

Dwayne Nash says

I need to contact you all I’ve been taking money out my account without my permission have 3 bottles of pro testosterone I never ask for please contact me at 337 370 2502 well you need to make sure somebody get this that’s not right and it’s not good

Editor says

Just call the credit card company and cancel it.

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