Six Star Pro Nutrition Testosterone Booster Reviews!

Six Star Pro Nutrition Test Booster Reviews:

The Good: Some effects for Stamina and Testosterone. Pricing is low cost.

The Bad: Very few ingredients, somewhat under dosed.

Finding a quality testosterone booster is not easy. These supplements often make claims that lack scientific evidence. The best testosterone boosters out there have proven transparent research, and work by restoring your natural testosterone levels, which leads to muscle growth, fat loss, enhanced performance, and greater energy.


Not expensive but not exactly class.

Six Star from Pro Nutrition claims to improve sports performance, and maximize your body’s natural testosterone production in as little as seven days. Errr….

This booster is designed to maintain optimum testosterone to cortisol ratio, increase your T levels, and enhance muscle function. However, if you check out the label, you’ll see that it doesn’t contain any of the ingredients that are typically used in testosterone boosters, such as zinc, D-aspartic acid, or tribulus.

It features an “anti-catabolic complex that prevents muscle loss, and a free testosterone stimulator that’s meant to boost your T levels.” But compared to other similar products, its formula is quite weak and under-dosed.

Six Star Results- Err prob 2 stars. 

After trying this product, we’ve been disappointed. The Six Star Testosterone Booster may seem an appealing option due to its low price, but it’s really weak. At least it has boron, its active substance, is supposed to boost your natural testosterone production.

Main Ingredients


The Six Star Testosterone Booster provides 45 milligrams of calcium per serving. In a recent study, men who took 35 milligrams of calcium per kilogram of body weight experienced an increase in their T levels within four weeks. However, the dosage was much higher than that used in this supplement. With just 45 milligrams of calcium, the Six Star test booster is unlikely to make any difference.

Gingko Extract

This supplement delivers 2.7 milligrams of gingko extract. This plant is best known for its memory boosting properties. When used regularly, it improves cognitive function, fights inflammation, and scavenges free radicals. Even if it doesn’t have any impact on your T levels, it can enhance mental focus. The problem is that an effective dose of ginkgo ranges from 120 mg to 240 mg, not 2.7 mg. The dosage is too low to produce any noticeable results.

Rhodiola Extract

Each serving of the Six Star Testosterone Booster contains 386 milligrams of rhodiola. This adaptogen herb has long been used for its ability to relieve stress, depression, and fatigue. Research indicates that rhodiola increases brain power, fights oxidative damage, and supports fat loss. It may also enhance athletic performance due to its energy boosting effects.

At least we got this good herb here! Rhodiola can help maintain your T levels within normal limits by lowering cortisol. But note that it does not directly help T levels; so its a good all round ingredient but not a typical testosterone supplement.


Boron is the primary compound in the Six Star Testosterone Booster. This trace mineral has been shown to increase bone density, promote lean muscle growth, and ease arthritis pain. It’s also quite popular among athletes because of its ability to naturally boost testosterone levels. So this at least is decent.

And this is pretty much the only thing that helps Testosterone in this product. If so we would have liked a higher dose of boron actually.

Side Effects? 

Some users have reported adverse effects, such as sleep disturbances, acne, and headaches. But we say that is rubbish, because if anything, this booster is likely too weak to create side effects! Most of the ingredients listed are safe, unless you have existing medical conditions.

fool-tarotWhere to Buy the Six Star Testosterone Booster?

The Six Star Testosterone Booster is available in Amazon for $9.46 (click here to see prices on Amazon) . The price is very low, but you get what you pay for.

Our Verdict
If you consider the price, this is not bad. But we can’t help but feel this is a strangely cheap substitute for quality.

There are much better options available on the market, so keep searching until you find a quality testosterone booster that actually works.

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