Prime Male vs Testogen Review- Testosterone Avengers, Assemble!

Testogen vs Prime Male Review – Who’s the Mightiest Hero? 

Prime Male and Testogen are like the Avengers for us, “Earth’s Mightiest heroes” – 2 of our best formulas in 2017. We’re nerds like that : )

To us, they’ve been creaming the competition. But there are a few people who wonder what would happen if Prime Male “Thor” fought “Captain” Testogen…

The Prime Male

What happens when you pit the unstoppable hammer against the unbreakable shield? The God of Thunder against the Super-Soldier?

Captain Testogen

So we just had to create this comparison review… Here we go:
*Ding Ding Ding* Round One…

Ingredients Compared

D-Aspartic Acid : Prime Male has 1600 mg D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (DAA- CC) VS Testogen:  2000 mg (normal DAA)

Mucuna Pruriens:  Prime Male has 300 mg (15% Levadopa)  VS Testogen 0 mg

Boron:  Prime Male has 5 mg VS Testogen 0 mg

thor vs cap

Panax Ginseng: Prime Male has 120 mg VS Testogen 250 mg

Luteolin: Prime Male has 60 mg VS Testogen 0 mg

Magnesium : Prime Male has 100 mg  VS Testogen 0 mg

Nettle Root:  Prime Male has 160 mg VS Testogen 0 mg

Vitamin B6: Prime Male has 7.5 mg  VS TestoFuel 56 mg (+ 20 mg of B2, and 12 mg of B5)

Vitamin D3 : Prime Male has 5000 IU VS Testogen 400 IUs (from 10 mcg)

Vitamin K2 : Prime Male has 45 mcg VS Testogen 0mg

Fenugreek:   Prime Male has 0 mg VS Testogen 200 mg

Tribulus Terrestris:  Testogen has 300 mg vs Prime Male 0 mg

testogen_3 bottles

Selenium: Prime Male has 0 mg vs Testogen 45.2 mcg (82% daily value)

Zinc: Prime Male has 30 mg (zinc citrate)  VS Testogen 10 mg (14% of Zinc Gluconate compound)

BioPerine : Prime Male has 10 mg vs Testogen 0 mg

Round 1- Ingredients Formulas 

Prime Male seems to have slightly more ingredients: like 12 to Testogen’s 10. But the question as always, is about quality. Do the formulas seem well put together? Do they combine well?

Testogen has decent doses of Vitamin D and Zinc, and a high dosage of Vitamin Bs. Vitamin D and Zinc especially are great foundational, basic testosterone support ingredients.

But where Prime Male really shines is that it includes an entire synergized stack: Zinc works well with magnesium, which works well with B6. Vitamin D works well with Vitamin K – and these catalysts are what Testogen lacks.

We’ll get more into strength of dosages later, but note that Testogen tends to have strong dosages of separate ingredients, like ginseng and Tribulus. Prime Male’s stacks are both well thought out, as well as big and strong (Vitamin D and Zinc especially).

Testogen shows some evidence of quality thinking, with quality versions of ginseng, zinc gluconate and selenium…

But practically everything in Prime Male is quality or well planned, from the big combinations we mentioned, as well as evidence of the best quality versions of other ingredients for almost every single ingredient: like DAA-CC instead of normal DAA (and high quality magnesium and zinc citrate, AND chelated boron)… and transparent dosages that show concentrations of extracts (nettle root, mucuna). Bioperine even enhances the whole lot.

Some ingredients in Testogen seem big or generous, but are better as support –Tribulus is decent for health and libido, but unreliable for testosterone. Vitamin B is good for health support, but has less direct results on T levels themselves.  So we would rather have seen more of other ingredients in Testogen such as Boron, more zinc, and Vitamin D.

So for Round 1 and “Quality formulas”: we score this as a win for Prime Male. Thor calls a lightning storm from all directions- Cap is singed as he tries to dodge!

Round 2- Dosages

Testogen has generally sufficient dosages for all ingredients, and a few ingredients in big and generous doses. We especially love the large dose of true/panax ginseng, which helps pretty much everything: from Testosterone to libido, to energy to mental alertness.

But as mentioned, some of the bigger Testogen doses are mainly better as support, rather than as Pillars/foundations. Fenugreek, Tribulus, Vitamin B are better as support rather than reliable focused T boosters.

In contrast, almost everything in Prime Male is strong and efficient, with multiple power punches that are also accurate: From Vitamin D to Zinc, to the ZMA stack, to the DAA-CC. DAA-CC is much better than normal DAA – 70 times more absorbable – and from experience we estimate the strength of 1600 mg is more than that of 3000mg normal DAA.

For Round 2: The Prince of Asgard swings a double hammer fist punch, which rings Cap’s shield like a bell – but the Super-solider still stands, shaken but still fighting … We score round 2 as a small win for Prime Male.

Round 3: Pricing

All that Prime muscle doesn’t come cheap – its $69 per bottle or a month’s supply of Prime Male. If you buy 3 you get a month free, which comes to about $52 /bottle.

But this just can’t compare to Testogen’s value for money. If you buy a single bottle on the Bauer site, its about $49 /bottle, and the various deals like buy 3 get 3 free can mean that 1 bottle costs less than $30 – especially if there are extra seasonal offers (the New Year 2017 discount was an extra 20% off).

For Round 3: It’s a clear victory for Testogen. The super-soldier has experience in all kinds of warfare, and the God-Prince gets a savage kick to the balls-sack. Even a god will falter  : )

Round 4: Track Record and Results

Both products are made in FDA approved facilities and with various medical records. But Prime Male has been around for a few years longer, and has an amazing track record, with dozens of testimonials, some by celebrity athletes.

Many include specific results, and fairly high profile personalities have been willing to publicly support Prime Male.

So we have to give Round 4 to Prime Male. The Thunder God unleashes his hammer – and the earth quakes for a mile around. The body of the Captain is sent flying through the air, stunned.

Here is a brutal fan-created video of Thor vs Cap:


Prime Male:


Testogen:4-5starTestogen is a versatile hero; he wins in pricing, and is no slouch for quality. But in a straight fight, the Super Soldier cannot hold against the God of Thunder.

thor 2

We think the products speak for themselves: if you are on a tight budget, get Testogen.

But if you want to try the best, you should get Prime Male.

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