Primal Muscle Androxybol Review: Will This Really Bulk You Up?

Primal Muscle Androxybol Review:


What’s Androxybol?

Androxybol is a testosterone booster, and it’s designed to help you build bigger muscles more effectively. It’s not supposed to be merely a male enhancement supplement for the libido. After all, it’s made by a brand named Primal Muscle.

In marketing products, names are crucial. Sometimes you may even use an old iconic name for a product that’s very different. You see this with cars a lot, such with model names like Mustang and Camaro. But what does it mean when you change its name?

That’s what happened to Androxybol from Primal Muscle. It’s still sold in that name among some sellers, but these are most like old stock. That’s because its name has now been officially changed to AndroxyFX.

Is this a Steroid?

It was designed to provide the benefits of Anadrol 50 (Oxymetholone) without subjecting you to its side effects and drawbacks. Anadrol 50 is one of strongest anabolic steroids, with an anabolic rating that’s 3X better than testosterone. It’s that good, though the side effects are rather unpleasant (to say the least).

With Androxybol, you’re promised that your body will produce greater amounts of testosterone. There will also be more free testosterone available for muscle-building because it keeps the testosterone from binding with other hormones such as SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin).

However, this uses a proprietary blend, and that’s one of the main reasons why it’s so highly regarded. The dosages of the ingredients may not be sufficient to make much of a difference, and that may explain the lack of success (and the name change).


Not all that many reviewers offer a glowing review of Primal Muscle Androxybol:

  • “The vagueness of the presentation, the strange and unexplained ingredients, and just the overall presentation comes off more like snake oil than like a legitimate supplement that I would recommend you take. For the ingredients they are using, it’s just too expensive.”
  • “It has a wealth of unproven ingredients in a proprietary blend all packaged and priced as if it is a steroid. It is quite frankly unbelievable and I am shocked by the audacity. Did I mention it was $99?!”


There’s also a value for money issue among customer reviewers, even for those for whom this thing worked.

  • “I have to say Primal is going to be my go to from now on. It is a bit pricey but save your money up. You will be more than glad you did!!” Mark Gossett,
  • “This is the best testosterone Booster that I have found. It may be a tad pricey,” Melodious Thunk,
  • “Saw and felt no difference at all. bummer.” Davidpad51,
  • “I purchase and research many of these products. 2 weeks of minimal strength gains. Truly a 20 dollar product.” Andrew Gormish,

About half give it full marks among customers, and that means you have a 50% chance that it will work for you too.


This comes with a proprietary blend along with calcium, and the ingredients include many familiar names. These include Muira Puama, maca root, longjack, ginkgo biloba, and Tribulus.

Along nettles, chrysin (for freeing testosterone), and black pepper (for better absorption), that makes 8 ingredients combining for 1867 mg for each serving. Do the math, and it means that you may have very low dosages for many of these ingredients.

Side Effects

There shouldn’t be any side effects, as this is supposed to be one of the benefits of taking this instead of the Anadrol 50 steroid. There’s no mention of any specific side effect on the label, and there’s just the general warning about stopping its use when you do feel any adverse effects. There’s also the usual notice about pregnant and nursing women not using this, along with people who are taking medications. Also, you shouldn’t exceed the recommended dosage.

Still, every now and then some people report something, though they’re generally a minor issue.

  • “It made me feel light headed and dizzy as if I was gonna pass out. I only took the one dose and I felt this way for 3 days.” Michael C.,

It may help if you don’t start with a full dose on the first day. Ease into it so you give your body time to get used to it.

Where to Buy

It’s no longer easy to buy the product with the name Androxybol in the bottle. After all, there’s been a name change and Primal Muscle isn’t making it anymore. Many sellers may have stopped selling it since this name change will be obvious from a simple Google search. Sellers may have realized that people will associate the “Androxybol” name with old stock.

But there are several online sites where you can get the new AndroxyFX. There’s of course the official site, and the URL address still carries the old Androxybol name. Here it’s available for $90 (or $89.99 if you want to be exact).

On, it’s even more expensive. It’s available for close to a hundred bucks last we checked.


Will it work? Opinions are certainly divided on this issue. The name change didn’t help either. What most people do agree on is that it sure is darn expensive. So perhaps your most sensible option is to not make Primal Muscle Androxybol your first choice. There are better alternatives out there that are held in higher regard, and many of them aren’t as expensive as this one.

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