Flex Stack Review- Will This Make Your Testosterone Hardcore?

PMD Flex Stack Hardcore Test Booster Review:


If you want to build muscle, you need to make sure you’ve got ample testosterone in your system. That’s what anabolic steroids actually do, except that you don’t want to use them because they cause rather horrific side effects and they’re illegal to boot. But you can use test boosters instead to supplement your diet and your workout efforts to maximize your chances of actually building bigger muscles.

The question is: what sort of supplement should you take? There are a dizzying number of purported ingredients that are supposed to help men raise their testosterone levels naturally. Some of them work, generally speaking. But the truth is that even the most effective ingredients don’t work for everyone.

It’s for that reason that most supplements are blends of different ingredients. PMD takes this approach a step further by offering you the PMD Flex Stack Hardcore Test Booster. This is a stack of two different supplements, with each containing various blends and a truly mind-bogglingly long list of ingredients. Some of them have to work for you, right?

What’s PMD Flex Stack Hardcore Test Booster?

PMD stands for Professional Muscular Development. It’s a division of FitLife Brands Inc. that’s based in Nebraska. PMD has been producing muscle-building supplements since 2002, and the PMD Flex Stack Hardcore Test Booster is one of their premium products.

This is a supplement that helps guys like make sure that you don’t lack the testosterone in your body necessary to build and maintain muscles. Actually, this is a stack of supplements, as it combines their supplements Methyl Andro Hardcore testosterone amplifier and Z-test Nighttime Testosterone Support. Together, they’re a 24-Hour Hardcore Anabolic Activator known as PMD Flex Stack Hardcore.

By the way, just to clarify PMD also has another Flex Stack combo of supplements. That’s different from this one, as the other one isn’t “hardcore”. The other one is also considerably more affordable, but then being hardcore comes with a price.


There are hardly any customer reviews online regarding the PMD Flex Stack Hardcore Test Booster. There is one at the official site:

  • “I gained 15 pounds in 8 weeks. I got way stronger and even leaned out in my abs. I noticed more energy throughout the day as well.”

However, you obviously expect the manufacturer to refrain from publishing negative reviews. Also, why is there only one review?

The review at Supplementpolice.com is quite effusive:

  • “The ingredient list alone should tell you that PMD has no intention of messing around with Flex Stack Hardcore. This product is designed to blast you with testosterone all day, and all night, while also helping you get a restorative sleep.”

On the other hand, the review on Performanceisniders.com is rather ambivalent because of the cost:

  • “Based on user reviews, the Flex Stack Hardcore System seems to be effective, and there are a lot of happy costumers. However, one thing that you should take into account is that the whole supplement package is somewhat expensive.”

Finally, the review at Testosteronejunkie.com is harshly dismissive:

  • “I for one do not want to take an oral supplement which contains toxic ingredients, nor do I want to waste money on doubling up on ingredients, ingredients that do not work and ingredients that are at ineffective doses. And, we are talking real money here at nearly $200.”


With so many ingredients, you really should find that some of them do work. The problem is that with so many ingredients, they may not be in their proper dosages. So the results may vary depending on which ones work for you.


This comes with numerous ingredients, and they’re frankly too many to count. However, the basic approach is dual in design. With the Methyl Ando blends, you basically have a supplement that helps you perform better in the gym so that you can work out more effectively so you can build bigger muscles.

The other bottle Z-Test is for the rest of the day, when you rest and sleep. This comes with a Nocturnal Growth blend that promotes muscle development while you sleep, and it even has a blend to help you sleep better through the night.

Side Effects

With its natural ingredients, you’d hardly expect to have any side effects with this stack. The reviews from Supplementpolice.com and Testsosteronejunkie.com don’t even mention anything at all.

However, the review from Performanceinsiders.com does report that “some users have reported side effects”. They’ve been listed as “dizziness, headaches, stomachache, and nausea”. We’re not exactly sure where these reports come from, as these customer reviews are difficult to find.

Where to Buy

You can’t buy this from GNC and Amazon, as those sites are selling the non-hardcore Flex Stack. Instead, you may want to play it safe by ordering from the official website. There it’s available for $189.99 for the stack of bottles which can last for a month.

If you want to enjoy a bit of a discount, you can try to get it from Luckyvitamin.com. There it’s available for $170.99 and shipping is even free. But that’s only if you take advantage of the autoship program. If you want a one-time delivery, the price is the same at $189.99.


The main advantage here is that this comes with a lot of ingredients. This exemplifies the shotgun approach—some of these ingredients are bound to work. It includes a very long list of ingredients, and most of them are very popular ingredients in the test booster industry.

However, there are 3 problems. One is that the stack combines supplements with various proprietary blends. So you don’t really know the dosage of each ingredient and you can’t really tell if they’re in the proper dosage to actually make a difference.

The next main drawback is that this is darn expensive. At almost $190, this costs a fortune compared to the more affordable options available for you. If you’re going to gamble with this, you need to know that there are other supplements out there that offer a greater potential reward for a smaller investment.

Finally, it’s a bit disquieting to note its absence in major online retail stores like Amazon.com and GNC. That means you don’t get to read customer reviews from verified customers. It’s available in Luckyvitamin.com, but there aren’t any customer reviews in that website either.

Basically we think you should try something more reliable. 

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