Phen375 Buying Guide: Is It the Real Phentermine Alternative?

Phen375 Buying Guide Review and Results:

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There’s no doubt that phentermine is a very effective drug for weight loss. To use it, you need to get a doctor’s prescription. You add it with a low-calorie diet along with regular exercises, and you’re almost guaranteed to lose weight very quickly. But what if you want the same results without the doctor’s prescription? The alternative in this case is Phen375.

What is Phen375?

The name of this supplement is rather clever. The “phen” part is the common nickname for the drug (it was part of the old—and banned—fen-phen craze) and usually the prescribed dosage is 37.5 mg.

However, aside from the name its ingredients don’t really have anything in common with phentermine. It contains all natural ingredients that are all 100% legal. This can be bought over the counter and online legally.

Like phentermine, the ingredients are also designed to work as appetite suppressants. You’re not really supposed to miss meals when you’re trying to lose weight. That just forces your body to slow down its metabolic rate and burning off fat can become more difficult. Instead, you just need to eat less. That’s why you’re also given examples of diet plan to use with Phen375.

In addition, Phen375 boosts your metabolism, so you’re burning off fat throughout the day. Also, it gives you energy so you can work out more. In fact, your purchase includes access to various exercises you can do to help you lose weight.


For the most part, expert reviews on Phen375 are very complimentary. The review on is a prime example, as it calls it “probably your best bet on the market today” if you’re you want a supplement for weight loss. It contends that some side effects may be probable, but they should be mild. They’re a small priced to pay for the immense benefits.

The review is also quite positive, though it denies that it works as an appetite suppressant. It does acknowledge that it offers lots of energy for workouts, and it also really boosts the metabolism. It’s also a safer alternative to phentermine.


The websites and various expert reviews feature lots of astonishing “before and after” results. Some have lost 15 pounds, and there are even cases where people lose up to 90 pounds if they were extremely obese before. These are all cases that can be seen on the official Phen375 website, so of course it’s not entirely objective.

A more realistic overview can be seen on the comments sections of some review articles though. Here are some typical gushing comments:

  • Bottom line is Phen375 is the ONLY diet pill that works and works for more than the first week … sadly it is also insanely expensive.” Michelle Martinez, comment on
  • I slept fine and definitely felt an energy boost and some euphoria. I noticed the appetite suppressant for sure!” Christina Acosta, comment on
  • After taking the pills for one week I started having dizzy spells with a lot of vision problems… My face has also broken out something awful.” Judy McIntosh, comment on


Funnily enough, the EU version of Phen375 has 6 ingredients, but the US version has 8, with Citrus Aurantium extract and Coleus Forskolii Root extract. Either way, they’re all natural and they also have ample amounts for each serving.

All these ingredients have been carefully chosen, and they fulfill one of the three main goals (suppress the appetite, boost the metabolism, or provide energy). Some can even do more than one function—the caffeine anhydrous is an obvious stimulant, but it’s also famous for reducing hunger pangs. Have you ever tried to drink coffee before eating lunch? If so, you’d probably notice that you don’t feel as hungry afterwards, right?

These tend to be safe, and perhaps the only risk is if by some chance you’re allergic to one of the ingredients. That’s one advantage of having only a handful of ingredients; when you have 25 or more ingredients, there’s a bigger chance that you may be allergic to one of them.

Where to Buy

The only place to get Phen375 is in its official website, and nowhere else. All purchases will also have a separate shipping and handling cost for $19.95. For just a bottle of 3o tablets, the cost is $65.95 (that’s a total of $85.90). Buy 2 bottles for $131.90 and the 3rd one is free, which with the S&H cost ends up at $50.62 per bottle. Buy 4 for $263.80 and you get another 2 bottles free, and this will set you back $47.30 per bottle.

You have the option of sending in your email address, and in return you’ll enjoy a 15% discount. However, you may not enjoy the ton of marketing emails you’ll receive as well.


Aside from the clever name, there’s really nothing here that makes Phen375 stand out. It does work for many, but for some it’s useless, and it can even cause side effects. It’s also quite expensive too. If you do your research right, you may find a more effective, safer, and more affordable fat burner instead.


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