Test Freak Reviews (by Pharmafreak)- Freaky steroid Side Effects?

Test Freak Review: 

The Good: Strong dosages, some potentially good effects.

The Bad: Unpredictable results, some ineffective ingredients and side effects. A bit over hyped.

3 star out of 5

What is TestFreak?

Test Freak is supposed to be a “natural testosterone booster” supplement. And its definitely one of the more colourful crazysexycool products for THE trendsetting bodybuilder – yes we’re not sure if we are taking the piss, because the eye-catching marketing for this is definitely eye-catching, if nothing else…

Who makes Test Freak?

The producers/company PharmaFreak work hard to turn on the branding and visual appeal. You have a full roster of celebrity or semi-celeb athletes. Heck you have fitness model twins!

You have product launches! And da Sexy girrrls …

Founded in 2008 by Alex Savva and Don Gauvreau – with a company motto like “Nothing is Stronger!”, Potency and Power seems to be a lot on their mind: (to quote) “PHARMAFREAK is a dedicated industry leader in researching, developing and creating the world’s strongest supplements…”

We’ll write more about the brand and branding later. But if you are curious about the Test Freak product itself, you’re probably an older athlete looking for hormonal balancing – or perhaps an experimental lifter looking for that extra edge.

Lower testosterone levels are usually inevitable after age 25-30:  and are associated with hindered muscle growth, higher body fat levels, lower sex drive, and loss of stamina and strength. So if you are planning to boost testosterone in your body, you could either do that with natural boosters – or by injecting anabolic(synthetic) steroids…

Test Freak Ingredients

Test Freak vs Anabolic steroids? 

And part of the way Test Freak is marketed is that it seems to simulate anabolic steroid use, with all that talk of potency. DHT and Aromatase Blockers or regulators also tends to be some of the jargon used by lifters on actual steroid cycles.

Test freak is not a synthetic/anabolic steroid. Natural test boosters stimulate your body’s own ability to produce testosterone, usually with herbs and vitamins. Just that they can be marketed as steroid alternatives, to make them sound stronger than they actually are! But see below for notes on cycling and PCT.

Test Freak—how to take it?

Test Freak suggest a daily dose of 4 capsules to achieve the optimal results. We don;t think it makes a big difference how you space this through the day.

What’s inside Test Freak? – Ingredients and dosages breakdown:

Test Freak has a number of basic minerals with all dosages listed – Vitamins B6, Magnesium and Zinc are actually pretty good foundational testosterone supplements, stuff we’d like to see in most T supplements actually.

However; the Test Freak “hybrid pro testosterone” formula is actually a proprietary blend – making it very difficult or impossible to accurately tell dosages, or assess quality. And that’s probably a total of at least 4 concealed “blends”! This also means the company can pretty much legally change the formula at any time.

Still, we will try to make an estimate here, of dosages and effectiveness…

Zinc Test Support Complex…

Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin for many metabolic, hormonal ans enzymatic functions – though we see it as mainly a supporting player in a test booster.

It does help somewhat to control estrogen (testosterone and estrogen tend to work in opposite directions) – though you do not want to eliminate ALL estrogen, there is a certain balance needed to prevent problems. B6 is useful and the dosage here is good.

Zinc Acetate

Zinc is one of the more important minerals that helps with boosting testosterone in our bodies. many men are deficient in this vital mineral – which leads to testosterone deficiencies. with a good amount of zinc, this easily stimulates luteinizing hormone and the production of testosterone in the testes. Zinc acetate is decent quality, and the 30mg dosage here is pretty high, which is still safe, and very good.

Magnesium as Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is another essential mineral that has been scientifically proven to increase free testosterone in the body. The “free testosterone” is that which is liberated from SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), making it available to be actually used. A 90mg dose is pretty low, but it’s still better than nothing.

Other Ingredients—Proprietary Testosterone Support Complex

Note that somehow, the math in the yellow ingredients label above does not add up:  the Zinc-Test complex actually includes just the listed vitamins and minerals – but somehow adds up to a mucch bigger 610 mg. Perhaps there are various fillers involved?

This can sometimes be a problem if you don’t know what extra junk they add that needs to be absorbed in the body. But frankly we do note that Pharmafreak does seem to try to control various types of quality – the massive Bodybuilding.com is willing to back and sponsor them (though this may itself be a case of paying them off, the awards are sponsored by their own peers as Blog.Priceplow.com notes) – but they do seem to try to test rigorously.

So we estimate that the other ingredients in the formula come up to about 2 grams worth- somewhere between 2000 -2400 mg of substances.

Here is a breakdown of the Proprietary Testosterone Support Complex:

“Rapid Release Free Testosterone Amplifier” – a.k.a. Fenugreek

Don Gavreau (CEO of PharmaFreak) has amazing names for not just the products, but products within the product! The Rapid Release Etc Etc got us thinking of sci-fi laser rifles, which was probably the point…

Fenugreek is a white-flowered plant from the pea family – the seed extracts of which are known for libido boosting. Fenugreek also helps with regulating the blood sugar levels (its a potential diabetes and inflammation treatment), thus enabling the body to keep track on the production of insulin. Higher insulin levels have its downsides, of which, lower testosterone is one. Flipping the equation tends to raise testosterone.

We think Fenugreek is helpful, but we’re not huge fans because evidence for this tends to be a bit unpredictable. Fenugreek has been known to raise testosterone and strength for some, not work for others, or even raise estrogen for a few – though it is usually more helpful than not.

For Test Freak – 2 types of fenugreek; Testofen and Trigotest are used. Don Gauvreau claims that the steroidal substances in both extracts are very different. Testofen and Trigotest are both patented extracts (Trigotest is a self-creation by Pharmafreak) standardized and concentrated in a certain way, which is at least good for quality control; but no other evidence exists for benefits of this specialization.

This dosage (700 mg, with extra concentration) is probably the strongest dosage of fenugreek for a test booster – and we have mixed feelings. This is probably a good test booster, but somewhat unbalanced – we see fenugreek as better for support. See below for user results and slightly odd side effects.

Herbs gone wild.

“Methyl Galate Ester Testosterone Matrix” a.k.a Tribulus Terrestris

“The Matrix is Real”. And Methyl Ester is the name of my aunt (ok we’ll shut up now) … Much science jargon – testosterone is produced in a number of chain reactions, and the stimulation of lutenizing hormone is just an initial part of the process.

Tribulus is another herb that is a libido booster and a mild adaptogen (immunity, stamina), and was once an over hyped testosterone supplement. Seems that many bodybuilders got over-enthused about supplements with tribulus that were not standardized for the natural steroid protodioscin – making it ineffective as a test booster…

Its great that Test Freak seems to be one of the rare few that does this standardization, and with a big 1000 mg of this ingredient. However even with this, very few accurate tests from external sources exist for Tribulus’ natural steroids as a testosterone agent – and we think Test Freak should have focused less on experimental ingredients. However this quality here is a good sign.

DHT Support Complex

The second blend on the Test Freak is the DHT Support Complex. Test Freak does not list dosages and extracts here, which is not good. but we give them the benefit of the doubt here, as usually you don;t need thaaat much Saw palmetto or Nettle to be effective.

Saw Palmetto Extract

This is known as a potent DHT blocker – some testosterone converts to DHT, another potent male hormone, which can create side effects during steroid cycles (if you were actually using) such as hair loss and acne. DHT blockers are meant to reduce this…

However; DHT does not affect muscle gain but other masculine traits like strength and mood. Blocking this can also lead to weakness and feminizing features. Usually steroid use takes a lot more skill and care. Saw palmetto has been known to have side effects like libido loss (ironically) and estrogenic effects! So it depends on the balance of the whole formula (see below for analysis)

Stinging Nettle Extract

Stinging nettle extract is a good inclusion in Test Freak as it inhibits the production of aromatase enzyme that’s responsible for the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Nettle tends to free testosterone for useful actions.

Proprietary Estrogen Support Complex

The last proprietary blend is the Proprietary Estrogen Support Complex. However, again, a small serving of 150mg is divided between three different ingredients:


Hesperidin is a flavonoid derived from citrus and provides some great antioxidant capabilities. Hesperidin has also been referred to as an aromatase inhibitor, but the claims are rather weak, inconclusive, and not backed by any clinical studies. Hesperidin typically needs pretty big doses (500mg), as well as being possibly more helpful in raw citrus form – so this may not be good.


Derived from Bacopa Monneiri, this bio-flavonoid helps with reducing stress and improving sleep. Stress-induced hormone Cortisol hinders the optimum testosterone levels in your body; more like working as a testosterone blocker. So apigenin works against cortisol and for testosterone.


Resveratrol is a compound found in wine that has recently created a buzz for its life-extending capabilities. However, Test Freak, is about boosting testosterone and not for extending life. They believe that Resveratrol has the potential to convert estrogen into testosterone.

Ordinarily Resveratrol is useless when taken orally, but the molecular form here may be unusually good. Still, overall, it’s not likely the etrogen controls here are very strong overall.

Ingredients Analysis – does this really work?

Though we liked that there was some evidence of quality control and potent ingredients – Test Freak may be too try-hard in the experimental department rather than the proven ones.  The zinc dosage is good but the massive fenugreek dosages can be unbalanced, and the tribulus might be unpredictable as well.

And again – we dislike proprietary blends. Its tough for you to self manage or adjust dosages, or even to combine with other supplements accurately, unless you somehow have brilliant intuition and experience.

Side effects? Cycling and PCT? 

So we predict some unpredictability  : ) And likely that the anti-estrogen factors may not be able to regulate the estrogenic ones enough- the combination of fenugreek and saw palmetto, plus the weak aromatase inhibitors, can mean that though testosterone and muscle is boosted – other problems arise like loss of strength and drive and libido.

Fenugreek is lower risk though it may be a mild DHT blocker for some – but a BIG strong dose of this, combined with the stronger DHT blocker saw palmetto, and unreliable test agents and estrogen blockers, may be a recipe for weakness…

If you are thinking of using this during a cycle, or for post cycle therapy, you should probably consider separate AIs or DHT blockers in careful and specific amounts – this stuff has got too much unknowns, and mixed together. The best natural test boosters tend to be aromatase/estrogen inhibitors anyway, naturally.


Customer testimonials and results? 

The overall customer reviews about Test Freak are okay; decent but not great. On Amazon we see a number of positive responses, but also a fairly big number of weak ones:

Eg.  (Feb 13 2015) from Dennis Bivens:

” I received the supplement and took as directed. After four weeks, I did not notice any thing positive nor negative to report. I will be seeking something a bit different.”

From SupplementReviews.com, we see some slightly disorganized reports, but some are from people who are likely veteran bodybuilders, and they generally report some good results but with a “could do better” …

One guy “CamSTL” note that his results seem to fade away fairly quick, after 3 weeks:

“Of course just as fast as I got these results they seemed to fade away even faster. My facial hair quit growing as fast, my libido settled down and the strength gains stalled. This last part sucked the most because weeks 3 and up is when you expect to start seeing some of the best results of products like T-boosters and AI’s…”

“Reinger” reports something similar:

“I felt and experienced some of the normal benefits from a natural test booster. Slight increase in aggression. Focus in the gym. Very little libido increase, and not the level of that “feeling” of Alpha male jive that one desires. In the AI aspect I noticed very little. This is where a slight let down occurred. I had considered running an additional AI, and wish I had. The balance just didn’t seem right.”

Test Freak—Where to buy it?

At $50 or so, Test freak is priced slightly on the high side. You can buy this supplement from different online retail stores. From Amazon, it’s for $49.99 (click here to see buying options), which is the probably the lowest deal you could get on this testosterone booster.


You may want to try this if you are very experienced with supplementation, and Test Freak is interesting because of the strong dosages of slightly less common ingredients. But if you are looking for more proven solutions, you could do better, even if some choices seem less flashy and muscle oriented.

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