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The Bathmate Hydro Pump Review

This review is outdated now. Please check our latest 2020 Bathmate review here.

Bathmate hydro pump is the newest male enhancement product in the market. Its state of the art features are completely designed to provide penile enlargement benefits to the users. The revolutionary design of the device has instantly pushed it to become one of the most popular penile enlargement devices in the market.

There is quite a difference between this product and the competing ones. For instance, the penis pumps in the market are air-based. The results of using air-based penile enlargement devices are now subpar compared to the Bathmate hydro pump which is water-based. Basically, the outcome has been completely magnified and the results are more long-lasting than the air-based counterparts. One of the notable differences between the two products is the increased suction power that accounts for the magnified results.

Besides Penile Enlargement

Bathmate-Size-Comparison-ChartThis device has been thoroughly tested and proven effective in reducing male impotence, erection issues, premature ejaculation and many more. There is also hope for people suffering from Peyronies disease. Simply put, it’s the best exercise equipment for male genitals.

Lots of people who have used the bathmate hydro pump have reported positive results. For instance, there are a few with a reported drastic increase in stamina which reduces premature ejaculation problems. Therefore, they can last longer in bed and keep their erections longer, thanks to this product.

So, why is this product the latest sensation in the penile enlargement niche? First, the device has been constructed under the watchful eye of specialized engineers in vacuum suction. Therefore, there is no room for disappointment when the best of the best have a hand in the production and manufacture of the device. To put it mildly, the hydro pump has completed transformed the penile enlargement market. The traditional air pumps don’t even come close to the high quality results produced by this product.

Use Of Water

The use of water as a suction medium is the reason why these products are unique. The water creates a partial vacuum created around the genitals causing miraculous results. The engineers behind this product have top knowledge in hydraulics and pneumatics. Thanks to these creators, the product is one of the revolutionary creations in the penile enlargement department.

Million Dollar Question

So the million dollar question is can water actually make a difference? Note that, both air and water have proven useful mediums for penile enlargement but water has topped the charts as witnessed by this product. Using traditional air based penis pumps, the genitals expand at uneven rates. As a result, the penis might end up with a bend or a bulge. However, with the water the device becomes incompressible and offers a better and more solid cushion.

Result Is Better

Eventually, the result is better than using an air based pump, since the water based one doesn’t result inSize.Chart bulging or bending of the genitals. The device utilizes water’s potential to suction blood from the rest of the body into the penis. With more blood in the penis, the blood chambers immediately expand resulting in a longer lasting and thicker erection.

Some of the benefits of using the bathmate hydro pump include the following:
• Elongation of the penis (at least 1-3 inches longer)

• Increased thickness of the genitals

• A boost in your self-confidence since you can perform better in bed

• An increased libido and stamina allowing you to enjoy sex for longer

• Intense orgasms that can be enjoyed by both partners

• Straightened out penis which makes penetration less painful for the other partner

• An enlarged penis head which makes sexual stimulation for the other partner intense

• No premature ejaculations that might ruin any sexual encounter

• Perfect for people with erectile dysfunction and any other male genital issues

• People suffering from Peyrion’s disease can relax and enjoy a stimulating session with the partner.

Currently, the company offers 5 different models of the device with accompanying accessories. The models manufactured by the company include the following.

• First, there is the Hercules model which is the most basic one offered by the company. The results are amazing and can guarantee top notch penile health for any user.

• Next, there is the Goliath model which is by far one of the largest models in the company line. It’s perfect for men with bigger girths that are looking for ways to take care of their genitals as well as enhance them.

• There is also the hydromax xtreme which is specifically designed to provide absolute control and comfort for any user.

• Next, there is hydromax x30 which is a step up from the Hercules model. It works even better than Hercules with more suction and faster results.

• The Hydromax x40 is the next model in the line of products by Bathmate. It’s better than the x30 model with the ultimate comfort and exceptional gains. With a 360 degrees rotation of the tube, the results of using this model are tremendously amazing.

With there being a few models, it might be difficult choosing the best one. However, the most popular ones are the last 2 models than offer better and more satisfying results. Even better, there have been lots of studies and research conducted regarding the effectiveness of this penis enlargement paraphernalia and the results have been amazing.


how-to-get-a-bigger-dick-300x225In summary, if you are looking to enjoy a better and more stimulating session with your partner, try out these bathmate penis enlargement products. They have been tested and proven 100% effective for people of different sizes.