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Bathmate x30 – A Bona Fide Penis Enhancer?

This review is outdated now. Please check our latest 2018 Bathmate review here.

The Bathmate x30 is the bestselling product in the Bathmate line, and there’s no question that a lot of men have used this and judging by the reviews, they’ve been very successful. But does the effect last? This review takes a close look at the x30, how it works and if it’s really as good as people say.

What is it?

The Hydropump x30 is a specially designed penis pump that increases your penis’ girth and length, and when used properly leads to harder, stronger erections and heightens sensitivity. As the name makes clear, the Hydropump is a water based penis pump and uses water instead of air to produce and maintain a vacuum.

The tube is made of poly-carbon and is 7.5 inches in circumference around the base and tapers slightly as you move along the top of the tube, so it measures 7.1 inches around the top. Including the bellows and the plastic tube, the x30 is 10 inches long. In terms of size the x30 is slightly smaller than the Bathmate x40 and it is available in three colors: clear, blue and red.

How Does the Pump Work?

How Does the Pump Work?In contrast to a bulb pump, the x30 utilizes a bellow style pump to create suction, so it removes the need for tubing and attachments, and as many reviewers have pointed out the bellows pump works very well.

The vacuum on the Bathmate hydropump x30 is managed by a valve system that controls both the pressure and the water flow. The valve can be operated with one hand although the first time you use it the button may be a bit stiff.

But the stiffness will wear off with repeated use, and once you start using the pump, more blood will flow into your penis, leading to an erection.

Like the Bathmate hydropump x40, the x30 uses water instead of air to produce a vacuum, so you should use this in the bath or shower. This might not seem like a big deal but health experts have shown that water based penis pumps are superior to air pumps, and the Bathmate in particular is very effective.

First of all, the x30 produces a more powerful seal and unlike air pumps, it’s not prone to water leaks. Second, the Bathmate design is superior to what you’d find in other water based pumps so it doesn’t feel like the suction power weakens as you go along. Third, it has been proven that warm water soothes the blood vessels around your penis, and this helps significantly in terms of lengthening your organ and gaining harder erections.

How Do I Use the x30?

The x30 is very easy to operate:

  1. Set the gray valve button to the closed position.
  2. Fill the x30 with warm water.
  3. Place your penis in the pump and place the comfort ring against your pelvis. You can do this with the label facing up so the measurements are visible, or you can have the label face down so the view is unobstructed.
  4. The comfort ring is not evenly shaped as it dips to one side: that is the side that you should be placed on your testicles.
  5. Your testicles should be outside the pump: if required pull down gently to make certain they do not get sucked into the tube.
  6. Start pushing the pump in your pelvis. The bellows will collapse (since the bellows are quite hard, don’t hesitate to use some force), and you’re going to see water coming from the pump’s other end.
  7. Relax the inward pressure on your pelvis slowly. This will force the bellows to go back to their usual position, and the pressure will draw up your penis or get drawn into the pump. If a seal doesn’t form, try again.
  8. Keep repeating the last two steps until you’ve reached the maximum comfortable stretch level.
  9. OHow Do I Use the x30?nce you’re done press the valve button so it goes back to the central position. This won’t just unlock the valve but also releases the water and pressure.

The whole operation isn’t going to take more than 15 to 20 minutes, and the x30 is actually easier to use compared to some of the other pumps like the Bathmate Goliath. If you feel that you’ve pumped too much and want to get rid of some of the pressure, depress the valve and it will reduce a bit –or a lot- of the pressure depending on what you like.

How Long before I See Results?

Just give the pump a few minutes to work and you will see and feel the difference, and as many people have noticed, the more you use the pump the longer the increase will be. Of course the increase will end at some point but it does lead credence to the Bathmate claim that the x30 can add up to 3 inches to your penis length and width.

Emphasis has always been on increasing length, but as the customer reviews show, the pump expands girth just as much or even more so. In fact it’s not unusual for penises to fill up the entire tube after a few sessions, and considering the tube is 7.5 inches in circumference, the increase is significant indeed.

Does the Penis Pump Cause Any Pain?

No it doesn’t. Your penis won’t hurt at all, and a lot of guys say the stretching and pulling actually feels enjoyable. Provided you follow the instructions on the package, there shouldn’t be any problems concerning its use. Just make sure to position the device properly so it doesn’t rest hard on your pubic bone. Other than that you won’t feel any discomfort.


The Bathmate x30 is a powerful and potent penis pump, no question about it. Just like other Bathmate products the x30 is well designed and as before and after photos show, the changes in penis length and girth are dramatic. The impressive results, the durable built and the overall quality makes this a great buy.