Bathmate Before and After- Shocking results or Limp Wrist workout?

Bathmate before and after pictures and photos have been appearing all over the web, but is the pump any more effective compared to the other penis pumps online? The name Bathmate has become synonymous with penis enhancements, but is the Bathmate series (whether original or Hydromax) really effective or just the product of marketing hype?

bathmate w box

What Do the Reviews Say?

Bathmate reviews before and after all say the same thing, and it’s that the penis pump increases your penis’ length and girth. By simply looking at the photos online you’ll see that there is a significant difference from the original and after they use the pump. This video shows how the product works and as you can see it’s very easy.


Which Bathmate Should I Use?

Looking at Bathmate X30 before and after photos, it’s easy to see why you might want to go for it right now. However the Bathmate comes in several types with each having a specific feature set…

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