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There’s little doubt as to the potency and quality of Peak Nootropics’ piracetam product. The issues lie more with the fact that tends to be better at supporting cognitive functions, rather than boosting them to noticeable levels of improvement, ala caffeine or Adderall. However, combining it with alpha GPC can be very beneficial, and older folks may experience restored functions as well.

The Good: Piracetam is pretty popular, stacks well with alpha GPC, good amount for price.

The Bad: May not work well on its own, tends to offer more benefits for older people and those who have suffered strokes or other neurological issues.

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Nootropics seem to be growing in popularity these days, as more and more people are realizing that they can intake supplements now just for their bodies and muscles, but brain as well. It’s one thing to load up on creatine every day and crush your workout, but what about your mental focus and sharpness? You can’t really improve that with deadlifts. (If only.)

Optimal cognitive function is always of the utmost importance. Work and school are where this really comes into play. If you juggle multiple responsibilities in the workplace, you need to be on the top of your game day in and day out. If you have metal fatigue, or even some focus issues that stem from problems such as moderate ADHD, this can be really difficult.

The same can be said for students. School is already hard enough on its own without the interferences that life throws at you. If you’re tired all the time from doing whatever, you’re going to have an even more difficult time thinking critically, creatively, and remembering things in general.

Regardless of what you do in life, mental sharpness in all areas is always a welcome thing. Some people resort to substances like caffeine to plug the gap, sometimes without even realizing it. Caffeine may help you in the short term, or the beginning of the day, but it’s really just a stimulant that provides a temporary solution, while also offering some unwanted side effects, as well as a crash. We all know what that feels like.

Prescription drugs such as Adderall or Ritalin serve as a different solution. While these substances are effective and can last throughout the day, the potential for abuse exists, not to mention some rather unpleasant side effects at times.

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That leaves you with the last alternative, which is supplements that work in your body to naturally encourage chemicals that are already there to do their jobs better. Piracetam is a synthetic compound, but it is designed to facilitate natural brain chemical interactions that improve cognitive performance.

Now, there’s no doubt that many of you are familiar with nootropics, and their ability to give you a boost in your brain. Piracetam doesn’t appear to have any strong evidence of giving a healthy person a boost on its own. Whereas other nootropics do provide this boost, piracetam seems to ensure healthy levels instead. The only times it’s been shown to give an effective “boost” is elderly people and anyone that has suffered a negative neurological event such as a stroke.

  • On its own, piracetam provides support rather than boosting for younger, healthier individuals. This isn’t a bad thing, as taking piracetam regularly can preserve your mind, so to speak. That’s good, right?
  • Piracetam does become a much more beneficial substance when it’s paired with alpha GPC. That’s because piracetam increases the activity of the corpus callosum by supporting the body’s use of acetylcholine. In simpler terms, this means that helps the two hemispheres of the brain work better together, as the corpus callosum is the band of nerves connecting the two.
  • Acetylcholine itself is an organic chemical that functions in both the brain and body as a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters are chemicals released by nerve cells that send signals to other cells. In this case, it has to do with brain cells and signals.

So, alpha GPC raises the levels of acetylcholine, while piracetam supports the body’s (and brain’s) use of it. The two go hand in hand, like brothers. Yes, you can use alpha GPC on its own and it will be quite effective. Stack it with piracetam, and it’s even more effective, while giving more of a purpose to piracetam in healthy individuals.

Different Kind of Nootropics from Peak Nootropics llc

In summary, piracetam is great for older folks and those already having cognitive issues. It’s good for support for healthy individuals, and it’s great for anyone that pairs it with alpha GPC.

So where does that leave Peak Nootropics Piracetam? In a good place, apparently. Numerous users claim to experience positive effects, especially when used with alpha GPC. Peak Nootropics’ product seems to be of good quality, and is easy to mix in water or whatever else.

What They Get Right

The packaging is standard for powers. A resealable pouch that’s easy to deal with. No added ingredients here, just pure piracetam. You also get a lot with each purchase. You have the option to choose between 500 and 1000 gram pouches. Considering that the standard dose for an adult per day is anywhere from 1,200 to 4,800mg, you have plenty to last for months.

What They Got Wrong

Not much to speak of here. Those that prefer pills may find the process of weighing out their dosage to be annoying. But so it goes.


  • 1,200 to 4,800mg per day, mixed in water.

Peak Nootropics Piracetam Powder Bag

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Piracetam is a pretty mixed bag. It really just depends on your situation. If you’re older, have at it. If you’re younger, stack it with alpha GPC. Peak Nootropics provides a good value here, so if you’re going to purchase it, this would be a reputable way to go.

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