Does Organifi Green Juice Really Work?

Does Organifi Green Juice Really help with Weight Loss and Health??

Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the use of Green juice for weight loss. A lot of celebs attest to its effectiveness. The green juice can be your healthy snack, and you can even have it for breakfast or some other meal instead.

You can also use a Green juice detox that helps cleanse your system of toxic substances while you encourage your body towards healthier food options. In itself drinking green juice is quite healthy, but with a green juice cleanse you can really make sure that your body leans more towards cleaner and healthier food items.

Choosing to drink green juice then is actually an easy choice to make. But picking which juice to drink isn’t as easy. Some insist on doing it the hard way by using a juicer and buying fresh greens. Others prefer an easier yet still health alternative, and that’s by drinking Organifi Green Juice instead. But dies it really work? Let’s find out in this Organifi green juice review:

What’s In It?

If you want to know how healthy a drink is, the surefire method to use is to simply look over the label. This contains just 25 calories and 1 g of sugars. It also provides 2 g of protein, 4 g of fiber, a lot of iron, some calcium, and very little sodium.

There are 2 basic blends included among the ingredients. The Alkaline Greens Proprietary Blend makes up the largest part of the mix, with 5.1 g. It has organic versions of wheat grass and wheat grass juice powder, horseradish tree leaf, a whole spirulina plant, a whole chlorella, and matcha green tea leaf.

This also contains 1.45 g of the Super Food Proprietary Blend. Again the ingredients are all organic and they include coconut water powder, ashwagandha root extract, red beet root extract, and turmeric root.

Benefits of the Super Green Ingredients

Since the blends are proprietary, we don’t really know the precise dosage of each super green. Still, they all have something great to offer to explain their inclusion:

  • This is green algae that offer the bulk of the juice’s protein, and it also provides the healthy polyunsaturated fats your body needs.
  • Horseradish tree. Also called moringa, it’s responsible for giving you all the essential amino acids that your body needs. Many vegetarian protein supplements don’t offer all the essential amino acids, and this compensates for the missing amino acids.
  • It’s also filled with protein, and this gives you the calcium and iron. Spirulina has long been regarded as a health food, and even the Aztecs ate it every day for strength and energy.
  • You may have noticed that a lot of green juices aren’t exactly tasty. Here the addition of the mint really improves the juice’s flavor and aroma. Also, it helps with cramps, improves your sleep, combats indigestion, and can even whiten your teeth.
  • Lots of people aren’t exactly enamored of the texture of raw beets, though they do like how they offer lots of manganese and folate. However, the makers of Organifi managed to make a nice tasting beet juice to add to the overall juice mix.
  • Green matcha tea. This started out as a staple in Japanese temples, but it became famous worldwide when it became apparent that it can help with weight loss. It’s very rich with the EGCG antioxidant, which helps you lose weight by reducing your appetite. It regulates the hormones already within normal ranges, and it even reduces stress.
  • About 70% of wheatgrass is chlorophyll, which is the life energy of plants. It does help people too, as is suppresses your hunger and fights the effects of aging. It cleanses your blood and even helps in preventing cancer.
  • This is among the most powerful herbs in ancient Asian folk medicine. It’s used for many conditions, though it’s most famous as a rejuvenating ingredient. It’s very effective in combating fatigue and stress, and it’ll help you concentrate and boost your energy.
  • Feeling the effects of aging, such as chronic fatigue and wrinkles? With the turmeric spice, you get lots of antioxidants that can help slow down the aging process.
  • This helps to cool down your body even as it reduces your food cravings. It also does its part in steadying your blood sugar.
  • Coconut Water. This makes it easy to distribute the nutrients from the other ingredients throughout your bloodstream. It also provides the potassium as well as the electrolytes.

So What Benefits Can You Enjoy with Organifi Green Juice?

Drinking green juice is supposed to provide a long list of health benefits, and Organifi doesn’t disappoint:

  • This detoxifies your body by helping to flush out the various toxins in your system. You can drink this juice during a cleanse and it can help you start over and refresh your whole body.
  • It has lots of nutrients that really help to boost your immunity. This keeps you from getting sick all the time.
  • It reduces stress, and that’s a tremendous boost for your health. Stress is notorious for how it can lead to much more dangerous health conditions.
  • It also improves your cognitive function and concentration.
  • You also feel lots of energy for the day’s tasks.

What about the Taste?

Let’s admit the plain truth—lots of green juices don’t really taste well unless (or even if) you add lots of sugar. We drink green juice because it’s healthy, and not because it’s yummy.

Yet the taste of the Organifi Green Juice is actually nice and definitely not bad at all. It also doesn’t have that unpleasant texture you get in other mixes. Check out the various reviews, and most people like it rather than find it undrinkable. Part of the reason for its popularity is that many regard it as the best tasting green juice in the market today.


There’s a lot to be said for the Organifi green juice:

  • You won’t have to waste time and effort juicing 12 different ingredients for your juice. Some people insist on using a juicer, but that’s only practical when juicing 1 or 2 ingredients.
  • The health benefits have been attested to by lots of longtime customers. Most people feel a very noticeable improvement in their overall wellbeing after 2 months or so.
  • It actually tastes very nice, and it certainly tastes a lot better than other green juice powder mixes out there.
  • This can help you study for exams and do well at work.
  • You’ll feel energized even as you get older. Drink a serving in the morning and you’ll feel great for the rest of the day.


  • It’s available in just one flavor. If it doesn’t work for you, then that’s just too bad.
  • Some consider it relatively expensive compared to other green juice powder mixes out there. However, with a price of about $1.40 to $2 per serving, it’s not as expensive as gourmet coffee.
  • You have to buy it online.

Buying Information

While it is possible to buy Organifi green juice in a health store (if you’re lucky), you’re better off just buying online. It’s available in various online retail stores, though the price is usually more affordable in the official seller site. However, the stock tends to disappear very quickly in the official site because of the juice’s popularity, and on Amazon the seller may ship to your location if the official site won’t.

You can buy Organifi in several ways. One basic way is to subscribe, and you pay about $58 for a month’s supply. You’ll get your monthly supply without any other additional effort from you, and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Some people, however, are leery of claims that the subscription can be canceled at any time. If you don’t want to subscribe, then you can just purchase a one-time order of 3 Organifi containers. Aside from not risking being billed monthly even when you’ve wished to cancel the subscription, you also enjoy a per-container cost of about $50 each. Get 6 of them for a single order, and the price per container drops even further to less than $42.

If you want, you can also get Organifi in 30 individual packets so you can mix the same amount of powder every time. This is rather an expensive option, as it will cost you about $80.


If you’re into green juices, then you should really try it. It gives you the health benefits of drinking the juices of 12 different green superfoods without having to go to all the trouble of buying and juicing those ingredients individually.

Most people like the taste, and you can’t really say the same for every green juice out there. We’ve all had our disastrously unpleasant concoctions, and fortunately this is much better. It’s much easier to prepare too!

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