Onnit T+ Review- Will “Total Strength+ Performance” work for you?

Onnit T Plus Review- Do “Organic” Ingredients really work?

The Good:  Some quality ingredients, and holistic health support.

The Bad:  Slightly higher pricing.  “Proprietary” formula, Jack of All Trades:  some results could be better.

Overview:  This can be confusing: T+ or “Total Strength” is now marketed as a pre workout formula – but it used to emphasize testosterone enhancement more, and its ingredients actually have a bit more to do with testosterone boosters than pre workouts!

With good quality and organic appeal, this is better than many other test boosters – but may not offer good value for money- it is neither as strong as a good test booster or a good pre workout.

T+ was rumored to have been discontinued as of mid 2016- but has been replaced (at least for naming and branding) by the wordy name: Onnit Total Strength+Performance. The formula is virtually the same- and most people still call it “T+” !

But also note that the 2016 T+ was not the original version- there used to be different formulas with bigger differences in ingredients. Read on for the full scoop(s)…

Previous design- more cool IMHO

Testosterone seems to be all over the news today. All kinds of celebs and athletes seem concerned about various types of supplementation or augmentation… this is the age of both the superhero and the health obsessed. Most of our editors/managers are no longer in our 20s – and so we worry about keeping up with Da young punks. Though we won’t admit it  : )  And we don’t want to feel like old sacks especially when we wake bleary eyed in the morning.
Some boosters seem aimed at the younger bodybuilders, and they look like steroid substitutes, with all kinds of extravagant claims.

For younger men: If you’re over 18 this works for you as well, though there is less urgency to take this. If you’re pushing 30 (or 40, or 50) – what we like is something like optimization – to do our best, to maintain what we have – rather than to boost superhuman expectations…

About Onnit the company – too cool for school?

Onnit is all about ‘total human optimization’, as the owner Joe Rogan describes.

And some of our guys are totally in love with this. Not hard to see why – the edgy badass MMA image, the artisan yet brutal primal Kettlebells, the organic quality ingredients – we wouldn’t think it easy to be hipster PLUS badass at the same time but somehow Onnit pulls this off.

Their supplements use creative yet potentially effective blends of herbs and organics – they claim not to use artificial sweets or flavours. But is this just hype? Now let us get into an in depth examination of the actual product …

How “Natural” is this Testosterone booster?

Onnit T+ will score big with “organic” fans. It is proudly “all natural” – with Zero caffeine or synthetic products.

As a testosterone supplement, T Plus is supposed to provide “male hormone support”-  not just increasing low testosterone levels, but ensuring there is a good balance of free testosterone to other hormones (in other words, useful testosterone). Some substances or steroids can boost testosterone for periods of time, then cause unhealthy elevations of estrogen or other hormones.

Innovation or Bust?

Now here is where things get interesting  – T+ is also marketed partly as a pre workout enhancer, with BCAAs, L-Glutamine and Beta-Alanine (and no caffeine) – as well as other ingredients like resveratrol and luteolin for “health support” .

Now this is Ambitious and creative, BUT we wondered – can T+ effectively do a double job as both a testosterone booster AND an energizer/ stamina enhancer?

New Formula, Saved by the bell!

ATTENTION: here is the latest “Total Strength+Performance” ingredients formula (late 2016-2017):

Note that it is very similar to the previous 2016 T+ formula, with roughly a tiny 3% increase or change in dosages …

Here’s what many reviews don’t tell you:  The latest T plus formula we review is actually something like the 3rd incarnation. Before 2015, we actually thought the formula(s) were more over-hyped and less useful.

“Formula 1” had less Longjack and BCAAs. The 2nd Formula used to include magnesium as “magnesium aspartic acid” – and did not include DAA, which is an important testosterone booster (more details below). Magnesium aspartic acid allows magnesium to be absorbed better, but may also cause bad side effects.


2016 T+ formula: with D aspartic acid; NOT “magnesium aspartic acid”

Previous dosages were probably too low – which is why we are puzzled by how an Onnit partnered university study with this formula seems to have turned up big results of 36% strength gains in 4 weeks. Still, the current formula does look better (though you may want to have more realistic expectations. )

So when buying, you probably want to buy direct from the Onnit store – as it is likely that other sellers (including those on Amazon) don’t use the updated formula.

Pre Workout + Testosterone Optimizer: How good is this? 

As mentioned, this product seems to try for a 2 for 1 effect – as a hybrid pre workout formula + a testosterone booster. It does have a very wide range of ingredients, and some innovative combinations  – though we are  bit disappointed that the “proprietary” formula does not disclose exact dosages for each ingredient (typically, proprietary formulas are under-dosed)

So what’s Innit? Onnit T+ Ingredients

Foundational ingredients:

  • Vitamin B6, B5 (pantothenic acid):  good to have for general health support and energy functions.
  • Magnesium:  Many people are deficient in this , and magnesium is good for many things, from stamina to blood pressure and mood.
  • Bioperine : actually a supporting substance in black pepper, that enhances absorption for other nutrients

Onnit Performo Blend: 4380 mg

onnit primal bell 1

Onnit Kettlebell: Fricking Cool.

Made up of BCAAs, L-Glutamine, and Beta Alanine, this is the “performance enhancing” blend, and meant to be used as a pre workout formula. However it lacks some strength boosters like creatine and rhodiola, and strong stamina boosters like Citrulline, which are found in many of the best pre workouts.

BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine) are essential amino acids that increase the rate of protein synthesis (muscle building), while decreasing protein breakdown. Basically – this may help you with better stamina and health, though it may not be necessary if you are already on a high protein diet.

As a supplement, BCAAS are typically used in high dosages – a 70kg male should take 5000 mgs of this- and it is very unlikely that T Plus includes a high dosage in its “proprietary blend”

Adding L-Glutamine another amino acid, helps maintain positive muscle metabolism. It is very over hyped as a muscle builder though – and used in very high doses for supplementation – a 70 kg male should use 50 GRAMS of this. Again, it is likely that the dose in T+ is too low.

Beta Alanine is something we really like, and are pleased to see in this one. It has a range of benefits including anti oxidants and “anti aging” health, but is well known for a consistent boost to muscle endurance. Generally strong doses are in the 2-5 grams range – it’s likely that here at least, Onnit Total Strength is okay – but most dedicated pre workout formulas are actually much stronger. 

Onnit Power Blend: 3440 mg

Though suggestive of strength boosting, the power blend seems comprised mainly of testosterone and hormonal effects. Surprisingly, T+ lacks ingredients that we find important and basic for testosterone enhancement, like zinc and vitamin D.

D-Aspartic Acid: A good classic booster for low testosterone levels, we are glad the latest formula adds this one (finally). Research suggest that the testosterone boost can be up to 42% – though it is best to keep expectations realistic if using this as a steroid injection substitute.

Though many bodybuilders recommend shorter cycles (12 days use followed by 5 days off, if considered independently of other ingredients) with dosages of 3000+ mg , we usually recommend less than that for sustained daily usage, as careless use of a high dose may actually lower free testosterone in the long term. It is not clear how much of the 3440 mg in T+ is comprised of DAA.

Mucuna pruriens: This is extract of velvet bean and good for fertility and low testosterone. Again because of the proprietary formula, we are not sure how concentrated the T+ mucuna extract is – some studies have needed 5 GRAMS of this stuff to work (though if concentrated, 100+mg is fine)

Longjack: Another good classic testosterone supplement, it has minor effects for sex drive and strength. Good to have as backup, but not what we consider fundamental or reliable for a specialised test booster.

Coulda been more badass?

Stinging Nettle:  good for various health issues like inflammation or immunities – and as a catalyst for other test boosters, rather than a main ingredient.

Onnit Support Blend: 470 mg

Where Onnit products tend to shine is their consideration for holistic health benefits. This is innovative and organic, but again, note that this support blend tends to do better as just that- secondary support…

Red Clover: this is a less common, nicely innovative addition; according to the Onnit site, this balances out hormonal fluctuations. Red clover actually helps for a range of health issues , from anxiety/depression/mood issues to all kinds of minor health concerns.

 Luteolin: Antioxidant found in various fruits and vegetables. It seems to help maintain useful free testosterone in the body, as well as having a number of anti oxidant and anti inflammation effects – nothing huge, but nice.

Resveratrol: A compound found in berries and cacao, well known for anti oxidant, anti aging effects (realistically though- adding “life to years, rather than years to life”), heart health and related good things. Unfortunately resveratrol is not well proven to be useful in supplements, as it is often not easily absorbed by the human body.

Instructions – How to use T Plus

Onnit seems to be more careful about cycling this supplement (many test boosters can be taken on a daily basis) -it’s a 30 day “on” cycle where you take it daily, then you go “off” it for a 2 week break. This may be a good thing as its often a good idea to cycle off any supplement occasionally.

That Infamous Taste! Complaints?

Many reviews spoke badly of the earlier formulas – “metallic” “Watermelon” crap , to summarize ;p

Basically – we don’t have a problem with taste for the new formula, though its not exactly pleasant. We were expecting “cough syrup” – but instead we got something water-melon like and a tad more bland than expected.

What’s more inconvenient is mixability; it seems to clump up and not mix too well in a cup.

ResultsToo Cool For School?

We believe most testosterone “boosters” should actually be “optimizers”. Meaning that they are not as crazy strong as steroids or testosterone injections, but are also less complicated, and better for maintaining optimal hormone levels.

So we’d actually be more confused if our strength was suddenly boosted 36% in a short time from just 1 supplement (which was claimed by Onnit in the past)! What we expect from a good booster is a gradual feeling of increased well being and energy ….

Week 1Slight increase in morning “wood”  : ) Slight tingling workout effects from beta alanine, slightly better energy – able to push an extra rep or so, not exactly an energy boost.

Weeks 2-3 :  Better alertness in the mornings – less morning “cobwebs” in the head. Better energy especially for workouts lasting roughly 30-60 min – not quite long distance, but good for some workouts like boxing.

Weeks 4+a noticeable boost to stamina and recovery, both sexual and athletic.

Conclusion:  Generally we like T+, and we’d rather have it than not, but we do have the feel that its a bit of a luxury item.

We have an assistant manager who is a die hard Onnit fan; we don’t blame him as their stuff is really cool. But if we had to be more selective, we’d choose a dedicated separate pre workout formula – as well as a more focused T Booster.

And honestly some hype is unrealistic:  if T Plus’ previous (even more under-dosed) formula gives you 36% strength FAST… the new formula will make you Thor, son of Asgard!

That being said, T+ is a quality product, and works for testosterone support, as well as offering a number of other stamina and health benefits. And they don’t use artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.  

Where to buy T+ ? Are there sales and special offers?

As mentioned, there are a number of independent re-sellers, and at least 2 that we saw on Amazon, but they are likely to be using the older formulas as far as we can tell.

Look out for old formulas featuring the inferior “magnesium aspartic acid” used in the “power blend”- rather than the latest use of D-aspartic acid. So it better that you buy direct from Onnit: click here for the link.

Pricing is about $59/bottle with no bulk discounts – and we’ve noticed quite a lot of complaints on both Onnit as well as Amazon.

However Onnit does feature some pretty straight forward return policies and guarantees at least. You have to try T Plus for at least 30 days before you can refund (which is fair enough as T boosters usually take some time to be absorbed decently), with a total 90 days refund allowance date.

Verdict:  T Plus is better than a number of other boosters on the market:  but we cannot help feeling that its a jack of all trades. A dedicated pre workout is much stronger; and a good test booster tends to work better.

Get this if you are a die-hard Onnit fan, an organic products fan, or if you want something different and creative. Or you could try something else that’s more reliable and effective – for both pre workouts and testosterone supplements.

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