Old School New Body F4X Review- Steve and Becky Holman’s Bestseller for Ageless Health!

Old School New Body Reviewed: Steve and Beck Holman’s Anti aging “for real?”

Old School New Body F4X – This workout regimen is the only of its kind backed by a leading fitness magazine (Iron Man – here is a link to one of Becky’s articles on physical transformation). People from all over the world have taken advantage of this program and were able to shed off their extra pounds in a matter of weeks.

What is Old School New Body?

This is an all-natural regimen to lose fat quickly aimed at people over 35 years. Old School New Body is a detailed and extremely informative eBook that offers precious tips on how to achieve that slim and sexy body you’ve always wanted to have. All the exercises listed in this eBook are easy to do, even by people who are in their mid forties. In addition to losing weight, this program enables you to define your body and improve the way you look. To top it all, Old School New Body is a system that helps you look younger by removing wrinkles and fine lines.

According to many Old School New Body reviews, this program can make you look up to 10 years younger. This is a huge benefit of this program, considering that products that supposedly rejuvenate your skin cost up to 10 times more. In the book, you will also discover a wide variety of organic meal options, healthy recipes and harmless snack choices. All recipes are easy to cook, as they use ingredients we normally use on a daily basis.

Most importantly, nothing in this book is dangerous, hazardous or unhealthy for your body. There are practically no reasons to stay away from trying Old School New Body. There are practically tens of websites and blogs that are affiliated with the main website.

 Let’s Meet the Authors

Old School New Body is created by Steve and Becky Holman. After getting married when they were 27, both of them began to succumb to an unhealthy lifestyle and gained over 150 pounds. They decided to change something in their lifestyles, so they began to look for a way to get their slim appearance back. Steve and Becky Holman have conducted a throughout research to discover the healthiest and easiest methods to lose weight and build muscle. This is how Old School New Body was born.


Today, they both are well-versed in the weight loss industry. While Becky is a contributor to Iron Man magazine, Steve has already written more than 20 books on bodybuilding, weight training and nutrition.

Concepts Taught in the Book

This course contains 14 unique chapters that feature a lot of information. Most of the tips & techniques presented in the book are based on the f4x workout system. This is one of the most prominent systems available today that helps people lose fat and turn it into muscle.

There are many f4x exercises included into this program, such as the Lean workout, the 20-minute bellyfat blowtorch, the automatic cardio and the advanced training. The F4X method is based on three types of exercises:

– The Shape Workouts: these exercises are part of a more extensive program. For three days a week you will have to do several exercises, for at least one hour per day. Using these exercises, you can transform your body into a fat burning furnace and give a unique shape to your muscles.

– The Lean Workouts: for lean muscles and a perfectly-looking body, you can use these exercises to get rolling.

– The Build Workouts: after you have done both shape and lean workouts for a few months, it is time to get to the next level. These workouts are specially designed for both men and women who crave a peak physique. Bodybuilders and hardgainers will find this regimen extremely effective for reaching their goals.

In addition to these three workout segments, this system includes exercises and advice about injuries, pain relief, health building, building motivation & increasing self-esteem, diet fads, anti aging, sex & youthful vigor and more.

Old School New Body Pros

There are a plethora of positive aspects that make this weight loss and muscle building regimen stand out of the crowd. Here are some of the most obvious:

– Perfect for anyone: first off, Old School New Body works for anyone, regardless of age, sex and race, as long as that person is older than 30 years of age. People under 30 might not experience the same benefits as those over 30, due to a natural existing muscle-fat body composition.

– Old school: this diet program is based on the old school bodybuilder diet, which is quite similar to the paleo diet. The diet regimen is complemented by modern exercises that were proven to work for both men and women. The old school new body exercises are quite effective.

– Easy to download: this program can be downloaded as a PDF file. The old school new body pdf by Steve and Becky Holman can be therefore carried with you anywhere. You can copy the file on all your devices and read the eBook while on the go.

– Great reviews: there are tons of positive old school new body f4x reviews all across the web. This program has gained a huge reputation from many people all around the world who have successfully used the tips & techniques listed in it.

– Works amazingly well with NewTestosterone.com: this program goes hand in hand with many supplements found at NewTestosterone.com.

Negative Aspects

As any other program available online, Old School New Body has its own drawbacks. Here are some of them:

– Not free: unfortunately, this program is not free of charge. However, the reverse of the coin is that you have 60 days to return the eBook. The 100% money back guarantee is excellent if you have any doubts that this program might not work for you.

– Does not work overnight: this is not some kind of wonder program that offers overnight results. You need to change your lifestyle, which includes eating healthier, sleeping more and doing the right exercises on a regular basis, in order to see results.

 Where to Buy it

All in all, the Old School New Body program is probably one of the best available today. Both men and women can now lose weight, pack up lean muscle and look & feel younger. To buy this program, enter this link. Take advantage of the special offer available now and buy this eBook for only $20 (taxes not included). You can pay via paypal or debit/credit card, and you have 60 days to return the product and get your money back, in case you don’t find it useful.


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