Nugenix Review- Worst Booster for Weight loss?

Nugenix Testosterone Booster Review:

The Good:  Mmm … cool bottle. Some decent ingredients

The Bad:  Few effective ingredients. Concealed proprietary formula. Way over-hyped. Possible auto-billing (surprise charges)

If you’re concerned about low testosterone, and getting your internal “systems back online”- we’ve got the insights for you…  With testosterone all over the media, it’s probably not hard to figure:  if you’re a man and you’re getting older, and you find yourself lethargic and lacking in libido or drive, then it probably means you lack testosterone. The problem is figuring out what to do?

What is Nugenix? Why is it famous?

The Nugenix company has launched a massive advertising blitz over the last few years; this is probably the most famous testosterone booster out there!  But should you believe them?

The product seems to have acquired a big amount of complaints as well; more on this later. Perhaps it is because of this that they created an upgraded (and more costly) version: “Nugenix Ultimate”. Admittedly, Nugenix Ultimate is a lot better than the original Nugenix (review for Nugenix Ultimate coming soon) .

Even if you don’t compare Nugenix to Nugenix Ultimate, we find it hard to think of any reasons why you might want to use the original Nugenix. It has both very low dosages and generally ineffective ingredients.

Here’s a commercial featuring a celeb athlete (Hall of Fame Baseball player Frank Thomas):  Click here

This is very strange, considering that the company seems to have a virtually unlimited budget, considering their massive media blitz. We think they should have spent more on better ingredients for the actual product! They seem to be sponsored by corporate giant GNC:

Are there Complaints and Problems about Nugenix?

Part of the Nugenix ingredients formula is proprietary- it does not reveal dosages and concentrations. Manufacturers of “Testofen” often do not disclose a lot of information; this combined with other concealed sales practices resulted in law suits against Nugenix and similar sellers (click here) In this case the judges found in favour of Nugenix and the other defendants- but this can give you an idea about what unclear sales practices can result in (more on buying options below).

But perhaps you found an attractively priced discount of stock, that you think you just can’t resist… However: before we get accused of unwarranted criticism, lets deep dive into the ingredients breakdown:

Ingredients:  What’s in Nugenix? How does it work?

Of course the ingredients formula is the most important: that’s where the bulk of your decision should be made; though pricing and other marketing factors should also be considered.

Ingredients Summary

  • Fenugreek Extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-citrulline
  • Zinc
  • Various B Vitamins

Now- Nugenix looks as if it is a transparent formula, with dosages for vitamins like the B6 and B12 being disclosed- but the “free testosterone complex” is actually a concealed proprietary blend. Which means that the company can legally change the composition at any time – and you have no idea about ingredients quality or specific dosages!

This proprietary blend (“free testosterone complex”) actually only has 3 ingredients –  fenugreek, citrulline and tribulus – though it is the focal point or key stone of the formula.

The Nugenix company emphasizes that the product frees testosterone: that the majority of testosterone is actually “bound” or not actively usable. Actually, the best testosterone supplements that we seek and rate are already assessed by us for free testosterone: testosterone interacts with a range of other hormones (like estrogen, dihydrotestosterone, cortisol, insulin), and not in isolation. testosterone is not much use if its left in an inert useless state…

First, let’s look at the initial supporting vitamins, and see why even this is odd:

The zinc dosage is laughable:

Zinc should have been very good; it is an essential vitamin for survival and testosterone. It can encourage muscle development, improve your libido, keep your brain alert, and help you remain healthy overall…

Benefits of Zinc

But 1 mg of zinc, at 7% of the daily requirement?? what’s the point of putting this in at all? We prefer at least 10mg of high quality zinc (zinc gluconate, zinc citrate, or picolinate) in a supplement – and it can be supplemented by eating meat and seafood products.

Most people however don’t get anywhere close to their minimum of 10-15 mg per day – and yes this potentially has a big loss in free testosterone.  We much prefer to see 10-30 mg of zinc in a test booster.

B Vitamins: This is good (B vitamins are also important for overall Hormone health), but usually seen as support/backup vitamins. A lack of these is likely to be a symptom of low testosterone – though other minerals like zinc tend to be more important and useful- and mega dosing on vitamin Bs tend to have fewer benefits.

Fenugreek leaves

Fenugreek:  Fenugreek is good but a bit unpredictable: it seems to boost testosterone and even physical strength relatively well, but more tests are needed. In large doses it may also cause other hormonal fluctuations – in some people it may even cause weight gain and man-boobs, which is ironic as some sellers promote Nugenix as a weight loss product  : )

Note: Natural testosterone boosters will NOT make you lose weight directly. The better products can help you lose weight because you have more energy and stamina for workouts – and some athletes report being able to maintain their bodyfat ratios more easily – but that’s more like a pleasant side effect. And of course, Test boosters are best combined with sensible lifestyle and exercise habits.

Fenugreek is well known as a reliable libido booster.  Fenugreek does not make you get fat directly, but may cause odd hormonal changes if used carelessly or in huge doses (though this is also not conclusive). We use fenugreek but prefer this as a backup ingredient.

Probably the main ingredient in Nugenix, Testofen (a standardized extract) seems to be concentrated for potency- but again we have no idea exactly how much is used.

Tribulus Terrestris is also a very commonly used testosterone booster, and in fact some of these T-boosters only use this single extract (though this is not a good idea, as Tribulus is better as a supporting herb).

Tribulus is a modest adaptogen and helps for libido, recovery and immune support – but does not help testosterone unless you focus on extracting a specific natural steroid “protodioscin” from this herb- which is not common or easy. Not likely done here.

As for L-citrulline, it’s a blood flow enhancer- it’s actually not a testosterone booster, but very good for stamina and recovery in our book. This is actually an improved version of arginine (found in many workout formulas)- does the same, but more efficiently. 

With an enhanced blood flow nutrients are shuttled to your muscles so that you can improve the duration and quality of exercise. We don’t find this to be an actual libido booster- but it tends to help “clear the pathways” for circulation. 

But we estimate there’s only about 1 gram of citrulline in this formula if you’re lucky – normally the effective dose is somewhere between 2-9 grams of the stuff.

Ingredients Analysis: Ouch. For something marketed as a premium formula and with higher pricing, Nugenix seems oddly cheap and under-dosed.

The only likely ingredient for testosterone boosting is Fenugreek- which though we think is potentially very good, can be unpredictable and better as a supporting tool. Other ingredients are likely slightly to highly under-dosed.

Results-  Does Nugenix really work?

Frankly we did not take Nugenix long, just for a few days – ideally you should be taking test boosters for 3+ months or long term, for low testosterone prevention and long term fitness…

We mainly wanted to quality control and guinea pig test this for the worst of it- but we did not want to risk taking a concealed proprietary formula much longer  ; p

To test, we stopped taking other boosters and supplements for 3 days prior to this: We did experience a mild libido boost – but none of the “clean” energy effects of other good test boosters. In contrast, the best test boosters tend to quickly give us a smooth feeling of energy (even when they are not meant as stimulants), as well as having a range of long term benefits.

Thankfully for us we did not experience any side effects. Unfortunately for others, we did see a large number of complaints (see below)

Best Time to take Nugenix? Are there side effects and risks?

It’s easy enough to take Nugenix, since you don’t need as much preparation as when you use powder supplements. Instead, you just need to take it 3 times a day.  You can’t take it right after a meal, however, as you need to take it on an empty stomach. So maybe you can take it an hour or so before a meal.

There have been a number of complaints (click to see buying options on Amazon), and these usually mention that the formula as no effect. Some others mention that they felt stomach discomfort and headaches. If we had to guess, this may be from fenugreek or zinc that is not quality processed.

A few others also mentioned hair loss- though this is highly unlikely. If anything the fenugreek is likely to prevent this! While the odds are in your favor about not experiencing any of these side effects, there’s still a bit of a risk it seems.

How much does Nugenix cost? Are there discounts and special offers?

When this was the only Nugenix around, it was actually one of the more expensive testosterone boosters in the market. A month’s supply cost as much as $70 if you buy from GNC –  though by now if you buy on Amazon (click here to see options), some re-sellers have dropped prices to significantly lower. 

The funny thing is that prices are not just higher on the site, but you run into a bit of a money trap…

Now here’s another screwed up fact: about 2 years back, Nugenix limited its offers such that you HAD to subscribe into an auto billing plan- you paid for something that was promoted as a “free trial”  -but ended up in a plan that automatically charged your credit card another (approximately) $70 every month!

There were a lot of scam reports about this, and thankfully this seems to have been reduced…

BUT: if you use the “discount’ offer on the site itself (42% discount) – you get locked into something like the above (bad) deal: it is not easy to claim refunds from this!

You need to call them before the shipment is sent if you want to cancel the re-bill… you cannot easily return products. Cancelling is more liberal if you don’t use the discount offer (see why we call this a trap?)


Urgh. We don’t like the company, but do acknowledge that there can be some healthy results from this (though low reliability for testosterone), and that Amazon prices are better. But this product is WAY over-rated.

Honestly we think you’d have to have too much cash to burn if you want to try this still; you may as well look at other far better supplements on the market.

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