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For many of us who work out religiously, trying to find the right preworkout supplement can be difficult. There are just too many of them, and more new supplements are launched than there’s time for us to try them out properly. That’s the beauty of online research, because we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. We can just take note of what other reviewers and customers have found out, so we don’t use up time finding out what’s already known to so many.

What’s NOxygen?

Do you hate lots of preworkout supplements because they give you the jitters? Then you may appreciate NOxygen, because it doesn’t contain any stimulants. Instead, it’s a vasodilator, which basically means it helps boost blood flow so that your muscles can get more of the oxygen they need from your blood. With more oxygen, the muscles work better so you can maintain your strength and endurance.

You get these results from the 3 main ingredients.

  1. This is basically for hydration.
  2. This blend stimulates greater blood circulation to the muscles, so that they get more of the oxygen they need.
  3. NOxygen Blend. This blend contains beet root compounds that relax your blood vessels, so that they can accommodate the greater blood flow. It also helps with muscle mass growth and it helps your body use the oxygen more efficiently.

This is a powdered formula, and it’s unflavored so there’s less chance that you’ll hate the taste. It can work as a standalone supplement, especially if you’re sensitive to stimulants like caffeine. You can mix it with a preworkout protein shake, though for best results you should drink water as well even during your workout. Finally, the manufacturer Purus Labs recommends that you take it with creatine as it seems this combination seems to work very well.

However, it’s not recommended if you’re not in perfect health and you’re taking medication for some serious medical condition. It’s certainly not advisable to use it with other vasodilators, as it could lower your blood pressure to unsafe levels.


In general, the various reviews all seem complimentary. In, NOxygen was lauded for the simplicity and general effectiveness of the ingredients. It also mentioned how well it mixes with other supplements and drinks.

The NOxygen review in is a bit weird, since its Final Verdict called it a “highly recommendable product”. They liked the fact that it works just as well as other preworkout supplements even though it’s free of stimulants. They noted that it’s made by a reputable company and that the chosen ingredients delivered with the expected results.

However, what’s weird is that on their rating it’s given 2.6 stars out of 5! What gives? Maybe it’s because there aren’t any affiliate links, but that’s just a guess.


The same holds true for customer reviews. On, just about all the reviews without exception gave it top 5 star ratings.

“Nothing better for pumps out there than Noxygen. You can add this freaking thing to anything!” –Chuck T.,

“Definitely adds to the pumps, dissolves very well and has little to no flavor when you add it with a preworkout!” –Alex,

“This is the best stuff ever.” –Rory,

“The pumps are there. Noxygen makes you feel like a beast. Mixes well but can definitely taste it.” –Jeff, in the review that gives 4 stars (which is the only non-5 star review on the page),

The reviews on were mixed, however. Some liked it:

“In my opinion, the absolute high point of NOXygen by Purus Labs is the effect it’s had on my endurance – which was something I definitely did NOT expect from a Purus Labs “pump supp”. –Aaron,

“Apparently this shit is so good, even my friends have somehow justified stealing.” –Burgess,

However, one did complain the mixability, as well as the actual effects:

“Wish I had a personal, mini concrete-mixer.” –Antonio


The ingredients are very basic and they come with ample doses. Overall, most people do confirm the fact that it really enhances the pump effects. However, not everyone likes the clumps and the taste.

Where to Buy

A lot of sellers offer this, with its official site offering it at a reasonable $34.95 price tag for 40 scoops. Since you can use 1 or 2 scoops, on average this will give you a month’s supply.

You can enjoy a small discount if you buy at GNC, which offers it at $29.99 with free shipping for subscriptions. However, it’s just $16.99 on and $15.95 on


Based upon the numerous top ratings from industry reviewers and customers, it does seem like it does the job well of boosting the pump. Hopefully, you can have good results with the mix with water or other supplements so that it’s not a chore to drink!

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