Neuro Clarity Buying Guide- Are Results Worth The Higher Price?

Neuro Clarity Review:

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Stress and anxiety are prevalent, especially in America.  Luckily, there are supplements available that can help you deal with those issues, such as Neuro Clarity.  It is made with all-natural ingredients, and is certified by the FDA.

Nutrition Essentials is the maker of Neuro Clarity, and they have been around for a while.  They have a nice grasp in the supplement market, and a lot of people swear by their products.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of products that claim to help with anxiety and stress, but let’s see how this product stacks up on its own.

Reviews – do they regret buying this stuff? 

A majority of people really seem to like this product.  There are some skeptics that aren’t completely sure if the product works or not.  It’s understandable, but considering how many people think that it does something to help them, how terrible could it really be?  Here is what people don’t like about the product.

“I have been taking this product for two weeks, and still have not noticed anything at all.” – John, Amazon Customer

“When I first started taking it, I didn’t notice a difference.  Once I started taking it with food, I noticed that I received a boost.” – Hector Lebron

The supplement does provide a boost, but I have headaches when I take it.  Perhaps the dosage is too much, and I need to take a smaller dose.” – atta2ude, Amazon Customer

…while others exclaim…

“While it does take a while to get into your system, you will start to notice subtle changes.  I have started to retain things better, and it has improved my performance at work.” – John Doe, Amazon Customer

“This supplement has improved my memory and sharpness.  The company offered me a free bottle after I had bought a new one. Great company!” – Tage D


The product contains states that it contains all natural ingredients.  The St. John’s Wort will treat mood disorders, including depression, making it practical for those with a lot of stress and anxiety.  Glutamine supports the body’s amino acids, and assists with muscle building and muscular endurance.  The Boca Monnieri is a cognitive booster which can help your brain run properly.  DEMAE Bitrate is used to treat ADHD, improve your memory, and boosts cognitive functions.  It also helps produce choline, which improves the nervous system.


Considering how well people have responded to the product, it appears that there is more to it.  While a lot of brain supplements are nothing more than snake oil, this seems to be the real deal.  There are some people that it doesn’t seem to affect at all, such as what these people had to say about it.

“I didn’t feel any sharper or more focused when I used the product.  It did help me deal with my daily anxiety, especially when I was at work.” ­– John Doe,

“I didn’t feel any significant changes.  I didn’t get the turbo boost as much as other people did.  While it is disappointing, it could probably help someone that does suffer from some type of cognitive disorder.” – TrodicusPrime, Amazon Customer

“This product comes with 60 capsules, and now I am down to four.  I have not seen a difference, and I will not waste my money on the product again.  So many people had built this up, but in the end, did nothing for me” – C. Epps, Amazon Customer

… So, while it did not do anything for those up above, here’s what people that love it said it does…

“For my first review, I must say that this is an awesome product.  It has given me more energy, and cleared away my brain fog.  I highly recommend it.” ­– John Doe, Amazon Customer

“When I first took it, I didn’t notice a difference.  But, the next day, my mind was on overdrive, and I could focus.  I still continue to use it, just so the effects don’t wear off.” – Lance Demeter, Amazon Customer

“I have been using this product for over a year, and I love the product.  I need to have focus and clarity at my job as a pharmacy, so this does the trick.” – C Kibe, Amazon Customer


While most people appear to love the product, there are some professionals out there that think this product is decent, but nothing great.  After looking through the available information, and finding what others say about, this product receives 2 out of 4 stars.

While it may boost some people’s lives and mind functions, it’s difficult to say if it really works.  Considering you have to take it for a while before you start seeing results can make it feel like a waste of time.  However, if it does wind up working for you, the product could be well worth the price.

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