New Personalized Weight Loss Plans and Products- Get Your Future Body Now…

What Weight Loss plans and Supplements will pop up in the near future? 

Every year, there seem to be hordes of new self-proclaimed experts eager to recommend the latest fad in weight loss procedures. Perhaps it’s a new diet, whether there are new rules regarding what to eat when to eat, and how much to eat. Others focus on offering particular types of exercise “guaranteed” to burn off fat cells.

Of course, there’s also the burgeoning weight loss supplement industry, which offers various items that you’re supposed to take in addition to a proper diet and exercise regime. All in all the whole weight loss industry is now worth a staggering $66 billion.

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The Need for Effective Weight Loss

It’s no wonder that there are numerous voices eager to offer various suggestions regarding the proper way to lose weight. The truth of the matter is that it’s an urgent goal, because about ⅔ of all adults in the US are either overweight or even obese. More than a third of US adults are obese. That’s been the finding of the CDC (Center for Disease Control, USA) for the last few years now.

It’s not an exclusively American problem either, though it is true that the US has the highest percentage of the world’s overweight population. It has been widely reported that 30% of the world’s population have a problem with too much weight.

Many of us are already aware that being overweight or obese poses a significant threat to our health. Obesity can lead to higher cholesterol and high blood pressure. When you’re obese, you’re more at risk for medical conditions such as coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and a long list of other serious medical ailments.

But the main hurdle to achieving proper weight loss isn’t actually about shedding the excess weight. That’s actually been achieved by a considerable number of people. No, the main problem is about keeping the extra pounds away. That’s not something that people find easy to do, and it’s been found that 4 out of 5 people who have successfully lost weight weren’t successful in keeping the weight from coming back. Eventually, they come back at a rate of about 3 to 4 pounds a year.

It’s a good thing that more scientists have continued to study weight loss to explain this particular phenomenon and to help identify effective yet safe weight loss methods. These studies have already come up with certain preliminary findings. One main finding is that diet and exercise remain integral parts of the process.

The other main finding is somewhat more troubling: losing weight may be too difficult for some people, regardless of what they do and how disciplined they are in sticking to their weight loss regime.

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Improving the Usual Diet and Exercise Routine

There’s no magic pill that can help you lose weight even if you eat whatever you like while you just lie there on the couch watching TV all day. You’re going to have to watch what you eat, and in most cases, you will have to cut down on your calorie intake.

Then you will have to exercise as well so that you can burn off more calories. If you exercise enough, your body will be forced to burn up your fat cells for energy.

That’s what fat cells do, which is why they’re not inherently evil for people. We’ve evolved that way so that we have the energy for our body to burn when food is scarce. Fat cells also act as insulators, and they can help keep us warm when it’s the cold season.

Of course, today food is readily available for most people. People also don’t normally have to fear the winter either as heating solutions are accessible and affordable. That’s why excess fat today aren’t good for us—they pose health risks without offering a practical advantage in return.

Diet and exercise may be crucial, but on the whole, this combination doesn’t exactly have people excited. It’s not that easy to stick to, and yet it results in a painfully slow weight loss schedule.

Researchers and scientist have explored multiple ways to help people find ways to improve this basic formula:

  • New biochemical compounds. Some people say that they have slow metabolisms, which is why their bodies aren’t quick in burning calories and fat cells for energy. Other folks have faster metabolisms, which is why they may eat a lot and not exercise too much and still don’t gain too much weight.

The rate of your metabolism is dictated by your genes, so there may not be much you can do about that. However, some researchers have recently discovered a new compound called “morpholino” that caused mice to burn more energy even though they don’t work harder.

Other drugs have also been studied that may quell hunger so that people don’t find it too difficult to cut down on their calorie intake.

  • New devices. Several celebrities have undergone gastric bypass procedures, and now it an increasingly popular option for many. However, it’s still a major surgical procedure that comes with many risks. So scientists have tried to design devices that can be just as effective but significantly safer.

These devices include wearables that resemble wristwatches, and they track data to help you know more about your weight loss methods and results. These may also include apps that allow people to share their stories over the Internet for greater emotional support.

Other devices are electronic implants, like one that blocks signals to your brains so you’re unaware that you’re actually hungry. Others are more controversial, like one implanted device that lets people empty some of their stomach contents after they’ve eaten.

Final Word

Research has also pretty much confirmed that there’s no particular weight loss method that works for everyone. It’s still basically a trial and error process in which you try and find the method that works for you. That will undoubtedly include some form of diet and workout regimen.

Still, technology is making great strides in improving the odds of success. You may want to try out some of these newfangled devices and apps. They may encourage you to at least stick to your diet and workout schedule so that you can lose weight—and keep the extra weight off for good at last.

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