Naturo Nitro Decimus Buying Guide: Why Is It Popular?

Naturo Nitro Decimus Buying Guide Review and Results:

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The Naturo Nitro Decimus preworkout supplement doesn’t really tell you a lot about how much of each ingredient it has. It uses that annoying “proprietary blend” excuse of not disclosing the precise amounts of ingredients so that competitors won’t be able to copy their formula.

That leads to one obvious question: is the Naturo Nitro Decimus formula even worth copying at all?

What is Naturo Nitro Decimus?

Naturo Nitro Decimus is an extremely popular preworkout powdered formula, which you mix with water. The drink offers a lemony taste, but it promises a lot more than a tasty drink. It’s supposed to boost your pumps as well as your focus. It helps you build bigger muscles, while it also reduces the soreness you feel after your intense workout.

It gives you a lot of energy for your workout, but its sugar-free formula keeps you from going through the usual energy crash.


In general, the expert reviews offer favorable assessments of the Naturo Nitro Decimus.  They all tend to mention the same benefits and drawbacks. The review investigates each ingredient closely, and it says that the typical user will feel an increase in focus and energy. But the overall conclusion is that the doses for some of the ingredients may not be enough so the improvements may not be a lot.

The Phoebus Apollo’s Oracle review seems to say similar things. The reviewer admitted that he received a significant boost in focus and energy compared to the usual with just caffeine anhydrous. He also found that it mixed with water well enough, and the taste wasn’t bad. However, while the ingredients were “simple and effective”, some of the ingredients were less than the recommended dosage.

The review commends the blend for energy and focus as well as the creatine blend. But the performance blend didn’t offer enough of the ingredients. That’s why they suggested that perhaps a double serving may be a better option.


User comments tend to be very favorable for Naturo Nitro Decimus:

  • I highly recommend this product because is a quality product for a reasonable price. As in terms of workout intensity, pre-workout should be a tool in anybody’s arsenal.” –Blackdynamite40, verified purchase,
  • This is my 10th time ordering this pre-workout and it’s by far my favorite. I’ve put on strength, hypertrophy and achieved better endurance. It puts you in the zone…” – Aldin Dautovic, verified purchase,
  • Quickly dissolved after a few shakes in my water bottle. Flavor wasn’t half bad. This has some serious kick to it…” – Brew Review, verified purchase, to see buying options and reviews).

However, even the reviews with perfect scores do mention some issues. A few also didn’t like the taste or it didn’t work for them.

  • The product only lasted forth 15 days of use…” – Blackdynamite40 verified purchase,
  • If you are easily affected by caffeine and stimulants this may not be for you.” – Brew Review, verified purchase,
  • Only downfall is that it’s quite chalky/ gritty at the end of the drink from where it settles.” L&D RN, verified purchase,


This comes with 3 blends: the performance blend with beta alanine and arginine (3,000 mg), the creatine blend (2,000 mg), and the energy and focus blend that contains the caffeine (394 mg).

Unfortunately, these are all “proprietary blends” so there’s no info as to how much you get for each specific ingredient. In all likelihood, it may not offer enough as many users have modified the dosage to more than a scoop per serving to get the results they want.

Where to Buy?

This is pretty much available only on Even when you head on out to the official Naturo Nitro website, the purchase link leads you back to Amazon(click here to see buying options on Amazon). There’s only 1 flavor (pink lemonade) and a container offers 28 servings so it’s good for 4 weeks.

The price is $29.97 per pack, but you can enjoy discounts when you buy more in one go. There’s a 10% discount when you buy 2, 15% off for 3, 20% off for 4, 25% off for 5, and 30% off for 6. So by buying 6, the normal price of $179.82 becomes just $125.88. The price for each container becomes just $20.98.


Obviously, its taste isn’t for everyone. Also obvious is the fact that like every other medicine or supplement it won’t offer the same benefits for every user.

The main issue here is that while it has enough creatine and lots of caffeine, the performance blend may not be sufficient. However, doubling the dosage will also double the caffeine and that can give you the jitters.

So in the end, it seems like a nice enough option, but it’s like that you have several better alternatives. You can get it if you want, but it’s better if you’re tolerant of caffeine so you can double the dose.

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