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The Top Natural Male Enhancement Strategies

Manufacturers love to prey on our insecurities. In fact, this is what fuels a large number of the biggest industries in the world – from the makeup industry, to plastic surgery, to diet pills. But perhaps there is no bigger insecurity known to man than the size of his member (and I am talking about man in the literal sense here).

I have no evidence to back this up, but it’s probably safe to assume that a lot of wars have been started thanks to people being unhappy with the shape, size or performance of their Johnson.

Simple Triple Cock Ring

And no surprise, there are countless companies out there looking to capitalize on this insecurity. Hence there are many different ‘options’ for us to grow longer penises. These include jelqing (essentially tugging on your penis daily to try and make it larger), using various enlargement creams and even hanging weights from your bell-end.

If you have tried any of these things, then you are the bell-end. There’s even an operation to make your penis look longer, which involves cutting a ligament that holds your penis upright. It will hang much lower… but it will also permanently point downward making sex pretty difficult.

So is all hope lost? Or is there genuinely a solution to this problem? As it turns out, there may be. Read on to explore the top natural male enhancement strategies.

Increasing Blood Flow Via Vasodilation

Vasodilation occurs when the blood vessels widen, usually in response to an increase in nitric oxide in the system. This in turn makes us look more vascular and in the gym it can increase the feeling of ‘the pump’.

Dilated, Normal and Constricted Artery

But guess what it can also ‘pump’? That’s right – your little fella! Consume a vasodilator, whether that’s a nitric oxide supplement or good old-fashioned beetroot juice and you’ll experience more bloodflow throughout your body, including more bloodflow to the penis for a bigger and harder erection.

So no, it’s not going to look any larger flaccid, but when you’re erect you’ll look bigger and feel firmer which equates to better sex for the lady in your life.


A cockring is only barely ‘natural’ in as much as it doesn’t involve drugs. In theory you could achieve a similar effect using only naturally occurring materials too (you can let your imagination run wild there). Essentially, a cockring is a ring that surrounds the base of the penis, thereby ‘occluding’ the blood flow and causing it to pool inside the penis and not escape. This swells it up and makes it harder and larger, which once again means better sex.

Penis Pump

A penis pump works in a similar manner to a cockring, except you use it before sex and then rely on the effects to last. Essentially, this involves placing a contraption around your penis and then pumping out all the air to make a vacuum.

Normal Penis Pump

This causes blood to rush into your nob and cause it to swell and become hard – job done! The effects are only temporary and you will need to excuse yourself for a moment… but the result is a longer, harder erection which is what a lot of guys are looking for.


This is the best natural solution there is when it comes to getting a bigger penis. It’s so good in fact, that it’s the one that pretty much every porn star uses…

And that is simply to shave your pubic hair! Do this and you remove the shrubbery around the base of the penis, meaning that more of your dick is visible. This obviously doesn’t physically increase your size but it makes you look much bigger and that’s really what a lot of guys are going for.


There are numerous natural testosterone boosters out there on the market and any of these can help you to gain a fraction more size.

The reason this works is simple: it helps you to feel more aroused. And when you feel more aroused, that leads to bigger and harder erections. Take a testosterone supplement then and you can expect to get better sex and also to enjoy it more!

Testosterone chemical structure formula

Testosterone boosters are natural and generally rely on breaking down substances that combat testosterone (like SHBG), stimulating the testes, or providing the body with the raw building blocks that it uses to create more testosterone.

And finally, the other solution is just to worry about it less! That might sound a little far-fetched but the truth is that nothing kills a boner faster than stress!

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