N Test 600 Review: Does Price Equal Performance?

N Test 600 Buying Guide Review:


In many industries, such as computers, cars, and wristwatches, you often have to pay for good quality. This stands to reason, since great products tend to require a lot of research plus special manufacturing techniques. Cheaper units are also available, but then you get what you pay for with lower performance standards. But is this the case with N Test 600?

What is N Test 600?

N Test 600 is the premium Testosterone booster offered by PMD. The “600” refers to the amount of the special Testofen blend it contains for each serving. This includes the main ingredient fenugreek. However, it also contains a “Trigger” blend featuring the use of Tribulus as well as hesperidin (citrus fruit extract) and resveratrol (antioxidant). Finally, it has some BioPerine black pepper extract that enables your body to fully the absorb the nutrients you need from the supplement.

It’s mainly marketed as a physical fitness supplement, since workouts are often much more effective when you have more testosterone in your system. However, it also lists increased libido as part of its benefits. After all, a decrease in libido is one of the more telling signs of low testosterone.

You take this in liquid T-gel form 3 times a day. When it a workout day, you take 1 capsule 30 minutes before breakfast and then you take a couple more 30 minutes before you work out. On other days you just take 1 capsule 2o minutes before each meal.


While the advertising and the price point all seem very impressive, the reviews aren’t quite as good. In fact, the scores are downright mediocre and that’s putting it kindly. Though there are some good points, of course:

  • “It gave me a really high sex drive and lots of strength in the gym. It also helped with mood during the day.” Tactical Ops Gear, com.
  • “Great product been using it for years came faster than expected and with some extras, awesome!”

Most of the time, however, the praise in the reviews wasn’t really for the muscle-building effects. Instead, it was for the way it enhanced the libido.

  • “I have been taking this for over a month, my sex drive, and being able to perform have increased by far more than I thought it would, so I would recommend this.” Amazon.com customer.
  • “Testofen & Tribulus may not be the best T-boosters, but they’re solid for enhanced physical performance.” com review.

Even that didn’t last long, and many were just too disappointed with its failure in helping to build muscles and workout strength.

  • “The only effect that I had was that my libido (TESTOFEN) went up for about a week, and then went back to normal. I didn’t feel any strength increase they advertised, or increased muscle mass or hardness they advertised.” Nofatchix, com.
  • “It doesn’t work, I’ve been taking it, but not results.” Juan Bustamante, Amazon.com.
  • Its primary ingredients have been shown to be only moderate testosterone boosters, so its effect is likely mild.” com review.


This is the sort of thing that happens to often for many supplements for testosterone these days. Often they just don’t really work for most people, especially for those people intent on working out to build muscle. It doesn’t boost the strength enough to really lift weights in the gym.

It does have a rather high rate of success when it comes to libido, and in fact this is now its main claim to fame. More people are taking this precisely just for the libido, and not for workout enhancements. Of course, it doesn’t work for everyone and even for some the effects only work for a week or so.

The Ingredients

A check on the ingredients list can explain why the improvements in your workout are so mild (if there were even any). Yes, it has fenugreek, and it’s a common ingredient for many T-boosters. PMD claims that its special blend is a much better variation, but then we only have their word for this. The fenugreek is also part of a 600mg blend, so there’s really not much of it. That’s probably why the effects are so mild and why for many it doesn’t work at all.

Then there’s the Tribulus. Quite a few supplements contain this ingredient too, even though studies seem to indicate that it’s somewhat weak compared to other types of possible T-booster ingredients. It only works well at first, and after 15 days it doesn’t work at all.

As for the other ingredients such as hesperidin and resveratrol, these aren’t T-boosters at all. They’re for (mild) increased athletic performance and longer life expectancy.

Again, take note that this uses proprietary blends, so you don’t really know how much of each you get.

Side Effects

This one doesn’t have all that many ingredients and they’re all natural to boot. This explains why there are really even a handful of reports regarding any harmful (or even mildly annoying) side effects. Yes, the best5supplements.com review did note that when you take a piss it smells like maple syrup (that’s due to the fenugreek) but you can hardly count that as a bad thing, can you?

Of course, you may have problems if you don’t follow the directions. So take only 3 caps a day, and don’t take it if you’re also taking any sort of prescription drugs.

Where to Buy

You can buy this from the official PMDSports.com website, where a month-long supply costs $120 (or $119.99, to be exact). At GNC you can cut that to just $114 and at Amazon.com the price even goes to the 2-digit range.


This is a rather chancy T-booster, as lots of people report that it really doesn’t work at all. Even when it does work, it’s only for your libido and for only a short while. The N Test 600 isn’t really worth the gamble, when you have to pay a lot for very little gain.

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