NO Xplode Buying Guide- Version 2 Is Better, But So What?

NO Xplode Review and Results:

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N.O.-Xplode is one of the first preworkout supplements in the muscle building community, and through the years they’ve tweaked the formula they used. It has been generally well-favored by the workout community, but there have been conflicting reports regarding its ingredients and its results.

What is N.O.-Xplode?

N.O.-Xplode is a preworkout supplement in powder form. You mix a scoop of it with 4 to 6 ounces of cold water and you drink it about 20 to 30 minutes before you work out. You stir (not shake) the mix, and then you drink it. It comes in several fruity flavors.

So what’s it supposed to do? Considering that the new formula has massive increase in caffeine content, it’s supposed to really jump-start your energy. Previous versions only contain 150 mg of caffeine, and now it’s almost double at 275 mg.

It also contains an Endura Shot Blend, highlighted by the inclusion of 1.8 g of Beta-Alanine. This is supposed to boost your endurance, so that you can actually last through the length of your workout. Beta-alanine works by reducing the effects of fatigue.

Your strength, endurance, and power are also enhanced by the Myogenic Matrix that’s part of the formula. It features 3 g of Creatine, which is a supplement that’s been conclusively proven to work. There’s really no doubt about the effectiveness of creatine, as everyone (from scientists to weight lifters) knows that it works.

Reviews – Do they regret buying this stuff? 

Reader reactions and reviews have been mixed. More than half of the reviews give it a perfect score, as they say that it really does offer the energy boost they need to work out properly. The comments tend to be similar to this:

You’ll be half way to the gym before you realize you forgot your car at home. This stuff is awesome.” – Dan R., verified purchase on Amazon.

The pump and energy I get is amazing. Huge difference during my workouts.” – Amazon customer, verified purchase.


Again, many of the reviews do report positive effects. They say that they become more focused, and they’re able to do more lifts. They also tend to take a long time to get fatigued.

Even those that do offer favorable reviews note that you have to drink lots of water, since caffeine can get you dehydrated.

It makes you get pretty dehydrated so I drink a lot of water alongside of it (as it recommends).” – Dan R., on Amazon.

But there’s a more serious problem, as quite a few have reported diarrhea and other problems.

Gives me diarrhea, I’m irritable, sleeping problems, my work out is crap now. Half my workout is spent in the bathroom now.” Sugary Strawberrys, on Amazon.

Bring back the original. Yes I may have crapped my brains out on the way to the gym, but man nothing has ever replaced that pump.” Dan, on Amazon.

But dude this stuff will tear you up! No joke! 3 poops per scoop!” – Sheryl, on Amazon.

Of course, there are also minor complaints about the taste. But other complaints were about how it didn’t really help them.

I could not tell the difference when I was using it and when I was not.” – Amazon customer.

No good.” – Amazon customer.

Didn’t feel anything.” – Jake, on Amazon.

On some of these comments, BSN did point out that it’s possible to build a caffeine tolerance. That’s why BSN warns against taking caffeine from other sources. It also warns against the use by children younger than 18 years of age, and by women who are pregnant or are trying to be pregnant.

The Science

Caffeine is one of the more popular stimulants not just in the workout community but in the world in general. But you’ll build a tolerance for it, so that you need more and more of it to get the same effect. That’s why some users recommend using it and then stopping once you develop a tolerance, and then resuming.

The problem with this approach is that stopping its use can lead to withdrawal symptoms. You may get flu-like symptoms, along with irritability, insomnia, lack of focus, and anxiety.

Beta-alanine works against fatigue (and also enhances the effects of creatine), but it’s a fairly new product. It also causes the feeling of pins and needles that BSN warns about.

As for creatine, there’s a lot of scientific evidence to back up its claims. But there are also a lot of anecdotal reports about the bad stuff it causes, and that includes the diarrhea.

Where Can You Buy N.O.-Xplode?

Plenty of websites sell N.O.-Xplode, so you can take your pick. If you’re not in the US, you should check any shipping charges and find the site that offers the lowest price when shipping fees are added.

You can try the official site at, where a 30-serving bottle costs $32.99 and a 60-serving bottle goes for $49.99. However, as of this writing you can only get the Green Apple flavor for the 30-serving bottle, while for the 60-serving bottle you’re limited to just grape. All the other flavors are out of stock.

You can buy on various online sites, like… On Amazon, you can get the Fruit Punch flavor with 60 servings, as well as a few others, for an about average-ish price, if you buy in bulk.

Final Verdict

It offers a lot of caffeine, and that should really jump-start your system. It also contains creatine for more effective muscle-building, along with beta-alanine to combat fatigue. But you have to know that there are risks to taking N.O.-Xplode, and such risks aren’t really necessary. There are other better alternatives.

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