Muscletech Test HD Reviews- “Invincible Rock” or Ugly Gunk?

Test HD by MuscleTech Review:

The Good:  Some innovative ingredients. Good pricing for some Amazon sellers

The Bad: Some dosages could be higher, results could be a bit better. 

3 star out of 5


For most well known brands of testosterone boosters in the market today, there’ seems to be a system at work. You get a long list of ingredients that are known for improving testosterone levels, enhancing the libido, and enhancing energy and vitality…

Usually better boosters should have generous or appropriate doses of the most effective ingredients, with more than adequate levels for everything else. Muscle Test HD uses basically just 4 powerful ingredients  – some like Shilajit are quite unique to this brand, and actually pretty good for you, (even if it looks like gunk!). The question is – does the whole Muscletech package work? And how well?


Ingredients – How does Test HD work?


Shilajit is found in the remote high mountains of the Himalayas and other similar areas nearby. It’s a natural sticky tar that leaks from the stones in the Himalayan Mountains when the sun heats the rocks. It can come in different colors, and it can be white or black.

The name “Shilajit” is Sanskrit and it means “Rock Invincible”. We have to say that is a strangely cool name  : )

Best Gunk Ever- If Dosage is Right.

Its regarded in folk medicine in the area as a stimulant and as an antiseptic. Stories told of how injured animals in the area have evolved so that they learned to find this substance so they can rub themselves against it. Experts in Asian healing also said that this was how people first started using this sticky substance as healing medicine.

The first scientists found that this substance has up to 85 different (helpful) minerals in ionic form. Shilajit seems to be good for a range of benefits; though it is relatively not well studied at this point in time.

It is likely to offer better stamina and recovery : In one study mice underwent strenuous exercise and had their energy (ATP) expenditure measured with and without Shilajit. The energy depleted twice as fast in the group that did not take the Shilajit.

Potentially what this means for athletes and us is:  you don’t have to spend as much time resting your muscles so it can accelerate your workout schedule , and you’ll develop strength faster. Further studies also revealed that pure Shilajit actually improved testosterone levels as well.

Most of the studies however involved higher dosages of Shilajit. We think its great to see this rare and valuable substance, but more would be impressive.

Stinging Nettle

Nettle root has been used as medicine from as far back as Ancient Greece, and modern medicine has confirmed that it does offer several health benefits

Its primary use is actually in treating urinary and prostate issues. Though it also has certain healing or anti aging benefits – to decrease joint pain and it can even help treat arthritis. We think the dosage here is fine.


This is a dietary mineral you can get from fruits and vegetables. This is a great, though uncommon ingredient – and Test HD seems to have enough.

Boron is less well studied than other testosterone supplements like zinc, but more than one study has demonstrated that it offers consistent results as a testosterone booster. More specifically, it increases your levels of free testosterone, which is the testosterone your body uses for various activities.  It also confers additional benefits. It reduces inflammation and it can also help fight off kidney stones.

Velvet Bean Extract:

Velvet Bean Extract also improves the level of dopamine and adrenaline in men – it helps fertility and testosterone issues, as well as help you feel better/less stressed.  Velvet bean has a big range of benefits, though the dosage here could be on the low side.

Tribulus: This ingredient is a kind of flowering plant from Asia and regions of Europe. It is actually quite overrated in bodybuilding circles as some kind of bulking agent, but we like it as helpful for the libido as well as for holistic healthtribulus flower

Zinc: Zinc is a good foundational ingredient for many testosterone supplements – and is pretty reliable- here is just 1 study of many: (click here)  The dosage of zinc for Test HD is fine.

Overall the ingredients base looks great- just that we think more would have been better.

Instructions :  How to use Test HD

You are supposed to take 1 capsule of this twice per day. The first is in the morning, and the second in mid-afternoon. It may help to take this around 30  minutes before a workout, as we find this can help you get a small boost of extra energy.

“Are there any problems or side effects?”

You are not supposed to take more than two capsules per day. Perhaps Muscletech intends to be cautious with ingredients, so the slightly low dosages may be good for mitigating side effects.

This product is not to be taken by youths under 18 years, and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Taste, Servings and other Notes

This comes in tablet form, for 90 tablets and a 6 weeks supply. Thankfully unlike some other supplements, you only take 1 tablet at a time (rather than 4-6), which makes it a lot easier on your throat!

What do other users say?

Most reviews are positive (4 star rating on Amazon). So far we have not heard of any severe complaints.

MuscleTech Test HD VerdictIs it worth your Cash?

Muscletech is a reputable brand and we have no problems with Amazon customer service. If you have to buy this, we recommend you buy on Amazon as other sites tend to have less easy- to-navigate options.

We think the combination of Shilajit and Boron is innovative, and has potential. Pricing also tends to be very cheap, around $20. Though we would actually recommend other boosters with an edge in results; most natural test boosters work the same way to manage or regulate hormones – even if they don’t seem to be sold with a “muscle” emphasis!

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