MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest Review: Is It a Good Gamble?

MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest Buying Guide Review:


Researching into whether or not the Methyl Arimatest supplement from MuscleMeds wasn’t all that easy, since they do use a lot scientific-sounding jargon like “Methylated Anti-Aromatase” and “5 Alpha-Reductase Inhibitor”. However, we did manage to translate of the terms into actual intelligible English. Also, we paid more attention to what customers and reviewers said about whether or not this supplement works, rather than focus solely on their product advertisements.

What is MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest?

The MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest is a supplement you can buy over the counter, or just online. You’re supposed to take it if you’re worried about how your decreasing amount of natural testosterone levels is affecting your workouts and muscle-building efforts. You’re right to be worried, since testosterone is crucial to muscle growth and the lack of testosterone can lead to general weakness that can reduce the effectiveness of your workouts.

This supplement actually uses 2 “secret” formulas that are designed to work together. The first formula is Dihydrotase, which is basically astaxanthin extract from Haematococcus pluvialis (which is a kind of green algae) and Saw Palmetto Berry Lipid Extract. The second formula is 7-Arimatase, and this contains 7-Arimatase Methylated Flavone.

The two formulas in combination work in 2 basic ways. One is that it’s supposed to increase your body’s natural testosterone production. The other way is that it keeps the testosterone from converting into DHT and estrogen, so you get more testosterone available for muscle-building.

MuscleMeds does use a lot of scientific jargon in their product description and advertisements. Perhaps they want to emphasize that they’re into research and actual testing. They also mention that this supplement was tested by an independent clinical research study. It was found that after 2 weeks it resulted in significant increases in testosterone levels while DHT levels were reduced.


The reviews are by and large quite positive across the board.

  • For me, it helped me to increase my strength,” – Damon Evans, verified purchase on com.
  • My incline bench went from 185 lbs. to 245. Also, I could work out twice as long.” – Christopher Torres on
  • Gives me the drive to get that extra rep or that added 5-10 pounds on my max… recovery and lack of soreness even though I was pushing myself harder.” Dynamo1985, com
  • With Arimatest I found there are no side effects, just more motivation to train harder.” – musclemax,
  • Let me start by saying that this is simply the best testosterone booster ever!” – JJ0695, com

Others, however, complained that the results weren’t quite what they expected, white there were some who reported no noticeable improvements at all.

  • Okay product. Didn’t get much out of this gear.” – swatcop477,
  • Can’t feel that much with this one.” John M.,
  • Save your money… I can honestly tell you from my experience did absolutely nothing!” Amazon customer, a verified customer.


It does seem like there may be some issues regarding side effects, and it may take a while to take effect. But for a lot of folks, there really does seem to be some improvement.

For most people, the most noticeable effect is that they seem to get more energy so they’re more pumped up to work out. They’re motivated to go for that extra rep, and they’re more willing to lift just a few more pounds. As you can imagine, that kind of improvement can help a lot with muscle development over the course of a few weeks. It really makes sure you have more energy than usual so you really maximize your efforts.


The two formulas contain ingredients that are commonly found in other testosterone boosters. It’s just that with this formula, you do get more strength and more motivation. That may indeed be the result of the increase in your testosterone.

On the other hand, despite the natural ingredients you also may have to contend with side effects.

Side Effects

The ingredients list mostly natural ingredients and therefore there should be no side effects. But that’s not exactly what’s been reported in customer reviews. In quite a few of them, there have been a few mentions of some unintended consequences:

  • …your stomach may hurt once in a while and you get mood swings like if your mad at the world,” – RafyBigBoy, verified purchase on com
  • Also did noticed some acne as a side effect of the product.” eazysmc, verified purchase on

Where to Buy This

There are lots of online retail stores where you can buy MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest. Of course, you can always just go to the manufacturer’s website, where it’s available for $79.99 (or basically $80). That’s 120 capsules for Formula 1, and 60 tablets for Formula 2.

However, it’s much cheaper on other retail websites. On, the price is just $43.74 for each product package. It’s even cheaper on Amazon as it costs $41.75 for the two formulas, and the shipping is even free.


MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest does seem to work for a lot of people, and that’s why there are quite a few rave reviews out there. Most of the people who report noticeable improvements are also careful to note that they were really meticulous about treating this as an actual supplement. It means that it is supposed to add to their dietary and workout efforts, and it’s not supposed to be a magic pill.

However, there are some drawbacks that may cause you to perhaps reconsider or even to look for other alternatives. Some people say it does nothing for them, and that’s okay. That’s normal for supplements. What’s not normal or okay is that it causes quite a few side effects. The price tag is also a bit exorbitant, and it can be a very expensive gamble on your part.

We’re not saying that MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest is bad, or that you shouldn’t take it at all. But we are saying that you have other alternatives that have a better reputation regarding side effects. Many of them are also affordable.

So basically, you should perhaps try other testosterone boosters out there before you try MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest. You have other choices that are safer, more budget-friendly, and just as effective—or even more so.

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